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second vine post

I love you…VINE. I ain’t ever gon’ stop lovin’ you…VINE.

Hello friends!

It took me a while to think of the most appropriate introduction to my blog posts that would be able to carry on throughout my blog journey and would reflect my own personality. Although I may not be familiar with every person who comes across my blog, I already think of you as a friend of mine! And with that in mind, I’ve decided to begin each post as if we were catching up, and I invite you to tell me how your week, school, work or day has been in the comments! I will reply as soon as I can and look forward to it. 😊

Approaching this weeks post, and keeping future posts in mind, I found myself swarmed with ideas and not knowing where to start. Did I want to be informational? Discuss this phone app and research the company? Did I want to focus on directing and making high-quality videos, given I had no experience in that field before? Or was I to focus on the media aspect of Vine and the ability to shoot ideas as they come? I knew that no matter what, I wanted to keep my blog open, real and fun!

One of the challenges I expected for myself in creating these vine clips was finding inspiration, settling on an idea and being satisfied with a final product! I thought I’d take it slow at first and think about what I wanted to make. Around this time my little sister would NOT stop practicing her ukelele in the house, and for some reason this vine popped into my head:



And on an early Saturday afternoon, I got both my siblings outside to play a little,


This was our first take after I showed them what I was going after but reminded them we could take it as our own. Which my little sister took and ran with as you can see above. But despite my knowing look, that is exactly the kind of energy and uniqueness I was looking for. We couldn’t stop there and made another take just to keep things interesting 🙂



gif courtesy of a Buzzfeed post of gifs to make ya happy

vine from Vine Hub and its origins were a little hard to find but here’s the twitter of the girl being serenaded in her driveway.

fifth vine post

Happy VaLENTines Day!

Hello, my beautiful friends 😏 😏 😏

It’s crazy to think we’re already mid-February, next thing you know it’ll be Summer!! 😍😍 Nothing makes me happier than the care-free breeze and sunny spirits of the summertime. You haven’t seen me at maximum joy until you’ve spent time with me frolicking on a bright July evening after a light dinner on the search for the perfect matcha ice cream(I’m also impartial to mint chocolate chip, both green by coincidence). These long, overcast weeks before the true breath of spring, are only bearable with the promise of reading in my front yard with iced coffee absorbing early morning sun.



But, dawn can’t break without the night and so here we are, mid-February and not too much longer to go. An event that I put less and less attention to every year, Valentine’s Day; happened to fall on a day I put much importance on this year, Ash Wednesday.


If you are unaware of Ash Wednesday and it’s significance, it marks the beginning of a forty day long period in the Catholic calendar called Lent. During this time we spend time in fasting on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, abstinence from meat on Fridays; and after an examination of conscience and one’s weaknesses, a personal sacrifice is practiced to strengthen our faith and bring us closer to our Father. 😊😊


In honor of Valentines Day, I decided to keep that on a theme for a video! While acknowledging the solemnity of that day, I took a second to wish those in my life who I love dearly a message, and this includes you! 😊


Happy Valentines Day!! and a Blessed Lenten season 😊

Here’s a reminder you can hit me up on social media or comment below!


Also, have you noticed the music on the sidebar <–

Look Over There Alice In Wonderland GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

I’ll be updating it every now and then, so stay tuned!



fifth process post

who are you, dear reader?

Creating this blog, I focused a lot on how I wanted my blog to look like and I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about how it would be perceived. Since I am making this blog for me, I assume my audience to be close to my age, interested in similar things and in high school or university. Some of the references in my posts would be mostly understood by people who are active on twitter or similar online communities, and who enjoyed vine.  Since my blog include reflections on videos and my own take on media in and around vine, my audience would largely be active on social media. Which is why, my social media links are important.  My content is light-hearted, and aimed at entertaining or making someone laugh. With so much negativity on the Internet that can feel inescapable at times, my blog offers a chance to breathe and smile a bit. My posts aren’t too lengthy and get right to the point with images and videos to interact face-to-face with my readers. I’m working on making my blog easy to navigate, balanced with the right mix of media and text, and genuine and real in my persona. I have been working on making myself seem as real as possible, and share the struggles in being creative, but find joy in the process.

fourth vine post


Hello friends!


How’s it cracking?? Hope you’ve been sunny-side up! The weather’s been clearing up and so has my mood. Do you find yourself affected by the forecast? On a busy day with many assignments and chores to do, I find myself succumbing to the stress and exhaustion a lot more easily if there’s rain pattering down onto my roof. A long day on campus can get even worse with a long commute in cold, stormy weather ahead. But with clear skies overtop of SFU’s Burnaby campus, or sunlight through SFU’s Surrey building and sunset behind downtowns skyline, school and studying are more enjoyable.


