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Spring Staples

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Well, it seems like Spring has sprung in Vancouver, and I could not be more excited! I have noticed myself doing a bit more shopping coming into the Spring season, or reaching for different pieces of clothes. It’s warming up, so the parka’s and rainboots are going back in the closet. Here are some of …

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Vol. 12: Essay 2

Being an online publisher has been nothing but a journey. I had to dig deep into my knowledge and mind, find the treasures of ground-breaking posts, and slaying the bad ideas that come at me when writing. The digital revolution, in how easy it is to present ourselves online, opens a world of possibility. In my experience, I started to find my online presence through what I wear: fashion. Fashion to me is a form of art, in that you can communicate it through pictures, words, and having this “physical thing” on your body.

But why care about fashion when it is deemed materialistic? Is that not shallow? According to Jenni Avins, Quartz’ global lifestyle correspondent who has written for the Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Style.com and various others, she explains how why caring about fashion does not make one shallow. I read this article about a year ago, and one of the main reasons I decided to go with clothes. She describes how fashion may be hard to follow, but if you focus on clothing and what communication it provides, it’s a different matter.

In a sense, Avins described how clothes represented deep meanings such as identity, a story, and “as a piece of the globalized economy” (Avins, 2018) We are all part of the fashion movement right now, in 2018, and what is worn today might not be worn in a few years. Whether we like it or not, we are part of this history, and to it has been astounding to think of it like that. My public that I had imagined was the Millennial male who adored street fashion, but, my public was anyone who wears clothing in general. They do not particularly have to agree with my style or start to own anything I suggest, but they can admire and view what it is like to dress in 2018 through my lens.

The most important thing to understand in branding is your audience. Building an online presence is much like building a brand, especially for those who delve into fashion blogging. In building a business, your brand “is how people perceive you wherever they interact with your business—both the impressions you can control and the ones you can’t” (Shopify, n.d.). This is particularly the same for building an online presence of a blog, and I feel that people usually forget this factor. You have to view your blog in its entirety: the design, the layout, the way people navigate. Every little point matters, down to the font you decided to use because it is how people are interacting with you without saying anything. You are giving them almost something I would call “digital touchpoints” for them.

So how can you deal with this? In previous posts, I feel that consistency is key to building an online presence. You need to make sure every little detail is consistent with what you are trying to pursue. If you, for example, want to give off the vibe that you are bright and bubbly, it has to reflect well on your design, the words you use, and the pictures you provide. For me, it was easy to saw what my brand in fashion was, but it was a different story to translate it online. One of the things I had to learn is that I needed to “position myself apart from competitors,” almost if I were to competed with them (Shopify, n.d.). Having this mindset really helped me develop my blog in that I needed to provide what is different about myself and showcase that online as well.

This is when the development of my online presence started to manifest—when I was trying to got noticed as much as possible. I personally used social media to my advantage, as I used Instagram already to develop a following through not only friends but other people who have a similar style. According to Ramsay, who runs Blog Tyrant to share blogging, SEO and email marketing strategies, he analyzed several fashion blogs and found that while good content is vitally important, he explains that “it’s your colleagues and readers and the relationships that you have with them that will make you famous (R., 2018).”

My network, which is comprised of mostly my friends, have been pivotal in my success of growing an online following. Before even starting my online blog, a lot of them were already nagging me to start one and have stated that I should did one. With this motivation from them, I knew that once I started, I already had supporters. For me, to even have 10 supporters, is a lot. If I were able to have 10 life-long supporters, I already knew that they would play a huge role in shaping my reach as they were advocates already for me. Yes, they were my friends, but it paid off having supporters; I can’t ever thank them enough for their trust in me.

Looking back, I think there were many instances where my thoughts have changed. I started off thinking “this would be easy and fun” to “alright, I need to plan what I’m going to do next.” Though it became a job, it was fun in that I had an outlet to just be me in the most creative way possible. However, I guess in a sense that could also be a double-edged sword, in that I could not bear to be boring or mundane and had to put this image on all the time.

I really fell in love with the design aspects of my blog, making it unique, navigating through every detail possible until I was satisfied. I became picky. However, I felt that this contributed to producing my online presence. If everything on my blog was a choice I had to make, then I know I am creating an authentic and unique presence. As the semester ends, I think this was my biggest takeaway. Be picky, because that’s when you really find out more about yourself and what it means to have an online presence.

In conclusion, I must address whether or not I feel successful in reaching my audience. To answer this as concisely as possible, I feel that I did in terms of reaching people. Though I’ll never know if I converted anyone into buying clothing pieces that I would buy, I’m sure I was able to provide content that people liked to see and were able to show myself in the best way possible. In terms of continuing this blog, I definitely plan to as time goes on, and will continue to keep reiterating as my creative mind continues to grow, change, and adapt.


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Not For You – Jerome Taylor



NOT FOR YOU  is a high-end men’s streetwear clothing brand which is inspired by love, music, and real events. All the clothing is made specifically in Wellington, New Zealand and each piece is significant. 

Jerome’s Vision

When Jerome created  this collection, he wanted to represent homelessness and the complexity of poverty. This particular piece was styled to represent the true meaning behind homelessness and what individuals in these situations find themselves facing. If you take a closer look at this piece, you can recognize a story being told. To begin with, when analyzing the front of the jacket, the words ROUGH NIGHT are displayed. This is because all it takes is one rough night to end up finding yourself in a difficult situation, in this case, battling for survival.  The story progresses with time; you can envision ones life spiraling down into losing their homes, their cars, and their families, all until you become completely invisible to the world.  This is represented on the back of this piece when it demands the following: “LOOK AT ME.” 


