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#inthemoodformusic: revel in real__pcy’s soundcloud

A few weeks ago, a kind reader by the name of Jessica left a comment on one of my posts, and asked me to review this person‘s soundcloud. real__pcy is Chanyeol Park’s soundcloud account, on which he demonstrates his incredible musicality (as well as multilingualism!) through song covers. Chanyeol Park is a world-renowned musician hailing from South Korea. Lifetimes ago, I had known Chanyeol as a warm glass-wearing, animal-loving, ferret-hugging boy whose physique was too tall and whose dreams were too big for the world to ever look down on. But that was in a previous lifetime, which I only vaguely remember in the present moment. Now, I only know Chanyeol from his voice through his soundcloud (which was kindly linked by my reader Jessica; thank you!)

My favourite song on Chanyeol’s account is his rendition of Love Yourself by Justin Bieber, which features another singer under the name “D.O.” I had also known this “D.O.” in the same lifetime where I had known Chanyeol. While Chanyeol struck me as bright and peppy, I remember D.O. as brooding and ominous. But that didn’t scare me most of the time. In fact, if you had asked me back then who invented vocals, I would not have hesitated to confidently answer that it was D.O.

(circa 2 lifetimes ago)
you: hey, do u know who invented vocals?
me: lol yeah dude it’s d.o.

Love Yourself had been that song for me; it carried me through my final year of high school as I scrambled to get applications done, all while ferociously battling through a fatal medical condition called senioritis. I was pleasantly surprise to come across Chanyeol’s and D.O.’s cover of the song, and I was not disappointed. I trust both of their musicianship, and they surely delivered. I had known Chanyeol to be someone with an affinity for musical instruments, but I had not known that he also had a talent for singing – I guess this is what happened during the lifetimes that I had not known him. On the other hand, this D.O. guy still stands as one of my favourite vocalists today; I was not surprised by his skill, just affirmed by my taste in music in that previous life.

Other tracks I enjoyed from Chanyeol’s soundcloud includes his cover of a Japanese song called “One more time, One more chance” (fun fact: this song happens to be part of the soundtrack to this movie I’ve been wanting to watch for more than half a decade now, but still haven’t seen), and a self-composed song called “Young street”. Check them out over here:

happy listening!(◡‿◡✿)

Peer Review: Design

Subject: Jade Boiser | Blog: www.jadeboiser.com

At a Glance

My first impression of this blog is positive. The theme and customizations are unique, simplistic, and aesthetically pleasing. Her consistent use of red, black, and grey colours appropriately fit with her “mixtape” theme, as these are the specific colours I would associate a cassette tape with. Her header image is classy and personable, and sets the overall tone of her blog. However, I think the black and white line across this header image could be utilized better. I suggest that she place a small logo in the middle of this line, perhaps an illustration of a mixtape? She could also keep this header at the top of every page on her blog, making the black/white movable line a functional link back to her homepage. Her blog title and subheading grabbed my attention instantly, and sparked my curiosity to dig deeper into her blog content.



The choice of font is very legible, and her mix of serif title font with sans serif subheadings and body font compliment each other well. I also like the striking red colour that her black titles change to upon hover. My only advice I have for typography is to make the titles of her blog posts smaller in pixel size. A shift to slightly smaller titles can free up more space while still allowing the titles to pop. I think her blog title “My Life’s Mixtape” should have the biggest pixel size in comparison to her individual blog post titles, whereas right now her blog post titles appear to stand out more.



Layout & Site Structure

Jade has a good use of white space throughout her blog to break up her content into sections. This layout is asymmetrical, which I think could be altered even more. I suggest she shrink down the social media sidebar, which will allow her main content – her blog posts – to be the main focus. As we learned in our PUB101 design considerations lecture,  proportion creates emphasis and importance. There appear to be 3 main areas of focus on the blog: header, blog posts content, and sidebar. I think this works well and is just the right amount of content to not be overwhelming. I am a bit confused about the way these blog posts are categorized. She uses two categories to classify her personal blogs: “My Heart Ski-Skippin” and “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger”. These categories are difficult for me to understand, and perhaps simplifying them into more transparent classifications, or providing a description of what these categories mean, would help her readers get a clearer, more obvious idea of how she organizes her content. One thing that really stands out to me on this blog is the “continue reading” button under each of her blog post excerpts on her homepage. The animation is sleek and fun, and I found myself going back to it again and again! I also like the consistent style of her featured photos. By using personal photos and sticking with a uniform theme, a recognizable and memorable brand identity is created, and Jade does just that.


Social Media Integration

This blog is quite music-focused, and in many of her posts she refers directly to songs on her Spotify account. I think it would be very beneficial for Jade to include links to the songs she features in her content, allowing readers to easily listen to the songs she addresses prior to or after reading her blog. The sad reality of many online readers is that we are lazy, and a lot of people won’t go out of their way to search a song/video/another article if it’s not just a click away. I think her social media sidebar has just the right amount of content on it, including her Spotify with her follower count, and her Instagram with a few photos. As she touches on the significance of her music playlists, I suggest she play around with where she features her Spotify icon. She could even test this out in the header position, laying it over the movable black/white line. I also suggest she include an email icon in her sidebar, so people can directly and privately contact her if desired.



