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A Look At The Future Of College Football – 2019 Recruiting Class

With week 12 being a big down week in CFB, and the only big upset being Oklahoma State beating #9 West Virginia 45 – 41 in a massive offensive showdown, we are going to look ahead to the 2019 recruiting class. Recruiting is possibly one of the biggest parts, if not the biggest part of having any success in college football. In order to win games you have to have stand out players and the only way to get those players is by going out and recruiting them. The recruiting scene is a major part of every university, with hundreds of thousands of dollars poured into it whether paying staff to go out and recruit or flying out future prospects to convince them to come to their school. One sub par recruiting class could be a major setback for any program as with a week class they might not win as many games and in result not get many top recruits the next year which can be hard to reverse. We can see this by looking at the top teams and noticing that they get all the best high school players since they are the best teams in the nation. Players want to play on the best teams and as unfair as that might be for teams that are not doing that well, that’s just how it is.

Even though the 2018 season has still not yet completed, many teams have already raked up many top star recruits. Georgia and LSU lead the nation in 5 star recruits, each having 3. Alabama however, as expected has the #1 ranked recruiting class of the 2019 season so far totaling 290.39 points. So far they only have one 5 star (Pierce Quick), but have an astonishing 19 players committed that are 4 star recruits. Clemson might have the most rounded recruiting class so far as they have two, 5 stars, nine 3 stars and thirteen 3 stars as they come in with the #6 ranked class. Other big schools that make up the rest of the top 5 classes are #2 Texas A&M, #3 Georgia, #4 Oregon and #5 LSU. Oregon is the only team in the top 6 who still doesn’t have a 5 star commit, but will likely gain more in the months to come as they are the only western American team in the top 16. One surprising thing about the ranking classes is that Oregon and Texas A&M are ranked to high even though they are not ranked in the top 25 of the college football playoff standings. These teams both however have a long lasting history of success so that would likely contribute to them still being able to recruit at such a high level.

Image result for elite 11Finally, you can’t talk about a years recruiting class without looking at the future top level quarterbacks coming out of high school. This year it looks like most of the top quarterbacks are going to teams that either need a star, their quarterback is graduating or is going to the NFL. Standout and Elite 11 MVP, Spencer Rattler leads this years strong quarterback class and has committed to Oklahoma where he will likely take over for Kyler Murray who is leaving to play baseball for the Oakland A’s. Filling out the top 3 quarterbacks are Bo Nix who has committed to Auburn and Ryan Hilinski whos committed to South Carolina. Both competed in the Elite 11 competition where the best of the best quarterbacks go to learn, train and try to win MVP. Overall this year’s recruiting class is shaping up to be very strong and college football next season looks very promising.

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