Fortunately,  this week I had the opportunity to walk for Jerome Taylor @ Vancouver Fashion Week Season 18.  My experience, beginning with meeting Jerome, to wearing his clothes on the runway was incredible.



When I first tried on my outfit for the show, I remembered feeling empowered and notorious. I personally love wearing layers with my everyday outfits, but what Jerome did with his collection was unique. Each individual layer had it’s own meaning, and as a collective, it illustrated homelessness and personality.

Walking down that runway wearing that outfit, I felt untouchable. Before our show we had a rehearsal and Jerome explained to us what his vision was when creating this collection. He said, “I want you guys to feel like your absolute best when walking down the runway. I don’t want you feeling dead, but rather you feel like the best version of yourself.” While rehearsing, I didn’t feel like a model, I felt as if I was a king in my own world;  I didn’t  give a fuck about what anyone thought of me. 

Contact Information
Jerome Taylor
Not For You Clothing



Sweater Weather

Despite the beautiful weather we have been having lately (with the exception of a few downpours), the weather always deceives me as I step outside and feel that cold, crisp air against my face.

It’s time to pull out the sweaters and blanket scarves because the Vancouver fall/winter season is just beginning. To be honest, I’ve always preferred cozy sweaters and trendy coats over the rompers and off-the-shoulder tops. Below you can see my collection of sweaters in my closet, mostly ranging of neutral tones with rosy pinks in the mix. Majority of my sweaters are purchased from Forever 21 or Garage and surprisingly, Forever 21 sweaters have really held up for me considering their reputation for cheap clothing with mediocre quality. Recently, Garage has re-branded themselves and carry more of a “Brandy Melville” feel to their clothes, meaning that their fabrics are super soft.

Wearing a lot of neutrals make it so much more easier to put a whole outfit together because you don’ t have to worry about colour clashing outfits! You can always add a splash of colour through accessories such as a hat, a beanie or a scarf. It’s the easiest way out of having lots of clothes in your closet: neutrals are your way to go.

If any of you know me in-person, you probably know I love my Topshop long coats. In fact, I’ve made my annual Topshop coat purchase the past few years. It all started with my camel coat that I stumbled across in my local Topshop store and I fell in love with it. It was exactly the colour I was looking for and because Topshop carries petite-sized clothing, for once, the coat didn’t look too long for my 5’0 figure. It hit me at a perfect length without making me look like I was drowning in the thick coat.

Last year, I felt like I needed another one in grey and it became another staple piece in my closet. I found myself excited to wear these coats every year as the weather started dropping, and recently, I made my third Topshop coat purchase: ya gotta top it off with black! I’ve always had difficulties finding these coats without being too long or “oversized” on me but these coats fit me like a glove! The best part is that they are not too pricey (CAD $120) compared to other similar coats on the market and the quality is exceptional. Also, if you’re a student you get a small discount enough to compensate for the taxes!

I wore my black coat with my favourite charcoal marl sweater from Forever 21. To brighten up the tones, the slipped on a light wash knee-slit jeans from Topshop. Their Leigh jeans are my absolute favourite: I have abandoned my old jeans and completely converted to Topshop jeans because they are jeans that are closest to feeling like I am wearing leggings! Definitely worth the investment (which is pricier than other jeans but for the fit and feel? WORTH.) and I have never turned back to wearing any other brand of jeans.

I am planning to write about my closet essentials: Fall/Winter Edition so look out for that soon!


Back to School, Back to Basics


It’s that time of the year, when all students bid farewell to the hot weather, tan lines and start the dreadful transition to a new school year, term papers and Vancouver’s bipolar weather.

I’m still in denial that school has already kick-started, but the progression to cozy sweaters, blanket scarves and hot chocolate has me quite excited. Recently, I paid a visit to a newly opened cafe in Burnaby, La forêt — a convenient 5 minute drive from where I live. It is undeniably the most aesthetic cafe in this area: every corner you look is definitely an instagram-worthy shot. The best part? Originally a warehouse, it is extremely spacious with a high ceiling, tons of natural light coming in and accented with greenery to provide for the best instagram shot. If you haven’t gotten the point yet: this is the new go-to space to meet all your instagram needs.
It was a beautiful day and I was treasuring the warm, sunny weather that I will soon miss so dearly.

Since it was still pleasantly warm that day, I pulled out one of my favourite finds from H&M — a black chiffon sleeveless shirt. I actually purchased this from the kids section and definitely has a unique style to it: it has a slightly cropped base layer with loose chiffon that splits at the back. It’s one of those pieces that can be easily paired and makes your outfit more interesting without even trying! For comfort, I paired a pair of light beige dexter pants from Aritizia that I found brand new (with tags!) at a consignment store for a fraction of the retail cost of $145. Being petite at 5’0, finding pants that fit my height is always very difficult, but luckily these ankle grazers fit me so well! Despite the hefty cost, the quality and fit of these pants make it worth it. My go to shoes when it’s not pouring rain outside are my Adidas Stan Smiths that I bought online for only $65 (compared to retail $110), they can be worn with anything really. I’ve managed to keep them decently white the past year I’ve owned these; hopefully that doesn’t change any time soon. Adding to simple pieces, I have been eyeing a gold crescent moon necklace from Topshop but was reluctant to purchase because of the price, but was able to stumble across a similar one Forever 21 that costed half the price!