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Say Hello

Say Hello!

Point of contact

As I look into building my audience along with growing my blog, I thought I’d create an email linked to my domain. Originally, I was thinking of just creating a gmail account for One More Klick, but after searching online and reading different recommendations, creating an email address with my domain is not only more professional, but fairly straight forward as well. Or so I thought.

I used Zoho Mail, which allows me to have an email such as [user]@onemoreklick.com for free. In addition, I used to work at a barbershop that used the same email hosting, and it seemed pretty straight forward and easy to use on the front end. Clearly, I wasn’t the one to set it up. I was following the instructions, step by step, which seemed fairly straight forward and just like creating any email account, up until I had to verify that One More Klick was indeed my domain. I’m not familiar with coding, or HTML, or any of that type of set up, so this proved to be a bit challenging. Not only was the terminology unfamiliar, but I was worried that if I made a mistake, I would mess something up with my website and have absolutely no idea how to fix it.

I was first required to access my administrative panel on my DNS provider. Thankfully, they had a few examples of popular DNS providers, so I could extrapolate what that meant. Basically, its the system through which you create your domain. Because I’ve been spending so much time on WordPress, and honestly because I saw it on the list of examples, I jumped to the conclusion that WordPress was my DNS provider as if it were a life vest. It wasn’t until a lot of confusion and fiddling around that I realized we used Reclaim Hosting to create our domain, therefore Reclaim Hosting must be my DNS provider. Indeed, I was able to find my administrative panel through here, and could proceed.

This was fully immersive, experiential learning: you learn because you do.

These next steps didn’t make sense to me, but I followed them as best as I could, crossing my fingers along the way. I was asked to verify the CNAME added, and I had the option to verify through TXT or HTML. Since they didn’t have the specific steps to follow for Reclaim Hosting (as they did with WordPress), I followed the general instructions. Oftentimes, they would give multiple options – I assume different DNS providers have different control panels, and the wording might differ slightly. I followed these steps as best as I could, if one didn’t work, I tried the other all while trying to keep as much information unchanged. Finally, I received a little green pop up saying that my domain was verified! I couldn’t tell you exactly what it was that I did – I don’t exactly understand the terminology, and I’m not sure I understand the process either. That being said, I gained a better understanding of the processes required to grow this blog and create.

Eventually, I’d like to create a contact page, or add an online email form on my About Page. In the meantime, if you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi, send me a message: Magali@OneMoreKlick.com

New Social

Creating a Space

Looking at my google analytics, well over half of One More Klick’s traffic comes from social media. In addition, I’ve noticed an increase of page views for the blog posts that I have shared, notably Friends in Foreign Places and 21st Century Nudes. Our guest lecturer Monique Sherrett from Boxcar Marketing recommended we make realistic goals for the growth of our website. Keeping this in mind, my current goals are to share my blog posts consistently on my social media platforms.

I consider myself a lot less active on social media – I’ve always been skeptical of trends, just because I don’t like doing something just because everyone else is doing it. I don’t fancy myself a sheep. This being said, I recognize the value in having a space for my blog to live, separate from my own personal page. In doing so, I will be able to share this content on my personal page, using my current network of people who already know me. More importantly, I will be able to share my blog beyond my personal privacy parameters.

Now that I have a logo, I’m finally able to create a Facebook page:

I’ll be using this page to share my blog posts and promote my blog. This would be the main platform through which I would imagine building an audience and following. Eventually, I plan on building on my social media presence by creating an Instagram account for this blog or a business account linked to my personal one. I’m fairly (as in very) new to the world of Instagram, so I’m not entirely sure what I can do in terms of a secondary account, if I’m able to create it as a sub-account on the back end, and what not. Any Instagram gurus out there? Please let me know!

Now that I’ve created my facebook page, I will start sharing my blog posts. I admit that I’m a little swamped with schoolwork, so this might now be as quick as I would have originally hope, but it’s about setting realistic goals!

Feel free to like and follow my facebook page, where you’ll see more photography, travel, and adventure related content!

Thank you for your support!