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Assignment Peer Review #2

For this peer review, we review Joban’s blog “The Hockey Singh: A passionate fan’s thoughts on Canada’s national winter sport”. Within Joban’s blog, we get to see his passion in the sport by following the most up to date news that he provides us related to the hockey league and teams.


When first arriving at his blog, you can tell immediately that this blog is going to be related to hockey just by looking at the banner with the picture of the hockey helmet, stick and puck. The blog also gives this Canucks vibe to it through the blue and white color scheme as that is also the colors of the Vancouver Canucks.


As for the posts themselves, it shows that a lot of thought and effort have been put into them through the use of pictures and much detail when talking about certain topics. One idea I liked in one specific post, What if Both John Tavares and Erik Karlsson Were With The San Jose Sharkswas the use of a poll to see what the audience would think if these two players were put into the San Jose Sharks. Its a way to engage the reader to take part in the discussion of the topic. As Joban discusses in his post on setting up our blogs, I can definitely say I was on the same boat as him during the first couple weeks of the semester. I thought it was great that we were able to have this platform, WordPress, where we can share a part of ourselves that we are proud of with the world. But it wasn’t just the process of figuring out how to use WordPress and what each function did that was difficult, but also deciding as to what we wanted our blog to be about. For myself, my mind revolved around the thought of what something that I was passionate about and was something that was “bloggable” where I can have different topics to talk about? and that’s where I decided on fitness as that has been a big part of my life.  


If you’re reading this Joban, I think your overall idea and look of the blog is awesome! Some minor things I would change is perhaps putting your menu/categories in the center, rather than the right hand side. And I noticed that in your second process post, there were differences in font sizes with the first half of your post and second half which is something that can easily be fixed. 


One last note that I’ll leave here and could be a possible idea for your next post is that I actually haven’t watched or followed the Vancouver Canucks since the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs as I felt that was our only year where we had a chance to win a Stanley Cup. I feel that the Canucks haven’t been able to play at that level ever since and was not worth watching or following anymore. Just wanted to see what your thoughts were and what could be the issue behind it? could it be the roster? management and coaching staff? will we ever have our chance again at the Stanley Cup? 

Efficient Fuel For The Muscles

So what should I be eating before my workout to get the best out of my training?

Well, it depends on a few things first. When exactly are you training? first thing in the morning? more in the afternoon after school/work or in the evening? I’m someone who trains first thing in the morning and in the afternoon after school depending on the day. On days where I don’t have school or work (which happens to be on Mondays and Thursdays this semester), I do like to make the first task of my day to be getting my training out of the way. Of course, in order to get a good workout, you must have good fuel in your body. If you’re someone like me and do your training in the morning, usually you want to eat something that is fast digesting as don’t want that bloated feeling while working out. My go to breakfast that is quick and easy to make and something that is fast digesting at the same time is usually oatmeal and 2 whole eggs



                                                                        I usually use these pre-packed Quaker instant oatmeal packs due to how efficient it is to make. Just put the oats in a bowl, add water and throw in the microwave for about a minute and it’s all ready to eat. But if you’re just using plain oats with no flavoring like the one here, then what you can do to add a bit more kick and flavoring is add a tablespoon of almond/peanut butter and a scoop of whey protein. 










What about after my workout?

When you’re doing resistance training, you’re tearing down muscle in order for them to be able to repair and rebuild itself for growth. For instance, when you’ve just finished an intense workout and worked your muscles to its limits, it needs something to feed off of in order to start the rebuilding process to prevent muscle protein breakdown.  But this repair can’t happen without sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrates. Which is why whey protein after a workout is your best friend if you don’t have a proper meal ready with you. This is due to it also being fast digesting and therefore your muscles will be fed with the sufficient nutrients until you’re able to feed your body with a proper meal. There are so many choices of carbohydrates and protein that you can choose from for your meals and it’s just a matter of personal preference as to what you decide to choose.The most typical meal that every professional bodybuilder has stood by as their go to meal for building muscle due to strict dieting for an upcoming competition is the brown rice, chicken and broccoli meal just because of how “clean” it is and meets our macronutrient needs. But because most of us aren’t professional bodybuilders and just look to live a healthier lifestyle, we don’t necessarily have to restrict ourselves to this specific meal as it becomes repetitive and boring. Instead, we can use this as a staple and switch things around. Perhaps instead of chicken, we can use fish instead and quinoa instead of rice. And if you’re not a fan of broccoli like myself, there are so many vegetables to choose from that you can opt for!

