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Peer Review 2

Monica’s site is simple and easy to navigate through.  Every section is clear and easy to see, I think her use of white space lends really well to this clarity.  The identity this site projects to me is very genuine, mellow, and for some reason comforting.  The colour scheme is pretty muted, so nothing punches the site visitor in the face.  In the lecture we had about design some things the speaker covered was readability, variety in alignment, and balance.  I think this site does really well in addressing these aspects.  Each page is broken into sections.  The top has the menu and her logo, there’s a middle section that her posts/contents sit in, and then there is a section at the bottom for her pictures.  The bottom section which she names “Through My Lens” is a feature that I like a lot.  This section is present throughout her entire website, and I like that in it I learn a little bit about her.  I also really like the logo she has for her site.  I think it sets up her site’s identity really well.

There is a good balance between her writing, white space, and the images on the website.  There is not too much going on, so her content is showcased nicely.  The site is not cluttered, so navigating to its different parts goes pretty smoothly.  In terms of alignment, her site plays with it tastefully.  Her logo is centered, so is her menu, but then her posts fill the entire middle section, then her pictures at the bottom again are centered.  Her variation in her site’s alignment keeps her pages exciting, as much as it can get with words.  Her Posiel Category is organized.  She has subcategories for the different assignments in the class, and they are easy to get to.  Design wise I think this presence is very clean, and there is nothing glaring.  She has a really good foundation for this online identity.  As she posts more, her site will become more robust, and her identity will be further projected/expressed.    The identity so far is comforting and inspiring, and I think that there is absolutely a demographic for the presence; I am in that demographic actually.  Something I would suggest considering is trying to maybe make her pages more interactive/dynamic.  She can try plugins for carousels, or someway incorporate some movement between the site visitors and her pages/content.  I think this could really add excitement to what she has already put out.

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Process Post Week 5

The audience I imagine for this site I’ve mentioned this before I think, but I am catering to girls in or near my age (13-20) group.  This site is really personal to my experiences, I think the people who could relate best to what I put out on this site are in the previously mentioned demographic.  I think this set of people are likely to be going through the same things I am writing about, and in this I think meaningful connections can be made between the material, me, and possibly the readers (if any).  As far as my design decisions go, I try to stay true to what I like, because it is a personal blog.  I want the site to be genuine to me (my beliefs, personality, preferences) and to my stories.  For content, the writing and the pictures, I try to put up things that are meaningful to me, and honest to the people who look at the site; I hope this translates to the people visiting.  I use monochromatic colours quite a bit in the site; one, because I really like the look of it, I think it is timeless and looks classy, two because I want to bring focus to the coloured featured post images (the content).  Too much colour in my opinion is really distracting.  I want the content to have the most attention on the blog.  I wanted the layout of the site to be simple, and easy to navigate for the site visitors.  I don’t really plan to have too many bells or whistles in this site.  My vision for this identity is pretty simple and easy to consume (hopefully).

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My “So Sick(Neyo)” Challenge



This challenge was everywhere last year. I’m a little late, but I hope you enjoy it still! 🙂



Said I’m so sick of love songs, I’m done with missing you

It’s been a couple months, got some things to say to you

What we had was really special

Don’t get that confused

Things happened for the best, and I don’t hate you

Actually, I love you, not like I used to

I’m good, seriously, and I hope that you’re good too

What we put each other through, man was it hurtful

You tried, I cried

We gave it our best shot

It’s all in the past now, I don’t think of you no more

I mean this, I hope that you’re happy . . .

I’m happy too

I think we deserve this

I’m done with love songs

I’m done with tears

I’m done with wishing you were still here






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Thank You “Harold” . . .

