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Sagittarius: Seeking Freedom?

“Truth seekers, adventurers, lovers of travel (and their own selves), Sagittarius individuals are fun loving and a good company.” This brief introduction about Sagittarius simply explains how I feel about Sagittarius people around me.

Speaking of Sagittarius, the first term came up into my head is “positivity”.  Sagittarius are often considered optimistic people who always look at the brighter side of things.  They like adventures and experiencing new things, travelling and extreme sports seem like things they may love to do.

As I grow up, I’ve met several Sagittarius friends.  Like the other two fire signs, Leo and Aries, they are outgoing and sociable.  While compared to Leo friends, they are not the leader type of people among friends.  They are not as straightforward as Aries friends sometimes.  Sagittarius love gathering, parties and being surrounded by people, but they like to run away when they feel restricted or losing freedom.

What does freedom mean to Sagittarius? For Sagittarius, their interest in things can be short-lived and keeps fluctuating, and if they are forced to do things they lose interest, they will feel restricted.  So many people have found them difficult to deliver consistent performance.

My Sagittarius friend, Hailey always books her flight tickets two nights before she leaves for travelling.  Hailey likes to explore new things but she sometimes can’t find the purpose for it.  As she said, “I like new things but I need the spark to push me to take actions”.  Therefore, she is likely to make plans but unlikely to follow what she sets as her plans.

Sagittarius people usually have traits that they make feel relaxed and happy.  Especially Sagittarius girls, you will feel like they are like the breeze in the spring that make you feel super comfortable and chill when you get along with them.  They won’t be too outgoing or possessive that make you feel being pushed, and they can be very caring when you need them but not showing too much sympathy.

Something I admire of Sagittarius is that they don’t suppress themselves when they go crazy for things.  If a Sagittarius person gets interested in photography, he will spend every penny to get a fancy camera. When Sagittarius is in love with someone, they show their affections and admiration to the person without shyness.

No matter which type of relationship you have with Sagittarius, (as a friend, lover, or family), you are lucky to have a such a optimistic and positive one besides you.

Tell the Sagittarius (Nov 23rd- Dec 21) around you how you feel about them!



Weel # 11 Process Post: Multiple Channels, Multiple Media

How do people read online? How do different channels reinforce each other? A key strategy for reaching audiences today is to “be in all places.” But is this effective? You’ll be introduced to the ideas of transmedia, intermediality, intertextuality, and the relationship between your web presence and the broader world of participatory media.

When we were talking about how “be in all places” has become one of key strategy for reaching audiences today, the social media posts all over the internet of fashion bloggers jumped into my head.  Speaking of “all places”, I define myself as a user who dives in some of the most common social media sites but rarely use social media as a tool to reach audiences.  Though as a user, I do feel bombarded with same contents over different places online.

I think to myself, is it because the social media sites give me some contents based on my preference or the contents’ creators try to reinforce their presence with same contents? My answer to the question is both.  I looked back to people I followed on social media platforms, what I found was users who I know in person liked to use different platforms to distribute different categories of contents.  To be more specific, I found most of my friends usually like to use Instagram for travelling pictures and use  Twitter to express their opinions on current news.  At the same time, I found bloggers- especially fashion bloggers, tend to use various platforms for same contents. For example, they like to use YouTube to record and show a clip of Fashion shows they attend; and post several pictures of the fashion show and tag the brands, and upload their fashion week’s stories on blogs later.

For most users, transmedia seems to be used for different functionality with different types of contents.  For major content generators, like the bloggers, transmedia is used for the same purpose.  As mentioned in the reading “Pokémon as Transmedia Storytelling“, “elements of a fiction get dispersed across multiple media for the purpose of creating a coordinated entertainment experience”, fashion bloggers distribute elements of one fashion event across multiple media to include all the audiences a coordinated experience.  Fashion bloggers like to communicate with their followers by asking them to click on options “red” or “pink” shirt on Instagram feeds, pick a few comments below YouTube videos to answer.  More than that, these fashion bloggers will get in touch with their audiences in real life by attending store opening events.

