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Crab Park Chowdery

Who doesn’t want warm soup on a cold and windy Vancouver day. We all know how the weather is like here… unpredictable and unreliable. (Can’t even trust the weather network app)

But remember the app I told you guys about last week?

You even get coupons! I did not even know I could get $1 off if I showed the app to Crab Park Chowdery. (They were having a promotion last week, so check before you go)

They have an actual location at:

221 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2K8

but they also have a food truck around central downtown. Their truck looks like a little cabin to give off that extra homey feel. I decided to try the two clam chowders and their classic grilled cheese.



Grilled Cheese – $8

No add ons just their classic grilled cheese, but look at that! Nice and crispy + VERY fresh off the grill (almost burnt my finger trying to do a cheese pull photo)


Aesthetics: 3/5 – just because I took it as take out * I assure you eating in at the main location is a 5/5 aesthetic

Taste: 5/5 – did I mentioned that I love fried chicken…well, cheese might be the only thing above fried chicken…

Price: $8


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Peer Review #1

I have been assigned to review Charlie’s blog ; A game review site

My first impression on the aesthetics of the blog:

The colour scheme of the blog and the layout seemed to work well with the content. The gray coloured background versus the contrast of the white sidebar really made the sidebar standout. Everything is categorized correctly and easily accessible (dropdown menus + sidebar menus). The banner at the top also gives the audience a sense of what the blog is about. Overall, Charlie’s blog has a really good setup which leads the audience in to further explore his content.


Charlie is definitely knowledgable about what he is talking about. I think he chose a good topic to base his blog about. The way he incorporated the superhero prompt into his gaming topic was perfect. He added a twist to his post and it was a fun read compared to his other more serious game reviews. Because of the evident persona of the superhero, it made me as the reader want to comment and communicate with him. This post alone helped build a personal cyberinfrastructure (even thought it was a one time thing) – it created the initiative to engage which can be helpful in the long run. Charlie does a good job leading in the audience, but making them stay is much harder as most of his blog is filled with long blocks of text.


I think Charlie’s blog is going towards the right direction. The posts are very consistent and well thought-out. It is evident that he is passionated about his topic, but I would suggest to be more personal and create a softer tone. Most of the gaming posts consist of the game explanation and gameplay, but the personal thoughts are sometimes lost at the end and feel quite rushed. I think building a consistent persona will help with returning readers as it will help build deeper relationships. John Suler’s ‘Online Disinhibition Effect’ reading might help create that tone as he talks about how important it is to have an online persona. Another aspect about the blog I would suggest is to focus on hierarchy- not so much on what to look at first, but to add some visual context on the landing page. Adding a visual cue on the posts can help deferential the gaming posts to the #posiel posts. A picture or screen cap can also captivate the audience right off the back when landing onto the page. Other than that, I think Charlie’s blog is very informative even for someone who does not know much about games.

I’ll be sure to be back to learn more about games, let me know if you want any food suggestions!  🙂

Mapped Out


Two main focuses on this blog.

1. blog posts reflecting lecture material
2. blog posts for personal theme (food trucks in Vancouver)

How did I lay it out?

The #posiel content can be accessed in two location. Through the menu tab and the side bar. The categories label on the side hints the affordance that posts are in different sections.

My main focus was to put the spotlight on my food posts. Because photos are so important, I put an emphasize on the call to action to visit the Instagram page. The instagram logo is seen right off the bat and ‘insta fee’ is also a menu option. The menu goes straight to my feed and on the bottom once again, it suggests to follow the account.

…. it can’t get any more annoying than that; BUT I think the flow of my audience is working. Did it work for you? Did you click my instagram page? Let me know!



VANCOUVER? VANCITY? So Proud. Let’s see…….

Food Trucks eh? I’ve been waiting to try some of these fineeeeee foods since forever… thats if I stop getting attacked left and right. Can’t even make it across the street without 30 bullets coming straight to my body. Anyway here are some of the food trucks I’m down to take bullets for … better be good

  1. Japadog —  Are all dogs from Japan … Japadogs?
  2. Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck — I may be lactose intolerant but that aint stopping anybody from loving cheese
  3. Tacofino Pink Truck — PINK?
  4. Mogu — Can’t go wrong with chicken; now can you?
  5. The Praguery — Did someone say DESSERT????

I’ll be back everyone… after I’ve tried all these..

5 Trucks? 150 bullets to the body? no problem

See ya

Street Food Vancouver App

This app is a life saver. ‘Street Food Vancouver’ is an app that lets you know where food trucks are located around Vancouver. Since these trucks are always on the move, this app helps me track them down to satisfy my cravings!



The app launches with all the trucks registered with the service. They are all pinpointed on a map which lets you know exactly where they are!


After clicking into a certain point it shows you which food truck it is and when it will be open. Going into the lists, the app gives you more information about the company and lists where and when the truck will be for the rest of the week ( so you can plan ahead ).

As someone who has studied user interface design, the only thing I would recommend for a change in this app would probably to add more photos. As it is a food app, I think more visual cues on what food is being offer might help the app and the food truck business increase in consumers. Maybe a collaboration or crossover with yelp or instagram might help gather photos. Besides that, I do recommend looking into this app if you’re a foodie like me!

