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Looking, but never finding


I feel like I’m always looking for something to satisfy me, whether it’s in friendships, relationships, success, or those three themselves. Sometimes it seems as though they are never enough though.

It can be a painful feeling, trying to make what is intangible be tangible, or of not being able to grasp a solid answer to questions I have about life. Ultimately, everyone is searching for something that would fill that void in their lives, that would make their identities be whole, or that would give them a sense of purpose in this world and while some people give up and think they will never find it, others become complacent with what they find. I don’t think we know exactly what we’re looking for either. We pretend we know what it is, but we don’t. If we are all finding ways to be happy, how come we’re still not happy? How come we’re not satisfied?


“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probably explanation is that we were made for another world.” – C.S. Lewis

Not Strangers, but Individuals

Sometimes when I watch people walk by, I wonder where they are going. Are they going to school or work, to see a loved one, to attend a meeting, to return something, or are they running away from a place or a person? And then I wonder how they are feeling. Are they excited for an event, heartbroken from having been broken up with, curious about the city, sad about a departure at the airport, or disappointed that they are physically moving but not actually going anywhere in life?

Whichever public place I am in, I am surrounded by not just people, but individuals – individuals each with a purpose and a range of emotions. The crowd around you in a public space are all experiencing or thinking about something at the exact moment you are walking by them. Each one of them has a story. Their stories all link together to create a bigger story. And it’s not that each individual can change the world; each individual has already changed the world by being in it.  The world may be different to someone because someone else is in it. Our limitations expand, our decisions change, our perspectives alter, and even our life directions can shift with an encounter, re-encounter, friendship or relationship with someone. As cliche or common as all this may sound, we can neither doubt that we have never ignored a stranger’s worth nor can we promise that we have never trivialized our own worth. There is a reason why you are brought into the world and I believe that it’s meant to be when you cross paths with certain people in life.

Sometimes when I watch people walk by, I also wonder what it would be like to personally know them, and as I’m caught in the moment, pondering, they quickly become another passerby. Other times, I am lucky enough to have my life intertwined in theirs.


Peer Review: Concept

Concept is a blog centered around fashion and lifestyle of M. The platform M has created for herself presents a plethora of marketing opportunities which she is doing an excellent job of utilizing already. Fashion and lifestyle translate well to social media, which help with building an audience. M’s social media presence demonstrates continuity and skill. She posts new photos on her Instagram everyday which gives her followers something to expect from her on a daily basis. Additionally, her blog has links to the Facebook and YouTube pages of The Wong Collective, a group of bloggers she works with covering fashion, lifestyle, travel, and more. Interlinking all of these platforms gives potential followers several channels through which they can find her blog and interact with her content. It also helps people feel connected to their content creators when they can follow them on multiple platforms. Her social media activity is a huge factor for her in creating an audience which will consistently follow her content and M is doing an excellent job utilizing this resource.

The blog itself immediately draws you in. M’s blog and the content she puts out on it work together and match one another. In her content, she presents clean and simple photography with her written posts. The black and white color choices reflect the aesthetic choices she has made in her fashion and lifestyle photography and content. The clean lines and color palette of the blogs design match this perfectly. She also consistently integrates many photos in with her writing. As we learned, photos attract viewers today, so this will keep consumers attention well. Again, the continuity M puts out to her followers will encourage them to come back. The consistency of posts, the pleasing aesthetic of the design, and the professional content make her blog seem like the blog you want to come back to time and time again.

As far as marketing Concept goes, M has set herself up well to market and monetize her own blog separate or joint with The Wong Collective. Her many social media followers, professional nature of her blog, and strength of content will appeal to advertisers, brands, and people searching for a content creator. She seems to be taking full advantage of the resources at her disposal and has fully committed herself to her brand. I believe Concept has a great future ahead of it and M should keep pushing her passion forward. If there is one thing standing out above everything else, it is her clear love and passion for what she is doing. That is what makes Concept special.

Yours Truly,

Meera C.

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Dare to Dream Again


“Suddenly you’re 21 and you’re screaming along in the car to all the songs you listened to when you were sad in middle school and everything is different but everything is good.”