Week 6 Process Post: My Audience

As I always had a passion with fitness and enjoyed staying active myself, the creation of this blog and the idea of it became natural to me. I always wanted the blog to be catered to not only an audience of other fitness enthusiasts, but more so for those who were self-determined on changing their lifestyle and habits through fitness. Whether that be for someone to take something out of my blog and apply it to their own workout regimen or just inspiring one to put their foot through a gym, my goal is complete. 

If this blog was intended to target those who are new to fitness, should I really be calling my blog just a “blog”? or can I call it something more fitting? perhaps this can be more of an “outlet”. As for the design of the blog, I wanted to use a theme that was user friendly and one that had default bright colors as well to make the idea and appearance of fitness more appealing for the audience. Depending on what my audience would like to read about, I have put my posts into different categories for them to navigate through more efficiently. As to ensure my posts are legitimate and “authentic”, I do try my best to incorporate as many of my own photos as possible that I have taken such as the equipment that I use for my workouts or the supplements that I take. This is to let the audience know that I am actually making the trip to the gym and doing the workouts and not just making things up for a letter grade. 

By the end of the semester and as mentioned before, I hope to have inspired at least one person to join the gym and achieve their fitness goals. If more, that’s even better! 

Week 5 Process Post: Critiquing The Design of A Website

In this week’s lecture, we had Mauve Page come in to talk about web design and showing us ways we could differentiate between good and bad designing of websites through different principles (balance, rhythm, proportion, contrast etc.). The task we were sent off with was to pick our own website and do our own critique on it to see what does and doesn’t work.

The website I have chosen and one I personally use for my personal fitness needs is Within this website you’ll find many different supplements and apparel you can purchase online, as well as several guides regarding nutrition and exercises that you can read upon and apply to your own workout regimen!

What I like about this website is the basic, yet efficient design that allows it to be user friendly. As you can see on the home page, you have your menus that are clearly visible on the top that are catered to what you’re looking for. If you hover over one of the menus like on the image below, you’ll see it breaks down into several different categories which makes it easier for the user to find what exactly their looking for.

Overall, if I had to rate the overall website based on some of the main principles, as for balance, there’s good use of images that are symmetrical which makes the design of the website look “clean.” Proportion wise, if the company wants to promote a new product in order to get it selling, they tend to make the image of the product bigger than all others on the front page. And lastly, for contrast, there’s a good use of clear colours, text and sizing for eligibility.

Progress Report: October 1, 2018

Today’s workout was focused on the lower body, which consists of mainly the legs (quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves). For this workout, I used mostly machinery as I wanted to focus more on working individual muscle groups and less movements that work all muscle groups at once which is what compound movements such as the deadlift and squat usually do. And plus, my lower back was feeling a bit tender and strained from a previous deadlift session in my other leg workout before this one, so I had to go a bit easy and do exercises that wouldn’t put too much tension on the back.

The workout plan:


  • Leg Extensions
    • 5 sets (1 warm up set and 4 working sets)
      • 12 – 15 repetitions for your warm up set using light – moderate weight
      • 8 – 12 repetitions. As the weight increases, your repetition range will decrease 

  • Leg Press (Foot placed on lower part of the platform)
    • 4 sets (2 sets with feet close together and 2 sets with feet placed apart)
      • 8 – 12 repetitions

  • Walking Lunges
    • 3 sets
      • 20 repetitions (10 on each leg) 


  • Single Leg Hamstring Curls
    • 4 sets
      • 12 – 15 repetitions on each leg
  • Leg Press (With foot placed on higher part of the platform) 
    • 2 – 3 sets
      • 8 – 12 repetitions
  • Lying Leg Curls
    • 3 sets
      • 10 – 12 repetitions


  • Calf Raises
    • 4 sets
      • 12 – 15 repetitions


So about cardio on leg days… I’ve asked many people and tried searching online to see what people have said about doing cardio on leg days. I’ve mostly gotten a mixed response. There’s one half of the spectrum that say doing cardio (treadmill, stairmaster, elliptical, etc.) right after a leg training session can actually do more bad than good. Because these machines require your legs to do even more work in order for you to move, you overwork your leg muscles and therefore put a detrimental affect on their ability to repair and grow. Another point that this side makes is that your legs should be “fried” or really sore from your training session to the point where you shouldn’t have any energy left to do anything else. If you still have the energy or not feeling sore at all, that usually means you didn’t train them hard enough. 

