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Looks Like Alabama is a Runaway Train

One thing we learned from this weekend was that Alabama is by far the best team in college football. Alabama this weekend had to go into Baton Rouge and face a fierce LSU team on the road in one of the most unforgiving stadiums to play in. However, the deafening crowd soon quieted down after scoring a touchdown 10 minutes into the game. After that, it’s like the wind had left the sails of LSU’s amazing season and they were never able to get their offense going and went on to be shut out 29-0. Alabama looked really well rounded whereas LSU looked good on defence but their offence could not do anything to save their life. LSU only had 12 rushing yards and 184 throwing yards which is nowhere near enough to have a chance against the best team in the nation. Overall, Alabama still convinced us they are the best and LSU now looks on from the outside as they won’t be making the playoff this year.

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Alabama almost has no flaws except for their kicking abilities. Joseph Bulovas, Alabama’s kicker is ranked 74th in the country which is massively lower compared to their other positions. Alabama ranks high in almost everyother category but kicking is not one of them. This could possibly be a problem going forward if they ever get into a close game and they lose because of a couple missed field goals or extra points.

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The rest of the team however, are all on the top of their game and are some of the best in the country. For starters, their quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is the #1 quarterback in all of college football and right now is in firm control of the race for the Heisman Trophy. Quinton Williams (DL) was by far the best player in the LSU game as he posted 2.5 sacks, 7 tackles and 3 assists. Quinton leads a really strong Alabama defence and will most likely be a future star in the NFL. Alabama’s offence would not be complete without their amazing wide receivers and running backs. Jerry Judy ranks #7 in the nation in receiving yards and is surrounded by fellow wide receivers DeVonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle. These guys are used lots in the game as Tua makes it really easy for them to succeed with this near perfect throw. Alabama also has solid ground game as they have a great trio of running backs which they can easily rotate to keeping their legs fresh. Najee Harris, Josh Jacobs and Damien Harris keep the defence on edge as they pose a massive threat where if the defense focuses to much on the quarterback they can easily explode and have a massive gain. This year’s team might be one of the best coach Nick Saban has ever had and that is saying lots as he has won 5 out of the past 9 national championships at Alabama. Only time will tell if another team in the nation will even have a slight chance against them.

My prediction of the week for week 11 will be for the Clemson vs Boston College game. Clemson is looking extremely strong right now after destroying Louisville 77-16 last week and they might be the only team that can compete with Alabama. I expect the game to be a little closer then last weeks game but still Clemson wins, 47-20.

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Biggest Game of the Year – LSU vs Alabama

By far the biggest match up of this years regular season is coming up this week. #4 LSU will be taking on #1 Alabama at home in Baton Rouge. LSU look to continue their dominating season after already defeating 3 top 10 teams and have by far the best resume in the country. Alabama on the other hand have been the most dominating team all year averaging 54.1 points/game  which is 5.2 points/game ahead of second place Oklahoma. Alabama’s quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa leads the way in the race for the Heisman Trophy as he puts up nation wide leading stats while still not having played in the fourth quarter. As good as this is, Alabama could have a little problem against LSU if the game is close as Alabama has not been tested in any of their games yet resulting in them not having to play their starting quarterback ever in the fourth quarter. No one knows how Alabama will respond to a close game, but if it is anything like what we’ve seen in the past they should be just fine. LSU’s defence looks amazing this year while being lead by star players Greedy Williams and Grant Delpit. Both players are elite in the tackles and interception categories in the country leading LSU to have the most interceptions caught in CFB. Both teams look to make the playoff, and for the team that loses it could mean the end of their playoff dreams. Alabama still have a chance to make the playoff with one chance but they would have to get a lot of help from the other top teams. LSU though with a loss will make them go up to two losses on the season and they will have a very slim chance as it is near impossible to make the playoff with two losses even with their resume. Overall, I predict LSU to win at home, 34-33 on a last second field goal. This game will definitely be one of the best games of the year and everyone can’t wait.

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