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Essay 1# Social media platforms and false news

When you sit in the coffee shop and look at the people who walk on the street, you will find that most of them are walking with their head lowered, and the most common feature is playing the cell-phone while they are walking. With the development of the technology, more and more consumers have interest …

Peer review #2

This week we need to do our second peer review and the person we assigned are different with last time. This time, I am looking at Athena’s blog Finding Balance. That is an awesome blog and I am really glad to view it. First look at Athena’s blog gives me a very deep impression because of …

Week 5 Process post & My audiences

This week makes me feel relaxed and interesting, we discussed in the group during the lecture, listened evert group’s opinion and most relaxed was because we could do our own things on the tutorial! No lessons, just complete our blog, but that’s means there are a lot of works to do for me! because my …

Week 4 Process Post

This week we talked a lot of things about design strategies in the lecture. I found it is really interesting because I‘m interested in design. I have taken a few IAT courses and I really like it because it talks … Continue reading

Peer Review #1

This week we have to do the peer review with our classmate in the tutorial and that is my first time to do it, and I’m really glad to do it. And this time I’m reviewing Enoch Cheung‘s blog, here is the link: It’s really a good chance to read a person’s blog deeper and think deeper.

Click the link in to his blog,  I could see a beautiful image of a lake as the background image of his blog, and at the middle of the image there is a phrase: On the faithful journey. I didn’t really know what exactly meaning of the phrase at the first time to see it, but after I read more blogs I think I find the answer. Under the image, there is a paragraph to introduce himself, I think that is really clear and let viewers through this introduction to have a simple understanding of the host. Refer to this simple introduction, I know that Enoch is a Christian, and he through self-reflection to understand hisself, also from a lot of way to get reflection. I think that is our common point which I also have mentioned in my blog is “self-reflection”, but in different ways. I use journals and planner to plan my daily life and records all moment, write down all ideas and thoughts to get reflection, so when I read Enoch’s introduction I’m really happy to know his way, and I think I could learn a lot of things from him. Scroll down the page, there is a module module that could send email to contact with him. I think that is really interesting and convenient, I even didn’t have this idea before.

Also, the navigation of his blog looks pretty nice, it’s at the top of the whole page. And when I scroll down, I will not lose the direction because they are always at the top. Click the “About” button, there is another blog to introduce himself more specifically and more in details, the title is interesting called “My Testimony”, here is the link: From that blog I learned more information about Christian and his life. Click the “Posiel”, I can see there are several subtitles and I could find all blogs there. It’s really clear.

As for me, I really like the style of this blog, and everything looks nice because he did a good job at organization. My suggestion would be to put more image when post the blog, and share more content about the self-reflection (no offense) because I think every people visit this blog could learn more and also reflect themselves through what you share (also told to myself).

All in all, this blog is really nice and still a developing blog, before assigned the peer review I’ve already viewed this blog several times I’m pretty like it. I’m looking forward to seeing you share more daily life and your faithful journey.

Week 3 Process Post

This week we installed a plugins Google Analytics during the tutorial, oh not this week, installed last week and activated this week. Google Analytics is really interesting, it can records a lot of data, and as for me, the most interesting data is my page views. I have no idea how much of the page views demonstrate the blog is popular and welcome, but I think I will change a new blog name to attract more viewers lol.

The theme also cost me a lot of times. At first my I used one of the default theme that the website already provided called “twenty sixteen”, and I add one background image which I took it at the balcony in my home, everything looks cool and clear, I like it pretty much because it looks simplicity. But after I post several blogs, the home page looks so wired, all categories and all buttons removes at the bottom of the page, I couldn’t find them if I didn’t pay attention. So I decided to change another theme which I use now. There are more than one header image and it could change when you click the header, looks so cool.

Hope that all things are going well and everyone comes to my blog will like it. Actually I didn’t write that much blogs about my blog topic, next time I will share more images of my notebook and write more interesting things in my daily life.

Talk to Strangers

The speed dating activity is pretty interesting, but actually I felt awkward at the first time. I’m not a talkative person and I’m not good at find the topic to talk with people even I know him. But after last semester I feel that I change a lot, I won’t feel nervous when I talk to people even to stranger. I’m really glad that I join in the club last term, the full name of our club is Student Trade Center, and the core mission is to engage, enhance and enrich international student’s career and experience, and provide a lot of volunteer opportunities. That is a big break for me to talk with people that I didn’t know. Especially this semester, I am doing the customer service job in the club, which is chat with people that followed our Facebook and WeChat account, and organize people to join in the volunteer activity. That is my job, which means I have to push myself to talk with them. Our club had two volunteer activities on last Saturday and Sunday, I’m one of the leader in our team to lead our volunteers. I had to contact with them and  chatted with them. Actually I feel really good, I talked to them, not a stranger, but strangers. Dozens of people that I first met, I asked their name, allot their missions for those activities. But I found that I didn’t feel nervous anymore, I just talked, and didn’t awkward. When I was talking, it made me feel like I was needed, I’m so happy. I think I would not fear to talk with strangers.

Vision board+The process

When I know we need to make a vision board to express ourselves I felt interesting, but also confused about how to start. The reason why I thought it’s interesting was because I really love to use mind map, to do anything. My major is communication so you could imagine how much readings and paper I should finish. The numerous readings made me crazy and sometimes made me feel frustrated, mind map helps me a lot to read those articles, helps me to understand the construction and find the main idea. Not only useful in studying, also improve my skills a lot in my daily life. I mean, not only mind map, I love write down all my ideas and my thoughts on my notebook. When I was in primary school my dad required me to keep journal everyday, no words limit but just write it. I was so rejected to do that because I didn’t want to do this compulsory. But I am really glad I still keep this habit until now, diary records my life and self-reflection, weekly planner remind me that I didn’t miss the important things to do, also helps me a lot on how to allocated my time. Not only writing, I also like drawing. I’m not professional…just like it lol, so I draw some sketch on my planner, and also use the sticker and decorative tape to make my diary looks more delectable. I still to find my own style of the decoration of my notebook, also my hand drawing, but most importantly is I want to share my reflection, what I learned today and how could I improve, to be a better me.