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More Channels, More Problems

Being that this blog is highly connected to story, photos, and my Instagram account, it makes sense that Instagram be the main channel to focus on. For most posts in the Picture + Story section there is a photo that is posted to my Instagram account. I can then use that to point people to the blog. Using the old ‘link in bio’ call to action.

For other channels, I could leverage my Twitter and/or Facebook accounts as well. I would be more inclined to use Twitter because I have semi-branded myself on there the same as Instagram. I could become more active on there and start to develop following and engagement. There are lots of photographers who use Twitter alongside Instagram but it is definitely is a tougher platform to grow.

I would be less inclined to start promoting my blog on Facebook. I don’t want to create a page and then have to pay money to promote it because Facebook is a pay to play platform. I also don’t want to ‘brand’ my personal Facebook account because I personally find that annoying when friends start doing that and posting about their brand/website/product all of the time. I tend to unfollow/unfriend people like that.

My current plan for including more channels to market my blog would be to leverage Instagram and Twitter followings. Focus on engagement on both of those platforms and grow them organically.