I’ve always thought there was something about the 2000s music, music you grow up to listening. Tonight was one of those nights that I wanted something familiar. Plugging in my earphones, I played the High School Musical playlist on Spotify (admit it, you were once crazy about it too), my head in the clouds, while on my one hour bus ride home. And all these sentimental feelings suddenly washed over me in an overwhelming but nostalgic sensation, as memories scurried across my mind. Do you remember that song you used to listen to over and over again in your teenage years? Or the one that you promised yourself would be one of your wedding songs one day? How about the one you made your personal anthem? It wasn’t just the songs themselves that I loved, but the moments attached to them. Hilary Duff was the girl-next-door I wanted to be like. Crazily jumping and dancing on the bed for hours with my girlfriends until we were exhausted from screaming to her Wanted CD when it first came out was the highlight of my weekends. Then it was Gabriella Montez. I wanted to dress like her and have cheekbones like her. My sister and I would rehearse High School Musical songs during our long road trips with our parents as the audience, blasting the tunes and attempting to harmonize when we didn’t know how to. How faithful my sister and I were in always trying to find the most up-to-date Disneymania CD that we could in local libraries, memorizing the names of the hottest Disneychannel stars, and I would spend days perfecting my “And you’re watching Disneychannel” line in between commercials because I promised I would make it on there someday. When the lights dimmed and couples began to slow dance to Mariah Carey’s Bye Bye during my middle school grad, I listened to the lyrics and felt the reality of eighth grade coming to an end. I crazily sang Avril’s Girlfriend and The Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way for years with childhood friends, Jay Sean’s Down in the parking lot when my friends and I were too cool for Chinese school, Hillsong’s ‘Til I See You when I cried myself to sleep, Regina Spektor’s The Call when I couldn’t swallow my emotions after the Narnia movies, David Archuleta’s first CD when I couldn’t stop daydreaming, and all of Against the Current’s songs when I partied in the kitchen by myself with my personal anthem (still) being Outsiders because “outside, we’re lonely but we are free.” I could continue on and on… Somehow, I remember all these details.

There’s something about songs that spark inspiration, memories, and feelings that relate to the present or are brought back from long ago. This depth of history and connection I felt as my HSM playlist kept playing was reminding me of who I was in the past – someone who dared to dream. Whether it was daydreaming about the guy I would marry, the person I would grow up to be, or the things I would do, I have always been a dreamer. But somehow along the way, I gave up on those dreams. They seemed too good to be true and took too long to get to… So wanting to catch up with everyone else, I set lower standards for myself to achieve so I can at least say I’ve checked it off the list. But what about those big dreams I once had? Why have I agreed to settle for less? Why is graduating within four years more important than gaining experiences if I have to graduate later? Or why is being in a relationship sooner more important than saving it for the right one? What is with the hurry in life that I give up my dreams and trade them in for complacency. I want to be daring in my dreams because I trust not in my own ability, but God’s ability to accomplish them. I limit God when I dream small. He has grand plans for me and His timing is made perfect according to His purpose. I need more faith.

And now suddenly I’m 22 and miss singing to those 2000s songs while dreaming bold dreams, and everything is so different but I’m learning to dream big again like my younger version would have told myself to not give up doing – this time, with Him.

Essay #2

This semester may be coming to an end yet, my online publication will go on. Over the last three months, I was introduced to the world of online publishing and given a chance to create a place that was solely mine – sukhisthename.com. It became a place to share my favourite recipes, new beauty regimes, and […]

Aliexpress Minnie Mouse S7 Phone Case ✧ {Review}


Back in January, I finally said good-bye 🙁 to my precious Samsung 5 phone. It had served me well since 2015. I did however, had the option of choosing between the iPhone SE in Rose Gold ♥ or Samsung S7, since my old phone contract had ended. 

To be honest, the materialistic and girly side of me wanted to select the iPhone since…well, it was in a nice pink-color ( ु•⌄• ). The sales associate, however, encouraged me to play with the iPhone first to see how I liked it, as I had previously owned Samsung products for the past 5 years. 

