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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide — Personal and DIY

Doesn’t Valentine’s Day always seem to sneak up on us? If you’ve been too busy to prepare a gift earlier, here are some personal gift ideas for your special someone.

1. Jigsaw Puzzle 

Jigsaw puzzles make for great future night-in dates and they can be framed after they’re done! They can double up as a great memory and an excellent home decor.

2. Personalized Book/Story or Card 

Write and create your own personalized book. This can be a cute story of your relationship with inside jokes or a couple coupon book (ex. coupon for one back rub, a movie night — your pick). If you have writers block or are worried about your artistic skills, LoveBook provides great guidelines and compiles everything into a hardcover book.

3. Succulent or Preserved Rose Terrarium 

Succulents are so cute and extremely easy to care for. Terrariums are relatively simple to make (lots of guides online) and they’re really customizable. If succulents aren’t a good fit, then maybe a preserved rose is a better option. It incorporates the classic Valentine’s Day flower gift but this one can last for many years and makes a great decor item. Terrariums can be a quick one day DIY gift that is still thoughtful.

Check out my DIY airplant terrarium tutorial. A lot of the same steps apply if you need some guidance.

4. DIY Painted Mug

DIY painted mugs are great because your special someone can be reminded of you every morning when they use the mug. If you want to be extra adorable, you can create two matching ones for both of you. You can find a plain white mug in most department stores or dollar stores. I found my mug at Winners HomeSense. The markers I recommend using are the Pebeo porcelaine markers, which I found on Amazon.

5. Jewelry 

Necklaces, rings, earrings, watches… Jewelry is a classic Valentine’s Day gift and can still be personal. Gauge your partners style and find something to fit their lives. You can even take it one step further and engrave your gift with a personal message.

6. The Night Sky Star Map

A map of the stars on a special day such as when you first met your significant other, when you got married, or your partner’s birthday can make a touching gift. The Night Sky allows you to easily get the map of the stars of a date and location. The design of the poster is simple and aesthetic and you can even write a short custom message.

7. Gift Cards 

Lastly, don’t be afraid to give gift cards. Especially if you’ve already been together for a while because it’s difficult to come up with a unique gift every Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday and Anniversary. Gift cards can be like a mini shopping spree. What are your significant other’s hobbies? Where do they like to shop at? What restaurants do they frequently eat at?

Hope this gave you some ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Also, don’t stress out too much because anything from the heart should be well received. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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