The other half usually say that it is okay to do cardio after training legs, but if you are going to do cardio, then do it at a very low to moderate intensity. As for myself, what do I do? I’m sometimes in between. There are days where I train legs and don’t have the energy to do anything else, and therefore I just head on home right after my strength training. And there are other days such as this one where I do have a bit more energy and squeeze in a light cardio session (10 -15 minutes) and walk on the treadmill to cool off. So whether you should do cardio after a leg day is totally up to you and dependent on how your body feels. If you’re feeling achy and just don’t have any energy left, don’t force yourself. But if you have still have the energy, then by all means go for it!




Assignment Peer Review #1

For this peer review, we look at Amanda’s blog “The Nordic Graphic Design: The Female Graphic Design”We follow Amanda’s journey on her encounters with the new faces she meets and her experiences with new cultures that she learns about while she follows her passion of being a graphic designer. What makes the idea of her blog unique is how she meshes together her life experiences as a exchange student with graphic design.

When arriving to her page, at first glance I was amazed by the amount of detail there was and how the design of the page was laid out. One example would be on the homepage, when you scroll up and down on all of her posts, there’s a small animation/transition between posts. I also really liked the different backgrounds that are shown for each post, it’s very “nature-y”.

Regarding the posts itself, I can see there was time and thought put behind each and every one of them. In her one post, DISCUSSION: Me and my friends – So it begins… Amanda talks about how the graphic designing industry is dominated by men as I would have thought there would have been an equal balance of men and women in the work field. I’m really interested to see what other female graphic designers have to say about that topic and what the majority have said when she finds out the answers to that question. Another post of hers that I found quite interesting was her process post where she was assigned to talk to a stranger. Living in Vancouver throughout my whole life, I’ve always had the vibe that it was difficult to talk to anyone in the city. She states in her post that in Sweden, people that use public transit (specifically the bus) mostly sit by themselves with their earbuds in as a sign that they do not want to be disturbed. I feel it’s like here in Vancouver as well. People are either glued to their phones or have their earphones in and block out the world. But it’s nice to see something different for a change, in this case, her being able to just strike up a conversation and talk about what she could do during her four months here in Vancouver. Perhaps everyone here is open to talking, but we’re just not open to taking that first step of striking the conversation first.

As for things that can be changed, I can’t really say much as I really like the layout and idea of her blog. One very minor issue that I did notice were a few typos in some posts, which can be fixed easily. But overall, I really like the concept of her interview type posts as it shows the exact questions that were asked and the exact responses that were given back. It shows the variety of different graphic designers and the different kinds of work they put out.

I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Amanda’s work and her interviews. Want to see Amanda’s blog for yourself? you can check it out here!

Supplement of The Week: Whey Protein

There are so many different kinds of supplements on the market and with the amount of brands there are that promote these supplements, it’s hard to determine which ones are the good ones and which are just money grabbers. Even I can say that I don’t know what at least 90% of the supplements on the market are. Something that usually comes up in conversation when I talk to people at the gym or just anyone who’s passionate about fitness is “what supplements do you take?” or “what supplements are you taking at the moment?” one of the most common answers I get is whey protein. To put it into simple terms, whey protein generally comes in powder form and can be mixed with just water or milk for consumption or it can be used to make treats such as protein pancakes or cookies. Because whey is a dairy product, if you’re lactose intolerant and don’t do well with dairy, an alternative that you can use that has the same benefits is vegan protein.

“How do I know which protein powder to get or which one should I get?”