I checked the responsiveness of Jade’s blog on mobiletest.me to see if the design is adaptable to all devices. And sure enough, it was. Mobile, tablet, and desktop views successfully produced the same content and functionality. I did however notice the blog performance to be a bit on the slow side, although this may be my current Internet connection. Pages took a few seconds to load which may be due to slightly too large of photos. This isn’t a highly negative issue, but one worth looking into for future design changes.



In conclusion, I think this blog has a lot of potential to set itself apart from other common lifestyle themed blogs, and attract an audience who is just as passionate about music and the power of lyrics as Jade is. Content and design go hand in hand, and the creative construction of this blog really allows her writing to shine through. I did not find any pressing concerns with the design quality of “My Life’s Mixtape”, but I would suggest that Jade continue to experiement with different styles and features until she has established a website she is fully satisfied with. 



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Songs for your Study Session

Hello and welcome to my first of many music playlists. Before I kick off this series I’d just like to point out that I listen to a wide range of genres, so if this one isn’t your thing, check back for more to come! I’ll be curating playlists from road trip jams to pop punk guilty pleasures to r&b throwbacks and everything in between. 

When it comes to studying, creating a stress-free environment is essential. I usually come equipt with my laptop and notes, a good drink, light snack, and blanket, all within a well-lit room. I tend to find myself studying at home in complete silence, but lately I’ve been testing out different settings. Waves Coffee House is my newest study hub. Every Saturday, my slaves-to-the-university-life friends and I reserve a secluded table in the back and study our butts off for as long as we can. After realizing I could do my homework just as successfully in a coffee shop as I can at home, I decided to test out another new element in my study sessions. I found that listening to background music really helps me to collect and focus my thoughts. It’s the perfect remedy to keep me motivated and on track, without actually distracting me.

So here it is! A mix of some of my go-to study session songs. I selected songs without words (for the most part) as this works best for me. If you also listen to music while you study, I hope you enjoy and maybe find this playlist useful!



Can you name the classic Christmas movie featured at the beginning of the song Bedford Falls? I watch it every year!

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Fysh’s mixtape

When your world is on fire, your mixtape should match!

Here are a couple tracks I jam to as I scramble over crumbling freeways to chill with my cult pals, internally panicked over the prospect that some semblance of order might one day return to the universe.

Gym Jams

Songs 2 Sweat 2

New years resolutions have come and hopefully not gone. The most common resolutions tend to be based on finances or health, and this year I decided to stick with the status quo. Eating better, saving more, and exercising harder. Getting myself into the right mindset to go for a workout can be challenging at times. Whether it’s going to the gym, out for a run, or an at-home workout, this playlist does its job of keeping me energized. I’ve compiled some of the best gym jams that get me sweatin’. The perfect formula? EDM with a dash of rap. I hope this mix of motivational tracks will get you moving too!


Play Me


What music genre do you love to jam to at the gym?

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#inthemoodformusic: it’s raining (and i’m not okay)

As my years are turning over, I am noticing that I am becoming increasingly sensitive to the weather. This is bad because rainy days essentially equate to bad days most of the time, and I happen to live in a city that is infamously known for its inclement climate. Honestly, I am tired of all this rain. The ugly weather makes me sad and sluggish to the point of harmful unproductivity. I eagerly check the Weather Network app on my phone nearly everyday with hopes of a sunny day soon, but it gets disheartening that every time I do, I am faced with news of more rain. I guess I’ll just have to keep smelling like a wet dog in class since my umbrella broke last week. As we wait for the brighter days, let’s wallow in our sadness while listening to this playlist I have curated:

happy listening!(◡‿◡✿)

Review of RemyJune.com

RemyJune.com is a refreshing take on a music & lifestyle blog through the eyes of a girl living in Vancouver. My very first impressions of Remy’s blog was that it looked quite similar to mine. I can appreciate the minimalist aesthetic. I like that she has used and accentuated the white space without trying to …

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Coldplay has to be one of the most interesting and unique bands I have listened to. The British based, four-membered band led by Chris Martin combine genres of pop rock and world to create powerful music with vocals that echo with passion. The incorporation of world music is what I find most interesting as Coldplay has been able to combine elements of electronic, acoustic, classic guitar music and old genre elements without it sounding odd or out of place. Rather it creates for beautiful music that I have not heard replicated by any other band. Check out this playlist of my favourite songs by Coldplay.

#inthemoodformusic: sipping on some milk tea

If my life were a movie, these songs would be played as the background music in scenes where I sip on my favourite milk tea.

thank you for reading! (◡‿◡✿)


Beirut has to be one of the most interesting and unique bands I have listened to. The American based, six-membered band led by Zach Condon combine genres of indie rock and world to create powerful music with vocals that echo with passion. The incorporation of world music is what I find most interesting as Beirut has been able to combine elements of mariachi, arias, Balkan music and chanson without it sounding odd or out of place. Rather it creates for beautiful music that I have not heard replicated by any other band. Check out this playlist of my favourite songs by Beirut.