This makes it so much more convenient to have everything all in one app instead of googling each food truck at a time. Make sure to download it and eat your heart out!

Process Post Prompt

I was excited to be able to start up my own blog. Prior to having to start a blog for Pub 101, I have had blogs on tumblr. Tumblr which had themes as well made me curious about what WordPress had to offer. 

To begin setting up my website I first google ‘ free WordPress themes’ and scrolled through quite a few that I thought looked pretty. Focusing on themes that were more photo central was important because as a food blog, photos of the location + food was important.

Some of my options were:

I ended up choosing Olsen Light as it seemed more practical for my audience. The theme seemed more personal compared to the other two because of the sidebars and the call to actions to comment and communicate.

Anariel theme was a favourite but after installing the theme and going through the customization, a lot of the features were not available for the free version. For example, the post had a different layout and there was no header banner as an option (see below).

Olsen was the same, but it had more free features to work with compared to Anariel. Aside from the carousel banner that was not offered, it turned out pretty similar to what I had envisioned my blog to look like (#4).

My current theme worked out well as it displays the photos in my posts right off the bat. I really like the clean and minimal look along with the sidebar which keeps things organized into categories.

Reel Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese……. I can eat this for the rest of my life.

This was not my first time trying mac and cheese from this food truck. Every year when the PNE fair opens, I make sure to stop by to grab a box. I was so happy when I walked into the Vancouver Food Fest and saw their truck parked in the distance.


I have pretty much tried all the flavours… but I grabbed the Snoop Dogg $11 this time around. It was not as creamy as I remembered but it was still pretty good. I probably should’ve ate it while it was hot rather than waiting til I walked back to the car.


The Main Event: A classic, in my opinion the most creamy one with no other ingredients to counter the rich taste. $9
Taste: 4.5/5

Some Like It Hot: Not that spicy so do not be scared. The crispy onions on this one really added a nice texture to each bite. $11
Taste: 4/5

Godzilla: This one pretty much taste like takoyaki x mac n cheese. Might sound like a weird combo, but it might be a personal favourite. $11
Taste: 4.5/5

Snoop Dogg: This one was better the first time I tried it, but the sausages were very crispy and flavourful. $11
Taste: 4/5

Jurassic Pork: Pulled pork and mac n cheese can never go wrong. The sauce on the pork mixed in really well with the macaroni as well as the crispy onions. $13
Taste: 4.5/5

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Disco Cheetah Korean Grill

Welcome to my first food truck review post!

Today I went to the Vancouver Street Food Fest located at Concord Pacific at 88 Pacific Boulevard. By the time I got there, a lot of the people left already since it started to rain but that didn’t stop me from grabbing some goodies.

If any of you like fried chicken this one is for you.

First stop: Disco Cheetah Korean Grill

To be honest the cute design and bright yellow truck caught my attention first. Then I noticed the two featured items: the tacos and the chicken. I was leaning towards something light but the person in front of me walked away with the chicken and it just looked way too good to not get.

Truck visuals definitely get a 10/10. 🙂


Looking at the menu, I decided to grab the famous “K.F.C FRIES”


Korean Fried Chicken Fries – $13
(French Fries, Garlic Mayo, Sweet Chili Glaze, Pickled Red Radish, Scallion)



The fries were really crunchy and crispy, but did not have much taste. It worked out though because the Sweet chili glaze and the chicken added a balanced flavour. The chicken was really tender and crispy as well on the outside. Pickled radish was a nice touch aesthetically and great for cleaning the palette.

Aesthetics: 5/5
Taste: 4/5
Price: $13

Usual Location:
Outside the Vancouver Art Gallery

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Talking to Strangers

Talking to strangers is definitely not something I tend to do while going about my everyday life. Occasional smile exchanges while walking by my neighbours is as interactive as it gets— that’s if I’m not staring at my phone the whole time. Guilty. But the moment I step out of the house, whether I’m walking or on the bus, my eyes are glued to my phone. Not that I don’t want to talk to anyone, but because everyone else is doing the same.

So how do I talk to strangers?

First step: Removing the barrier (my phone) that caused disengagement with the world.

That definitely helped! No earphones. No phone. I took a day to run errands with no distractions and tried visually connecting with people through eye contact. It was pretty odd and uncomfortable in the beginning as everyone else was still on their phones or would quickly break eye contact before a conversation started.

I was itching to pull out my phone while in line at save on foods to pay for my can of Redbull. I was so bored and it was not going to be my turn anytime soon— the person in front of me had a full cart of groceries! I started to look around and made eye contact with him, he stared at me blankly and then stared at my can of Redbull. It was getting awkward so I said something. “grabbing groceries before the weekend?” “Yup, just in time for my daughters birthday.” Before I could say anything he asked if I was only running 1 item. I said yes and he offered to let me go first. I was pretty surprised but sure grateful cause I was in a rush… maybe he could tell. I said “yes, thank you” then our conversation ended there. It was a sweet moment but definitely kind of awkward.