When I look back to my blog, it is not connected to most platforms in the broader world of participatory media. I think it is difficult to distribute contents of horoscope via platforms like Instagram unless I connect with aesthetic elements.  To build up the web presence of my blog, I think the best way to make it more participatory  is to connect my blog to other blogs.  For example, I can do interviews of other bloggers and write about their stories with horoscope.  Then I can invite them to link my blog in their post and I can do the same thing so that different groups of audiences are connected by bloggers’ interactions with each other.

Do you think I should do a guest interview of bloggers I know?  Comment below to let me know and feel free to give me suggestions!




Peer Review #3 An Elixir to Mayhem

When I logged into Alexa Griffiths, I was surprised by her blog topic “Rules for Life”.  Compared to the other blogs that I’ve reviewed, the topic of Alexa’s blog seemed to be more personally and personal thoughts oriented.

Based on Alexa’s home page, the aim of her blog is to take a few of her life rules to share with audiences, I assumed that the target audiences are whomever log into her website other than a specific group of users.   Alexa’s purpose of sharing and giving suggestions to people reminds me one of the readings from Boyd (2014), discussing about how young people today have been searching a public sphere of their own from the internet.  This article by Boyd mentions how teens in America complained about they don’t have the money and abilities to gather with their friends, so they tried to connect with others from digital public sphere.  I think Alexa’s website is somewhat like a public space where people can meet and look for advise online.  Alexa has been doing a good job of sharing her personal rules of life based on her experiences.  If she can encourage and invite audiences to share about their own “rules”, it will make the blog become a more engaging public space and gather more audiences.

In terms of creating social media presence, Alexa put the link of her personal Instagram account on the left side of home page.  Alexa shows some of her Instagram images instead of showing the link only, I think this is a great way to attract audiences to know about the author and rise their interest of clicking on your links.  Though I found there is an error with the link that the Instagram can not be opened with the link.

If Alexa has the intention of improving the marketability of her blog, I think it will be a great idea if she connect her rules with some topics that are popular recently to attract more views.


Besides contents, Alexa use of colours for the website is inspiring to me.  She only uses black and white and yellow for her pages, which builds a strong sense of unity and neatness.  I will suggest Alexa to try to change the tints/degree of hue for the yellow colour to make it look more bright, because I personally feel that the yellow she uses is a bit too dark.  Moreover, Alexa is good at using white space to minimize the visual distractions, I feel easy to read and pay attention to the contents as a reader. I think if Alexa can add more visual component such as featured images for her blogs, it will make her blog more interesting and aesthetically pleasing.


Alexa uses a quote “it’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters” at her home page.  Overall, I think Alexa conveys the message of “how you react to it” very well by suggesting thoughtful rules of her life.




Something that really surprised me about Alexa’s blog was that she made the copyright concern clear for her page by putting disclaimer on her home page.  I think it is a smart way to protect our rights as creators as well as giving the readers clear guidelines of using your contents.

It’s a great pleasure of reading Alexa’s blogs and I will recommend you to check them out!


Virgo- Are they really the perfectionists?

The term Virgo is so often associated with “perfectionism” that makes Virgos one of the most commonly criticized zodiac signs among all.  Virgos are famous of paying attention to tiny details with strong critical spirits.  Many people have described Virgos as thoughtful, careful and very rational who like to analyze things in logical ways.  -So many Virgos seem to be straight A students in school and workaholic when they work.

Although Virgos are sometimes being hated by being too picky with things, I tend to admire Virgos around me because of their extremely practical work ethics. The Virgo woman I like the most is a grandma who is over 80 years old but still spends time to think about her hair style and how to dress up every morning. Her insistence with fashion and beauty inspires people around her to work harder on themselves, and I am always amazed by her “No matter what I have to be pretty” attitude.   This cute grandma also devotes efforts to connect with the younger generation, and what she told me was “you had to get close to the newest things and young people to know what it is happening right now”.  Grandma devoted lots of efforts to learn how to use social media platforms to connect with her families/friends and business partners .  Even you see how she carefully types every character she posts on Facebook, you will be surprised at how methodical that Virgos can be.