Everyone has their own preference as to what they like and what they don’t like. So it would be difficult to tell you which brand or protein powder to get. What I always recommend you do when buying a supplement is to ALWAYS do your research. If you’re interested in a particular product, check the reviews first and see what the majority of other people had to say about it. Especially when it comes to the taste of the protein, although people are looking for something that does its job, they also want something that tastes good as opposed to something that tastes bland. That way you save yourself a lot of money if the reviews aren’t too great and you don’t have to force yourself to finish a whole tub of protein that you don’t even like.

“What should I look for when shopping for a protein powder and which one do you use?”

Because supplements can be costly depending on the brand, you mainly want to look for one that is cost efficient. For starters, if you’re trying a protein for the first time, I would recommend to try and get the specific brand and flavor you’re looking at in the smallest size possible. The smallest sizes usually come in 1 or 2 pound tubs and can vary anywhere from $20 – $40 depending on the store you’re getting it from. When looking at a tub of protein powder, always check the nutrition /supplement facts and the macro nutrients that the powder contains. For instance, you want something that gives a sufficient amount of protein but at the same time something that is not too high in calories, carbohydrates or sugar. The one that I am currently using is the “Muscletech Nitro-Tech 100% Whey Gold”.


As you can see in the picture above, the total amount of calories you’ll be getting in 1 scoop is 140 and only 2 grams of carbohydrates and sugar. Most protein powders will contain 24 to 25 grams of protein within 1 scoop, and as you can see the one I am taking contains 24.

“When should I be consuming my protein drink?”

Protein can be consumed at anytime, whether it in the morning for breakfast, before or after your workout or even as a evening snack. Because whey protein is fast absorbing, I find it best after a workout as your muscles need something to feed on (especially protein) and repair itself after it has been broken down from a workout. But try not to rely too much on protein powder as your main protein source and rely more on real foods for protein such as meats, seafood, eggs, etc. instead. That’s why protein powder is a supplement, to “supplement” the remaining amount of nutrients you weren’t able to get from the food in your meals.


Week 4 Process Post: The Interweb is Burning Down

In this week’s lecture, we were given a exercise where we were to imagine a situation where the internet was going to shut down forever. But we were given one final hour to do whatever we wanted on the internet. So the question was:

“What would you do with your hour? Indulge in some Facebook nostalgia? Watch one last episode on Netflix? Download music? Explore Wikipedia? Download Wikipedia? How do you think you know will spend their last hour?”

I would be multitasking and do a combination of things. For instance, while waiting for my music to finish downloading, I would open another tab and watch a bunch of Youtube videos for the last time from the several channels that I am subscribed to. Since Youtube has the option for people to go live, it would also be cool to see what everyone around the world is doing and what they have to say before the internet shuts down. But if I only had the option of choosing one thing that I can do within the last hour of the internet, it would probably download all the music that I can. Although I can have the option of downloading my favorite TV series or favorite movies, there’s only so many times you can sit down and watch the same movie or episodes over and over again before getting bored. Whereas with music, there’s so much more variety and its something I can take with me everywhere I go, especially when going to the gym. Because we currently live in an era where the internet has become a part of our everyday lives, whether its our outlet to get the most up to date news as to what is going on in the world, or a way of communication with friends and people through social media, it’s hard to imagine what life would be like without the internet. Would the world be more quiet? or would the world itself start to go down in shambles due to the pain of boredom and limitations that would be put on us without it?

Mini Assignment #2: Spider-Man’s Guest Appearance

Hello reader,

It’s your friendly neighbourhood Spider Man just stopping by the PUB 101 database to see what SFU students are up to nowadays. I happened to swing through Chris’ blog because he seems to be passionate about his fitness.

You know, when I’m not busy fighting the Green Goblin, Venom or annoying bank robbers I encounter on the daily, I do need to keep my muscles strong in order to keep doing what I’m doing and stay being New York’s superstar hero. People usually wonder and ask me what do I do in my free time? and my response to that is what free time?? I’m still here trying to graduate high school! so when I’m not fighting crime, I’m either usually at school or at home hitting the books fighting to maintain my grades.

It’s very nice here in Vancouver and seems a bit more peaceful as well compared to New York. It’s also really cool to see the amount of ethnic diversity there is in this city as well! Before I swing back to New York, my only advice that I have is to stay in school kids!

Catch ya later!

Your friendly neighbourhood Spider Man