The Injustice That Is Carly Rae Jepsen’s E•MO•TION


carly rae jepsen, call me maybe

This week in class, we were going through a quote by Peter Thiel.

“Tell me something that’s true that no one agrees with you on?”

Although I think Peter Thiel is a disgusting person (to put it nicely), it is a very interesting question nonetheless. And though I suppose there’s supposed to be a serious, well thought out relevant answer to politics or some commentary on today’s society to that question, the first thing that came to mind was Carly Rae Jepsen – specifically, her music.

We all know her, the resident one-hit wonder of Mission, B.C. Her song, Call Me Maybe blew up and she was never heard of again. Most people would agree that she was just a one-hit pop wonder and with that assumption – also agree that her music probably isn’t very good.

That’s where everyone is wrong.

Carly Rae Jepsen is an extremely talented musician who produces well thought out, well-produced music. Call Me Maybe, although having an infamous reputation for simply being played so much, is a clear example of that – a quality pop song with good production, a catchy beat, clever lyrics. Her debut album “Kiss” which included Call Me Maybe is full of quality songs. But that’s not what I want to discuss today. Today I want to talk about her third studio album, “Emotion” (stylized as E•MO•TION).

carly rae jepsen, emotion, album cover

(Here is a link to the album on Spotify.)

Emotion was released in 2015 with the lead single “I Really Like You” (which you may have heard on the radio), followed by “Run Away with Me” and “Your Type” (which you most likely have not heard on the radio), with songs written on themes of heartbreak and love, and a vibe reminiscent of 80’s pop/synth.

Although extremely well received by critics and reviewers, Emotion did not do well commercially, something which is a shame because I wholeheartedly believe this was the best pop album of 2015 (sorry-not-sorry Taylor Swift).

Every single song on this album is an amazing song. Like, if you close your eyes and spin a wheel with every different section of the wheel being a different song on Emotion, it’s going to be a good song. Although the content Jepsen delves into isn’t particularly diverse – all of the songs deal with the subject of love or heartbreak – it just means it’s an even better album to listen to when you want to wallow in your own feelings.

I would honestly say every single song on this album is a favourite but here are some songs I would recommend to any listener!


2. Your Type

3. Making the Most Of The Night

4. Warm Blood

5. LA Hallucinations

Thank you for reading!

1st Music Playlist

My music playlist varied alot depending on my mood so this playlist is a little ambiguous. I don’t really believe there is any bad music…except maybe screamo. Anyways here’s the albums I’ve had on repeat this past week.

Tyler The Creator, Flower Boy


Fleet Wood Mac, Rumour’s


Big Sean & Metro Booming, Double or Nothing

Kendrick Lamar, Untitled Unmastered


Frank Ocean, Channel Orange

Between the Stripes — A Review

Jenny Chan’s blog, “Between the Stripes”, is a beautifully simplistic space to explore new worlds of music while being within the comforts of home. Especially at a time of the year where I would be sitting inside, by a window, while the weather can do whatever it pleases outside. The design reflects this, as if the sun or the natural light was peering through the window trying to see what I was doing.


Exploring the site itself, I first notice there is a strange “social media & sharing icons” link that brings me to a page for plugins with WordPress; I’m not sure if you can get rid of that or not, it’s at the bottom of the page, so it’s not the biggest deal if you can’t. However, it looks a little off just because it isn’t aligned right with the blurb above it that reads “BETWEEN THE STRIPES Powered by WordPress and FancyThemes”.

Like I mentioned before, I love the colors, not sure if you could add a bit more shadow around the title and play around with that a bit more? As for the menus and categories, I also think the Home About and Captures sections would benefit from and stand out a bit more if it was placed on the black stripe, but if that was the point to be in between the lines, I would add shadow to that as well.  As for the content, I love how you incorporated all the different senses in the “About” section. Keep up the Captures page!

Your “Recent Posts” section keeps repeating every time you post “song of the day” so maybe change that somehow, or number the title in each one? As well, as a reader who may want to comment, it was hard to understand that the“post comment” button was there because it is highlighted black, so it was a little confusing until I hovered over it to make a comment. I would change that so it’s not highlighted black. The mobile version of your website looks very nice as well.

I’m loving the social media outreach on the site; it makes it very interactive and builds more dimension to the simplicity of the site. My one suggestion would be to use specific social media pages as the blog, instead of your own personal Instagram, or your own personal Instagram. With a Between the Stripes Instagram, you could post your song of the day, maybe a blurb with it. You can also purchase InstaReport to keep statistics on that as well! I know some music-based social medias post parts of songs and perhaps you could do the same on behalf of the page. My confusion with Pinterest leads me to ask if there is a specific page on Pinterest you’d like us to look at that is relevant to your blog? Because there are many boards related to your Pinterest. Maybe make sure it just links to a specific board or perhaps a completely different Between the Stripes Pinterest account instead of your whole Pinterest profile. Otherwise, I have definitely been inspired by the social media interactivity and aspire to reflect that in my website as well!

If anyone is feeling adventurous and has a craving for new music, definitely check out Jenny’s blog here: http://triangularzebras.com