P.S. Feel free to share any sunny photos of campus!! I’d love to see them.


I’m not going to lie to you…but this far into the semester, life has caught up with me and it seems like I’m constantly sprinting to keep up. Between school, work, volunteer and trying to be a good student, friend and sister; time has seemed short in supply. Balancing everything looks and feels like a stack of round objects on a tray, set on my head while standing on a trampoline.


Needless to say I need to work on time management 😓. But all things come with practice, right?? My friends have been a great support group, checking up on me during studying and offering advice on using my time wisely! S/O to y’all 😉.  But needless to say, I wasn’t in the best mood to make a video, and stayed at school or studied from home often. Dealing with the lack of energy and positivity to make funny clips was hard on me, and I had to remind myself that it gets better, and that I had to believe I would get out of this rut. There was a lot of times I stopped negative thinking in its tracks with prayer and meditation, but more often than not sleep 😅.


On the weekends I work a lot, and I often get left with little time to catch up on assignments with going to and from work, and catching up with friends I don’t see during the week. Often after a busy shift, my co-workers and I hang around for a bit, decompress and catch up before heading home(it’s a Saturday night after all). The other night, my friend Kristina and I finished around the same time and waited for our bus in the dining area. We were laughing and having such a good time, that I didn’t notice her taking videos of me. She later sent this to me and we couldn’t get over how funny it was, or wonder what inspired me to say “egg” so randomly.

P.S. I uploaded this clip onto Youtube for better quality!!


Gudetama picture from Giphy

Emojis from Getemoji

third vine post

Is that how you really say it?

Hello friends!

How are you today? Don’t forget to comment below and engage with me on my social media linked in the upper-right hand corner! 🙂


Putting every component of my blog posts together is challenging, but when each part comes together(much like parts of a cake) then I feel excited and accomplished! After two posts online, I’m starting to fall into a rhythm and structure that allows me to focus on writing better, add new media and more time into creating my short videos. With all that coming together, this far into the semester I’m falling back into my afternoon library routines. Things have picked up and so have the assignments, errands, and responsibilities along with it.

I try to do things for my family when I can, and one of those things is bringing my little sister to and from school. The short bus rides in the morning allow me to catch up with her, get my day started early while allowing my mom to sleep in. When I can, I pick her up from school as well and go for an afternoon snack close to our city library, where we both catch up with homework and check out new books together before going home. On one of these library afternoons, I came across this video of a guy, Chaz Smith on Facebook in a video where he pronounces things wrong on purpose and I showed it to my sister and we HOWLED. It was just about the funniest thing we’d ever seen.


Pronouncing Words Wrong Is Hilarious

This guy pronouncing words wrong is too funny. Tag someone who will appreciate this 😂😂by Chaz Smith

Posted by UNILAD on Thursday, November 24, 2016


Which reminded of a few vines that had a similar idea! Such as this classic one you can catch me quoting on THE daily



But the one that stuck with the both of us(which has our entire family rolling their eyes) has been THIS gem



My little sister could not stop say Lifesavers and quickly I saw a video coming. We had so much fun making this and had to keep our laughter to a minimum. Enjoy!




gif of Rihanna at the 2016 BillBoard music awards from Favim

Video of pronouncing things incorrectly from UNILAD from Chaz Smith

LiFeSavErs vine by SHUHMEEKA

FRESHAVOCADO vine from user Gasoleen!!! Check out her Twitter and Instagram 🙂


fourth process post

website aesthetic

This week we focused on the designs and meaning behind decisions of how our blog would look like. We learned about the usability of our website on mobile phones and how our posts may be affected viewed on a mobile screen. We went over five design principles, Balance, Rhythm, Proportion, Contrast and Harmony. We went over typefaces, better known as fonts and the effectiveness of contrast and types of fonts that can contribute to your theme and online persona. Taking these factors into account, we dissected Posiel, the website curated by our professor, Suzanne Norman. It was interesting taking into account the colors and layout of the site that worked, especially relating to the purpose of the blog. What might be preferred design to some may not functionally make sense. I took a look at a website I regularly scroll through for stories and updates on popular culture Buzzfeed. The title “Buzzfeed” in red against white is in the top left corner, isn’t too big in size, with all the images and headlines on the page taking the rest of the space. There isn’t a lot of white space to let yourself breathe and take in all the text in front of you. The overload of images is a little disorienting, and a lot for your eyes to focus on.

The constant stream of posts and information is easy to scroll through. The contrast between headlines and images is effective. Overall, I think less posts and more white space on the front page could be helpful.