Despite the pretty color of the iPhone, I stayed true to Samsung, as I’m use to the functions and I like how I don’t need to go through iTunes to add music. Plus, I do have a Samsung camera that primarily works and connects with my phone. 

Because I bought a new phone, the first thing I had to research on was finding a case that was cute enough for me to buy and use. For me, there are a few sites that I like to look up cute phone cases to get, they are primarily, Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress.

Depending on the price and shipping fee, the most reliable source from the 3 sites listed above is Amazon. The price is decent for phone cases and there is either no shipping fee or it’s a small amount. However, in this case 😎 I bought my Minnie Mouse case from Aliexpress from this seller.

There are pros and cons for this site. I have been a customer for about a year now, and the average wait time to receive your product is approximately 1 month. However, the upside to that, is that there are no shipping fees and the prices are very low. Though, be cautious because sometimes you won’t even receive your items 🙄

The case is so cute on my phone.

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised that I received my case in about 2 weeks. This made me extremely happy, seeing how I only spent $2.40 on it, with no shipping fees ໒( )७ The case itself, is clear color and made of a flexible and bendable plastic, making it hard to break should you drop your phone.

Bad lighting 😐, but matching cases!!!

Of course, if you want to be a sap, like me (ง ´͈౪`͈)ว…there’s the option of buying matching cases, so you can get both Minnie and Mickey Mouse for your significant other. Overall, I’m glad I bought this phone case, since it’s cute, inexpensive and there was no shipping fees.

A New Lifestyle Choice

Lately, I’ve been thinking about bringing a new change to my life. Something that I have never yet succeeded, but is willing to try again. That is, cutting out meat. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, I want to cut every type of meat there is, out of my diet. For all my life, I have been consuming meat, I would say that I am (well, was) an extreme meat-lover. I love Korean BBQs, steak, and… much much more. But, for some reason, lately I’ve been really considering this type of lifestyle! I’m not saying that I want to become a vegetarian, but someone who consumes seafood, and eggs. A Pescetarian, or ‘Ovo-lacto vegetarianism‘, whatever you call it.

Basically, a ‘pescetarian‘, is someone who follows a diet that includes fish or other seafood,, but not the flesh of other animals. And, most pescetarians maintain a ‘lacto-ovo vegetarian‘ diet which is further explained as a vegetarian who doesn’t eat meat, but do consume some animal products such as eggs and dairy.

Since I decided to become dedicated, I gave myself a starting line. I decided that on Monday, March 20th, 2017, I will become a pescetarian. But I’ve been thinking, just how hard is it for me to cut out the meat portion in my life? I began to do some digging, because I come from a meat-consuming family, critics mentioned that it is important to have a deep conversation with your family members. To tell them that this is a lifestyle choice you have come to adapt, and wish for their blessings. And, so that was the first step I took to my journey. I first told my dad, and then my sister. My dad wasn’t against me for pursuing that lifestyle, but he said that I was too young to go for this sort of lifestyle, saying that there are plenty of nutrients in meat, and it was ‘something young people needed’. I disagree. But anyhow, he still supported this. Moving onto my sister, my sister was the complication. I did not like her attitude at all. The issue between my sister and I was that whenever we had something to say to each other, we would always text, instead of speaking face-to-face. And so I texted her. In return, I received a ‘sure, whatever’ message. She had zero hopes for me, but this made me mad and more determined to prove her wrong. Even today, she sent me a GroupOn link to a Japanese shabu shabu restaurant. Like, come on! What part of wanting to pursue this kind of lifestyle do you not understand?!

Another problem I realized was difficult to change was, coming from an Asian family, we have the tradition to drink soup every night, it’s part of our dinner. And, my parents always use a meat-based broth… Even though I told my dad about my new lifestyle change, it’d be super hard for him because he’d make me drink it anyway. My dad would immediately forget that his soup was made from chicken broth or beef broth… That is something I need to work on.

Moving on, it has been officially three days since I began this lifestyle, and I feel like I made a little progress, I decided to opt for seafood and vegetables which I liked! And, I realized, my food doesn’t taste… less tastier. It tastes the same! But, I could just be blabbering on something since it’s only been three days.