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The Bus: A Public Arena for Embarrassment

As much as I wish I lived a glamorous life where I could get up late and oh so cutely hop into my customized mini cooper to get to school, I take the bus. The bus is often underrated, it kind of has this working independent women vibe to it right? Well regardless, I am stuck taking it so I am gonna go with it. This morning, I was (like most mornings) running late and had to quickly assemble my things in a rush leaving my room looking like it was ravaged by a tornado or an angry wild animal. As I make my quick walk/slow awkward jog to the bus with my wet hair messily tied up in a bun (if you can even call it that) and my not so coordinated outfit, I am stuffing things into my backpack trying to get it all together so I can make it on the next bus. I see it come around the corner and make the hasty decision to make a run for it. I just barely make it on the bus, but I did make it! I am so thankful that all my gym efforts came in to help me in that moment. I slouch down in one of the closest seats to the door and put in my headphones to enjoy this well deserved bus ride.

The bus is maybe half way to my destination and I notice the city’s transit security get on the bus to check for peoples tickets and bus cards. With my run to the bus, I forgot to scan my card coming into the bus since I had just made it on just as the but was preparing to jet off so I rummage through my bag to show it to the officer. As I am searching through the many backpack pockets, I realize I had left ┬áthe card in my other jacket and forgot to switch it into my today’s jacket before leaving. The officer is getting closer and I am trying to find an excuse any excuse as to why I first of all didn’t scan my card coming into the bus as well as why the hell I don’t have it. My stomach is starting to churn and I can feel the sweat starting to accumulate down my back. “Bus card please” the officer says to me. He doesn’t look to happy since he can obviously tell I am trying to buy time by looking through my wallet and bag that obviously don’t contain any bus card. All that manages to come out of my mouth is “ahh…ehhh…uhhh…I’m sorry.” My face is red hot with embarrassment as the officer as well as other bus riders look at me with disapproving eyes. I don’t know if it was the shame on my face or my quivering lip ready to bust out a small cry but he let me go with a warning…THANK GOD! In that moment I thanked all my lucky stars and swore I would be the best responsible person possible from here on out (I mean I would try my very very very best but you know, sometimes, things happen…) The rest of that bus ride I felt thankful but also nervous as I needed to still remain on the bus for like a gizzilion stops before getting off at school so I kept a strict look out on all bus doors in case more cops showed up on the way. Long story short, I got to school, everything turned out ok, I was only two minutes late for class and the rest of the day was a successful one! (I got avocado toast and a coffee for lunch so just that alone for me is a win for the rest of the day. Did I mention I like avocado on toast?)

The End.

Awkward Girl

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