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Process Post

Create a story out of media only: a sequence of images, an audio production, a video production. Avoid using text if you can.


If I’m going to monetize the site

I actually don’t want monetize the site, it will be a lot of pressure to operate a profitable website.

First of all, I’ll explain what I will do if I’m going to monetize the site. If I want to monetize the site, the first thing I’ll do is probably use Google AdSense to implement some advertisement, since this is the most easy way for the website to cooperate with advertisement. Then I think I’ll post more contents that can attract readers, especially contents that most of the online readers looking forward. This behavior will be done to increase the readers and also increase the clicking rate, thus to increase the profit from advertisement. I might not only post my ideas, but also post popular ideas that came from other people. Create more public topics to rise people’s interests, do something more to entertain the viewers. And also do better design of the page.

However I don’t very want to monetize this blog. The original goal for me to create this blog is not for money, it is for me. It’s my own platform to express my personal opinions. And I don’t have enough time to make it a profitable blog, since it will need effort to attract much more readers. What’s more, it’s not easy to make many profit on the website. Sometimes, the effort you pay cannot get the same amount profit you gain. This maybe just a chance for me to get to know more about online publication, and I need more experiences to operate an attractive blog.

Community guidelines

I want to add the community guidelines for this blog. Not only to protect myself from personal attack online, but also to protect people who leave comments and willing to share information and opinions. This blog is an online space provided to people who love movies, at the same time comments are welcomed. However, in order to create a healthy and positive internet environment, community guidelines are needed. Here’s the community guidelines for this blog.

Every member should respect each other, get along well with other members, and please respect other people’s achievements, ask the author’s permission before share the idea.

Any of the following behaviors will not be tolerated, and comments will be deleted.

  1. Any form of insult, defamation of character and encroach upon other person’s rights and benefits.
  2. Rumours that inconsistent with the facts, instigate a crime, disturb the social order, comments that want to divide a country, and comments that violate the national law.
  3. Malicious lie, fling abuses, slander other people, call someone’s name.
  4. Any form of racial discrimination, racial hatred, make trouble out of nothing, harm other members, wrongdoing behaviors.

Essay 2

Before this spring in 2017, I never imagined I could do my own online publication. Publication has been quite an abstract form for me, and I had always believe that this process would probably involve many different professional people with abilities of typing, editing and printing. The most important part I can imagine is printing. However, the fact exceeded my imagination that I created my own online publication and able to let people from all over the world to access it without printing. At the same time, I learned a lot of skills and gained experiences of online publishing.

At the beginning, I didn’t know that to build a blog is also the way of publication. Blog creation becomes a fashion that started more than ten years ago, I can still remember that I built my own blog when I was in middle school. what’s more,  people who create very popular blogs can even gain lots of earnings which is quite similar to the popular instagramers. For the website I created this time, I started with registered the domain name, and at the same time, make decision of the subject of the website and this teaches me a lesson. Since my domain name is “yunkecpub” which involves yunke that is my name and pub refer to publication, but the subject of the website is movie and film review which took me two weeks to finally make the decision and has no connection with the domain name. I believe this could be one of the reason why this website don’t attract much audiences, it’s better for the domain name to register after setting up the subject of the website.

There are two important tools I learned about online publication, they are Google Analytics and Google AdSense. These are the new technology that I didn’t have any knowledge before. And I was very surprised by the function and convenience of them. It’s very easy to install both tools, just by registering and adding both tools on the administration page of the website, they can be used for free. For the Google Analytics, it’s a tool that can monitor the viewers of your website, and summarize statistics about what devices the viewers were using, where were they, what language were they using, when did they view the website and more. This is very helpful when people want to make adjustment of their website and want to check their actual readers. The Google AdSense is a tool that can implement advertisements on your website, and it can help you earn money automatically. Although not every website can earn lots of money when this depend the click rate and flow rate of the website, it gave me an idea of how to cooperate advertisement sponsors with online publication.

