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My Transmedia Strategy | Week 10

Before knowing the “transmedia”, I was already critically aware of the importance of having not just a cohesive online brand, but one that cross-promoted itself. Before starting djalexrose.com (and still now), Instagram was my primary social media platform. I had always promoted my Soundcloud using the business website function and by posting previews of songs, however, now the connection is deeper. My Instagram and Snapchats focus primarily on “story” function engagement with polls, event promotions, and exclusive media.

My Facebook and Twitter are both quite neglected, being automated to post content whenever I upload to Youtube and Soundcloud. I’ve heard from colleagues that Facebook has a much stronger ROI on advertisements than Instagram (which I recently tried) so I’ll be investing more into that platform soon. As of now, neither one has exclusive content.

Soundcloud has shifted to have only my best musical content. From originals to bootlegs to remixes, Soundcloud houses all the tracks that make it Spotify and ones that can’t clear copyright but are still strong releases. It also includes links to all my other social media platforms.

Youtube is the king of my content strategy. It’s home to weekly vlogs, 30-80 minute mixes, exclusive mashups, and much more. As you can see, djalexrose.com remains a focal point being included in my banner.

The final service I’ll mention is ArtistUnion, a download-gate service that exchanges downloads of your music for specified actions. In my case, I require my audience follows my Soundcloud and like and reposts the song they wish to download.

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Process Post #7

I’d love to make money from eating food.

However, I never thought about monetizing my blog because I don’t expect it to become popular in any way. I started this blog because of PUB101, but if I did make a blog outside of a course, it would be for fun. I also didn’t want to monetize because I feel like there would be more expectations placed on me, and it wouldn’t be as fun anymore. I also didn’t want to be pressured to write about things just to gain views. Looking at YouTubers that are famous, like StrictlyDumpling or RaphaelGomez, they have a distinctive personality. RaphaelGomez also has the advantage of attractiveness, in addition to his cute and humble personality. But in the case of this blog, I don’t express enough of my personality, mostly because people might not like the informality and possible vulgarity. In other words, my blog doesn’t stand out. Despite not making much money, I found out that adding a few ads, wouldn’t affect me very much.

After the presentation about monetization. It appears easy to gain a small earning from Google Adsense. You don’t lose anything from including ads in your blog, besides maybe the aesthetics of the blog. I also learned that you can control what kind of ads are put in and where they are placed. If i were ever approached by a restaurant to advertise them, I would take the opportunity. Even better, if i started to blog about fashion, I would love free clothes. So after learning about monetization, it became incredibly appealing. But I wouldn’t monetize at this point in time, I would only do it if I had some regular readers, which I don’t right now. I’d also have to be more committed to blogging, and I feel like in the future I would rather vlog. If I become a Youtuber, however, I would monetize for sure.

When I do want to monetize my blog, I would have to market my website and branding. Like I mentioned earlier, I would need to make my blog and myself stand out from everyone else who blogs about food. I’d also need to be very active on social media to advertise myself, and make an Instagram page, Facebook page and public snapchat story. Then, research on my audience, and keyword research. And I would need to improve the design of my blog.

Onto my person opinion on data trails, I think that I’m so used to giving out my information online to the point where I don’t realize it. I remember when I was younger I would use fake information on the internet, out of paranoia. But nowadays, everyone gives their information out on the internet nonchalantly, because of the convenience. Like when I started buying items online, my parents warned me about using credit cards on the internet. But even they have gotten used to saving their credit card information on certain apps or sites like Starbucks, for the convenience of reloading their Starbucks cards. I’ll have to admit it’s a little scary, like when I go on Facebook and all the ads are for things I really want. How did they know? Can they read my mind? However, if I refused to give out information online, I would lose access to things. For example, buying clothes online, and certain apps like Uber and food delivery apps. I just hope that all the information that google or Facebook have on me, won’t negatively affect me in the future. 


Process Post 8

Initially, I was against the idea of monetizing my website. My website provides me with an outlet and the idea of making money off of my personal posts makes me a little uncomfortable. I want to share posts that other people can relate to and monetizing my content seems to be at odds with the aim of my work. In my mind, it feels disingenuous to be posting content that is meant to be for others but also benefits myself.

I wanted to say that I didn’t care about money, but I realized that doing so would be a disservice to myself. As much as I want to deny it, money is necessary to satisfy a number of the things I value in life: an education, food and shelter, and even some of my hobbies. If I want to post about my hobbies, I will need the funds to do so. This is where monetization comes in.

Google Adsense                                          

Although I installed Google Adsense, I have refrained from implementing any ads on my blog. I like how Google Adsense allows users to regulate what ads are posted and I think that a lot of bloggers can effectively use Google Adsense to incorporate advertisements. In my own experience, I tend to question the credibility of websites that feature too many advertisements. I find that an excessive number of ads detracts from the purpose of a website. Overall, I think that a few strategically placed advertisements can be beneficial for individuals looking to monetize their website. I don’t like the look of advertisements

If I were to monetize my website in the future, I would do it via affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing would allow me to promote products that I have personally tried and that are relevant to my blog. In order to enhance transparency with my readers, I would ensure that my audience knows that certain posts may result in monetary compensation.

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Process Post #8: Monetization

Monetizing my site is something that I go back and forth on a lot. I have already expressed doubts about advertising being something that I don’t think will work for my blog. My blog is more of a reflective platform rather than promoting a service or brand so I just don’t like the idea of having ads on it. I feel as though the presence of ads would look almost out of place. I’ve had a lot of trouble trying to get Google AdSense to approve my blog anyways, so this may work out for the best. Now this leaves me with other possible options of monetization. As I learned through the guest lecture this week, there are actually quite a few ways to make money through a blog. For example, I could reach out to organizations to ask them for money in exchange for writing a review about them. However, considering my blog is about nature, that type of content doesn’t really fit. However, I did write a blog post about New Zealand so I suppose I technically could have reached out to the specific places I mentioned. Yet I doubt that would have resulted in anything. Tourist places are not places in which to make money through blogging about.

I think I would have to change up my actual content if I did try to make money through sponsored reviews. And that is not something I am willing to do. Right now, it seems as though I am heading in the direction of not monetizing my site. And I am okay with that. That was never a desire for me when I first started it and it still isn’t now. My blog is more of a place where I can reflect on things I care about and share those opinions with others.