The other Virgo I know is grandma’s grandson, my friend Kevin.  Like other Virgos, Kevin can be very serious and picky with things, but he is a great friend who give you very thoughtful advice and know how to solve a problem.  Virgos like to care for people they build a solid relationship with, treasuring them for years.  Though it takes time to build a friendship with them because they need to “analyze” the relationship to get into a real intimate friendship.

For family, based on what I’ve seen on Kevin and grandma, they are people who understand tradition and the importance of responsibility. They are dedicated to their family and attentive to those in need.

From my perspective, Virgos tend be more perfectionist in little things and they really like peaceful things.  Though it can be annoying that sometimes they want everything to be perfect, but they wont throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want.  They will stay quiet and give you a cold face when they are unsatisfied and make it perfect  For example, if you give them a coffee with slightly too little amount of sugar, they won’t blame you.  They will give a weird face and walk to the fridge and add milk to the coffee by themselves.

Do you find the Virgos (born between August 23rd- September 22nd) perfectionists or not?

Comment below!

Week #10 Google Analytics

During this week’s lecture, we discussed how Google Analytics was used to keep track of audiences’ browsing behaviours of the blog, and how bloggers can deliver better contents based on the data. First of all, I never used Google Analytics before and experienced difficulties in the beginning of the semester.  The problem was not solved until I downloaded the plug-in (Monster Insights), so that the report I got recently is dated from Nov 13th, 2018.

The two screenshots below shows the overview report of my blog.

Since the data starts from Nov 13th, the total sessions I got is 7 so far.  You can see that the session is from 0-2 every day, which I think it is quite low.  However, something that surprised me was o% bounce rate, which means that viewers who have visited my website stay at my website.  The other data that surprised me a lot is the average session duration, which is 7 minute and 23 seconds, which I considered as super long duration time!

I also found that 100% of viewers read my blog through desktop.  Based on the top pages views, I assumed that most of my readers are either classmates or instructors.  (Because the highest clicked ones are about and peer reviews after the stories of signs) Though the Analytics only shows me 5 days of report so far, I still think I need to try expanding the range of viewers by putting in more effort.


Pisces – The Softest

Speaking of Pisces, the first person came into my head is my mother.  Like what Pisces have been described, my mom is a very compassionate, gentle and intuitive woman.  She never screams, swears or yells at anyone.  I know she is a very sensitive and emotional person and she also feels mad or angry at others sometimes.  But she is super tolerant and when she is sad, she usually chooses to stay alone.

When I thought back to my childhood experiences, I found that my parents never really had any fierce arguments- and the reason is that my mom is a super calm person.  When my dad throws tantrums, she ignores his expressions and let him cool down by himself.  (I admire my mom’s temper a lot)

Including my mom, I think all the Pisces I know are very friendly, so they often find themselves in a company of very different people.  Pisces are selfless and like to help people.  Even Pisces men, they know how to show their emotional capacity really well.  For example, if you have bruises on your arms, they will not hesitate to ask about what happened and asked you to take care of yourself.

Pisces are generally very quiet people.  They like being alone and enjoying their alone time (listening to music, sleeping, watching movies etc).  They are one of the most romantic people who like to stay and immerse themselves in their little world.  Because of their romance trait and their tendency to escape reality, they hate being criticized.

In Chinese, Pisces is called two fishes – referring that Pisces are people who live in two worlds.  They live both in the real and the spiritual world they interpret what they see into what they want.  I found myself have lots of Pisces tendencies as well and my moon sign is Pisces.  I think Pisces “live in two worlds: to avoid all the pain from reality and that’s how they find the balance between their ideal world and the real one.  Since Pisces are really sensitive people, they have extremes of emotions and feel both good and bad intensively.  But their sensitivity make them really understanding and caring towards others.  Sometime you may find Pisces lazy, but only in things they do not care about.

In the nutshell, I will say Pisces are the most softest people who try to use their idealistic or personal way to perceive the world- so that they feel more comfortable and happy.  I think they have their own set of philosophy to deal with things they see in real world and things they want in the spiritual one.


Are you soft? Pisces?