Since the subject of my website is movies and film reviews, I was actually inspired by a Chinese website which allow many people to leave movie reviews and book reviews. This website has a name—–Douban, it is a big website involving information about music, movies, books and so on. When I want to know more information about the movie, especially when I want to know other people’s opinion of the movie, I sometimes check this website. By reading film reviews online, I can get more ideas about the stories and the logics that I don’t understand.  This is why I want to create a website that post my blogs and film reviews.

For my imagined public, I expected they are readers who love to watch movies, who interested in movies that comes out recently, and who love to share views of movies. Nevertheless, in the earlier stage of the website creation, the most of my actual publics are my friends, classmates, instructor and people who accidently dropped in. There are some more expected readers gained later when I have more and more information on the website. By checking the Google Analytics, something surprised me that my readers are from all over the world, viewers came from countries include Canada, Malaysia, Brazil, Egypt, the United States and so on. However, there are still fewer viewers of my website than I expected.

For the appearance of this blog, I choose dark color as the background. This background can leaves viewers an impression like watching a movie. And I used one of the famous fantasy movie picture as the head image of the blog, especially when the expressions of the characters on the image are quite catching, lead people’s interest into the blog. For the content of the blog, I’ve post four film reviews from the movies I watched during this season. There are all coming out recently. I think I’ve providing a resource for people to get to know something about the new movies and at the same time, know something about me and about my personal views.

After created this website and learned skills of building up online publication for this term, publication became a much more solid idea for me. Publication is not just only the form of printing, it’s now also digitalized and integrated in every individuals’ life. I would continue work for my online publication, not only to attract readers but also to gain more online publishing experiences in order to correspond to the current trend.



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Benefit gained from Google Analytics

I just get to know about Google analytics two months ago, and its function surprised me. Before I learned about Google Analytics, I heard that some software and help web developer to do statistics of the website turnover, but I didn’t expect to use it. I thought it might be somehow hard to install and handle. Then I learn and installed Google Analytics for my site, and surprised by its convenience.

It’s very easy to install Google Analytics on the WordPress, and the information collected are very helpful. After registered for Google Analytics, information like the number of viewers per day, per week, per month can be collected. At the same time, the language of the viewer, the location and country of the viewer, and even the city of the viewer can also be collected.

What’s more, whether the view use mobile devices and the system of the devices can be accessed on Google Analytics. It is then very beneficial that the web developer can make adjustment towards the construction of the website to satisfy different variety of the audiences. And the lasting time of viewers stayed on the page can also tells the readability and the attractiveness of this site.

If you don’t know how to do statistics of the data, it doesn’t matter. Google Analytics have the service provided to help you analyze the data which I think it very helpful and important, especial when the data size is very big and complicated.

There is something of Google Analytics brings me that I felt very important. As this is the first time I develop my own site that can be accessed globally by everyone, I didn’t expect to attract many attentions. However, when finding people from different countries that speak different languages view my site, I felt that my journals have audiences, which gave me courage to further develop the website.

Idea of Transmedia

For now, transmedia becomes a modern way to spread information, it’s very helpful and at the same time all the information of the publishing content can be saved as data form. As those information saved in data form, so that they can load in all kinds of media. When information showed in different form of media, they integrated characteristics and functions of these media.

When I searched the trend of transmedia to get to know the idea of this definition, I found that transmedia can be also viewed as the trend of cultural information transfer into music, videos, online information and traditional paper print. Those information can be transformed back and forth. We are on a process that new technology change the way we live, and access to information. So that this action for traditional publishing to turn its way to transmedia is a gradual transformation. And in publishing industry, the fact is that labors with both skills in publishing and new technology are in shortage. So that the new publication industry is combining with people of different abilities. What’s more, when we ignore TVs, movies and online media, the status of publishing industry is very passive, the whole industry cannot fully accept transmedia, it loses the first chance to transform and become quite rigid along the trend.

Online publication is already a choice of transmedia. If I want to expand my online publication to other transmedia, I would prefer iPhone and iPad, as iPhone and ipad were used so widely. And for me myself use iPhone to access information very frequently, instead of laptop. So that I would prefer to focus on social media platform. What’s more, apps can also be a option. But as the expense to develop a good and functional app is very high, I think the action towards app development will be put off until my online publication attract enough audiences.