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Does this mean the end? // Essay 2

Starting a blog this semester has been interesting to say the least. It wasn’t the first time I wrote for a blog; actually, it was the first time I did it for free.

My publication is focused on visual art and storytelling. I am a hobby photographer and I love creating. Whether it be simply taking a photo or editing a photo to create a new world, I love seeing what my mind can come up with. Whenever I see other creators online talk about the behind the scenes of their adventure, process, or life I am interested in their story. This was part of the inspiration to add the story component to my blog. If I want to post about the visuals I create, then I should also tell people the stories of how they come about. The audience that I am hoping to attract is people who are interested in photography, visuals, and the stories behind them. There is an adventure photography niche on Instagram that I am a part of and that is who I am targeting. Another inspiration for my blog is that I want to be a creator, I love making the ideas and notions in my head into realities. In Debbie Chachra’s 2015 article about the privilege of people who make, she describes that creators take pride in their creation and leave their mark on society through their creations, (Chachra, 2015). Although Debbie is arguing against the importance of makers in her article, I love the idea of leaving my mark on something or even inspiring someone with a creation of mine. I don’t necessarily want to leave a trail of products behind me, but create to influence others and have a positive impact in that way. This also speaks to the value I want to provide other people with my publication. Aside from hopefully enjoying the visuals and stories, I want them to be inspired, learn something, or simply feel like they can create too.

Reflecting on this experience I have learned a lot. I have learned that I enjoy writing when it is for me, up to me, and about things that I care about. There is something freeing when you can create and not have to get it approved by your manager. I think this is the feeling that people who quit their jobs to pursue their dreams chase. I am also really vested in documenting. I like the idea of documenting life and moments so that one-day I can look back and see what I’ve done. In the Leetaru article from Forbes, he talks about how the digital world we live in forces us to always be looking forward to the future. The past is just a memory hole that we never look at, (Leetaru, 2017). I understand what he means, most people save digital files on computers, external hard drives, or on clouds and then they never see them again. But when I want to document my life, I don’t just mean take pictures and videos and save them somewhere and leave them. I want to document my life; create vlogs from video clips and blogs from my photos & stories. I want to organize these creations so they are ready to be viewed in an easily accessible archive. As much as my website could be a place for others, it can be a place for me as well.

Moving forward I want to keep this publication going. My goals going forward for this blog would be to keep posting content to it, grow an audience for it, and also keep it organized so I can use it as an archive for myself. I will continue to take photos and have stories that go with them, so having content will not be a problem for me. The challenge will come with being consistent in putting it on my blog. My second goal will be the most challenging. I want to grow an audience for this publication linked to my Instagram. In Lindsay’s article talking about Zoella’s book deal, she talks about how these grown audiences have opened up opportunities elsewhere in creators lives, (Lindsay, 2014). For Zoella, her YouTube channel led to her getting a book deal, for me I am not sure where it would lead. I would love to one day have more opportunities to travel, document, and tell stories from new and exciting places. Therefore, continuing the blog seems like an obvious choice. Instagram would be a great place to grow and flourish, but bringing that audience to my own website will be key. I own the space on my website, which is more valuable then a following on an app that I just have an account on. Investing in a publication that I own, operate, and benefit from seems like a no brainer.

Overall, this whole experiment of creating a website, writing content, and posting it for the world has been a fun ride. I have learned why I want to create and affirmed the idea that it is so freeing to create for myself. It creates a great space to document my life and also in a format that is accessible. Focusing on continuing the blog and growing it could prove fruitful but only time will tell. Anyone out there that loves to create should try just doing it for themselves every once and a while. It can be one of the most freeing activities and maybe it will pour a little life back into your soul. I know that it has for me.




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Family Day In Vancouver

Spending time with family is important. Unfortunately I don’t always get to spend the amount of time I want to with them. Especially when they live 4 hours away. I know that isn’t a crazy amount, but it still slows the amount we get to see each other.

When my family visited us we decided to spend some time in the city exploring what Vancouver has to offer. there are lots of great sights around, but that wasn’t my main focus.

I love capturing moments and people. Pictures of buildings and landscapes are cool, but I prefer taking photos of humans because they remind me of moments more. We could all take a picture of the olympic torch (of course I took one too) and they are all the same. Sure they are creative in their own ways and are from different angles, but the personality of the torch remains. When I take pictures of humans I get to capture so much more than the way they look that day.

I love documenting moments and having them forever. It is very dad of me, but I just think it is so cool when someone can dive into their archives and pull out images or videos from milestones or significant times in their life. Casey Neistat does a really great job of this when he makes videos and that is where I got my inspiration from.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed seeing a few pictures from our time in Vancouver and getting to hear me ramble about why I take the pictures I do.



Best Monday Night Ever

I volunteer for an organization called Young Life. It is a Christian ministry that is based out of high schools instead of churches. On Monday nights we hold a weekly event called Young Life Club. This is a night where kids can come, let loose, play games, sing, dance, enjoy some quality entertainment, and at the end of the night hear about Jesus.

Twice a year all of the high schools get together to put on a “Super Club” with 6 different high schools. This event can have upwards of 200 kids and is definitely the best way to spend a Monday night.

I was in charge of doing video and photos for the event. Something that I really enjoy doing. But trying to capture live events has its challenges. When you are shooting live events there is no telling people to go back and do that again because you didn’t get the right shot. You only have one chance to capture moments. If you miss it, then there is no do over.

This is a lot of pressure, but luckily I thrive in the pressure. Plus I have been getting lots of practice capturing these events over the past 2 years.

An Unexpected Pic at Surrey Lake

During the summer Leeza and I were bored one day and wanted to do something fun. We didn’t have a ton of time and wanted to go on a quick adventure. A quick google search and I discovered that there is a lake in Surrey called Surrey Lake. Having never been there before, we thought we would give it a try.

It was also at this point during the summer when the smoke from all of the forest fires was lingering and hiding the skies. I ended up bringing my camera because you never know and when I was getting shots like the one above I was kinda disappointed because behind the trees it looked so blank.

But it was this point that I had an idea. The blank sky created by the lingering smoke would make it very easy to edit the photo and swap in a more exciting background. This ended up being the start of a theme on my Instagram where I would swap in backgrounds to create composite photos.

The photo on the left is the original (obviously) and the photo on the right is the composite. The composite is actually comprised of three different layers. I took the mountains from my friend Braedins photo from Chilliwack Lake. I also took the stars from one of Braedins pictures, I can’t remember which one though. It really changed the feeling, dynamic, and mood of the picture. Looking at this composite, I see a lot of flaws and now having a couple under my belt I would know how to mend them. It is interesting to look back at it and reflect on this experience, you just never know what an impromtu adventure will bring you.

That composite ended up being the most liked photo on my Instagram feed to date which is also pretty cool.