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Process Post #6

This week was an off week for me, when I started reading break I was really excited to do some catch up and get some posts out, sadly however I had a family emergency and had to drop everything. So now here we are a week later and I am only just starting back up again. Hopefully this week I can catch up and get some stuff out but I’m still not really sure what is going on, how I’m doing, or where we are going…



I have a weird love hate relationship with Minecraft. I used to be really really into it, id play it non stop just building structures and buildings, but finally broke out of my obsession and moved on. In the past few months I rediscovered my old world from 2014 and will occasionally pick it up for a few hours, expanding on my old creations. I figured since we have to publish ourselves online, why not show off a few things I’ve built over the last 4 years? Hopefully you might see something neat! (and not think about  the amount of hours I’ve sunk into this game… I try not to)

Process Post 5(.5 Reading Break Update)

Today I figured since it was Tuesday I as might as well post an update!

Today is my first day off in I don’t know how long and it is time for me to play catch up on my courses. I was brainstorming some ideas for content to put on here and am excited to sit down later today and get some things up and going. We are supposed to be on peer review #2 now in class but I still have not received feedback from my first one so I’m not really sure what I am doing wrong… yet. Hope to hear something soon and hope to see the Canvas page online soon as well!