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Who am I? That’s a secret I will partly tell !

Hey ~~~~~~

This is abovewaters Ding 🙂 I think many of my readers will assume that the writer of the blog must a young girl- and if you think that way, YOU ARE RIGHT.  Yes, I am a university student who is interested in star signs.  What intrigued me to get to know about zodiac signs is that I started reading books about signs since I was little- a time period that signs had been often discussed, and my curiosity about zodiac signs never stopped since then.  I know it sounds  illogical and a bit ridiculous to talk about the associations between signs and personality traits, but I’d like to share what I’ve found about zodiac signs based on incidents I intervened and people I interacted with.

For me, investigating the associations between traits and zodiac signs is like an observation work I assigned to myself ever since I knew about zodiac signs.  My curiosity towards star signs pushed me to learn and analyze more and more.  By now, I’ve collected “data” about zodiac signs from my past interactions with people.

I think its time to share what I have found about star signs and I hope my readers enjoy reading the stories and getting to know a bit more about signs~