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Insights from my Google Analytics | Week 9

Let’s start off with my User Overview. We will look at my data since the website’s inception in January, including February 20 – March 10th whose data was lost due to a tracking code issue. My traffic is relatively low and consistent. According to 21 Handshake, my type of site has an average bounce rate of 70-90%. Compared to this benchmark, my bounce rate is very good at 38.44%, however, my low amount of users makes most of my analytics insubstantial. The biggest thing I’ve taken from this section is to remove my Youtube videos from my site as session durations are too short for them to be relevant.

Next up: some technology-related data. Most of my users are in the Apple ecosystem and use Google Chrome like myself. Not much to say here other than I may consider implementing an Apple Music widget as well, seeing as my music is hosted there as well as Spotify.

Now for geography. The website follows my Instagram and Soundcloud analytics in that I am predominantly popular in the United States and Canada. Interestingly, the website maintains my popularity from Spotify which is concentrated in Latin America, especially Chile and Brazil. This is most likely due to name confusion with Latin artist Alex Rose (the reason my name is spelt “alex rose”).

How about discovery? Well, there’s a pretty even split between Direct, Social, and Referral here. Most of my social traffic comes from Instagram (my primary social media for engaging my audience) and I’ve also seen a lot of traffic from my peers’ websites referring users to me. I should continue focusing on my Instagram as a traffic source and expand my collaboration to ensure more referrals. Finally, I plan to improve my SEO to see my organic search improve.

 Finally, pageviews broke down by page. No surprise that my homepage would have the most traffic. It’s also comforting to see that my shows page, where my audience can purchase tickets and RSVP to events, is second most popular. Shows are a growing form of revenue for me so this is a welcome insight. Unfortunately, my blog doesn’t appear to get much attention. Most of my blog content can be found directly on my Youtube, but moving forward I plan to have exclusive blog content focused on SEO friendly tutorial content.

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Process Post #8: Google Analytics

What surprised you about your findings in Google Analytics? Demonstrate how that’s going to change your online publication in concrete ways.

What surprised me about my findings in Google Analytics is the total amount of people who have visited my site ever since I launched it. I have over 1000 visitors! I did not expect such a high turnout rate or that people are actually actively engaging with my website. I have 60 users, 171 sessions, with an average of about 7 mins in session duration. 

My findings indicate that people are engaging with my content. However the most surprising analytic is related to the different countries that I receive visitors from. The top country is Canada and the second is Brazil, third is India. I understand why I would receive the most visitors from Canda and why I would receive visitors from India since I am an Indian woman, however, Brazil caught me off guard. Brazil is quite random in term of the content I post but it is interesting to see how far content can reach. It is really cool to see proof that people beyond my hometown in Canada are visiting my website! 

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