Song: We Could Better – Janine

This song is on my Aftermath playlist on Spotify.  This playlist actually is the beginnings of this blog’s concept, it is also how I came to realize the possible intimacy in knowing what other people listen to.  I’ve mentioned my last relationship already in some posts, so I won’t preface any further than I have already.  Basically before we even got together, he used bring up songs and artists in our conversations, that I “coincidentally” was also listening to (mind you I listen to some things not a lot of people I know listen to, and those are the ones he referenced).  At the time I just thought that he had the same taste in music as me.  I listen to a lot of smooth music: Soul, R&B, Chill Rap, sometimes Hard Rap.  “Harold” I learned when I was with him listened to pretty much only Hard Rap.  I never got to ask him about it because we weren’t together anymore when the thought came to me, but I think it is likely that he may have seen my playlists before and while we were together.  Up until near the end of last year I did not know that your Spotify was PUBLIC.  For me this was earth-shattering, and I’ll tell you why. . . The playlist I mentioned earlier used to be called Hurt; it didn’t exist until after my breakup.  Also I almost almost renamed the playlist after him. . . OMY. . . that would have been so embarrassing. If he looked at my playlists before we dated, I don’t think it’s impossible that he may have checked after we ended.  When we broke up I held myself pretty well infront of him, it was for the most part genuinely mutual.  Coming out of a relationship, ending well or not, for me atleast it is still really hard.  I was emotional still.  This playlist was where I let myself feel everything I did about/for him; that he had access, possibly may have seen the playlist shook me, and still sometimes does.

This was when I realized how personal playlists are/can be.  For a while I put everything in my account as private.  After some time though I realized that I didn’t need to.  That my experiences are not something I should be embarrassed about. My account is mine.  I like the music I like, and I shouldn’t have to cater my music preferences to the people who look at my account.  Music is a huge part of my life, and it’s been there for me in everything I’ve gone through.  My playlist is unique to my life’s story.  “Harold” was an important part of my life, that shows in my playlist, and I am not ashamed of it.  My playlist speaks to things I’ve gone through and I love it.  My dreams, my hurts, what I’m dealing with right now is spoken to in my playlist, not obviously all time of course. Sometimes I save a song because I like the intro, or the piano or something.  Music for me personally it’s a place where I can be completely vulnerable to everything that’s going on, a place where I can sink into everything I’m feeling, there is so much to say in that; that’s why I chose to base my blog off of this.  I hope that this blog isn’t too boring.  Hopefully in this site readers see a little bit of themselves, in the struggles I share, or maybe the resolutions.  If none of what I write applies, I hope you get some new bops atleast.


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Process Post Week 4

I really like the use of images; they are beautiful, and they suit the site’s theme/concept.  The use of images and their large size it almost makes me feel like I am there.  I think there is good balance between text and pictures in terms of the site’s travel concept.  As whole the white space is used well to balance the big and beautiful pictures.  I appreciate the site’s use of colour; it is vibrant and sets an atmosphere that the travel discussions sit well on.  The writing is really interesting to me.  I love travelling, and this blog gives me a lot of inspiration.  I also love her personality.  Something I do not love about the site is that on the homepage everything is kind of thrown at you.  It might just be my opinion that there is too much content in the homepage especially.  There is quite a bit of writing.  Each element is tasteful but when they’re all together like she has, I don’t know where to start to look.  In the lecture we talked about movement, in this site to me there is a blurry one.  The homepage is quite overwhelming to me.

Something I am going to work on nodding to this site is in by blog section to include text in the post preview.  Right now it is just a picture and my title and the date.  I want to change the layout to have a picture, a little bit of my text, and maybe the song if I can.  Also in the lecture we talked about font plugins, and I want to look at some.  Also I am working to make the recent posts on my homepage a carousel instead of just the static three pictures.

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Week 2 Process Post

This week I installed WordPress on this browser in tutorial.  I finally decided on a name for this blog, “My Life’s Mixtape.”  For the aesthetic of the site, it is pretty loose, I wanted it to be very visual, lots of pictures, and a lot of space for colours.  I didn’t really want this site to be too polished, or too uniform; no specific colour scheme or anything.  My vision for this site, in terms of identity online is really just a place where people (I’m targeting but of course not limiting to girls in my age group, or younger), and I can be honest and vulnerable to the things we’re going through, or have gone through in life; that is hoping anyone ever finds this blog.  This site is pretty much going to be my online journal, where I am gonna write about everything and anything about my life; what I’ve learned, what I’m struggling with, things like that.  So much of social media today pressures us to have our lives together, or fake to (have it together) at least, I want through this site to challenge that, and bare the not so nice aspects about my ongoing life’s story.  An important aspect of this blog’s concept is music; I talked about why in my about section.  My music has grown with me in a sense, through the stories I’ll be sharing about; the songs were pretty much the background music to whatever I was going through, so for me it was pretty much a given to incorporate my playlist in the idea of this blog.


Week 1 Process Post

To me a stranger is someone you know nothing about.  For me when a person becomes known is when I learn something about them; make some sort of contact or connection in some way.  The more I learn about a person, the less of a stranger they become to to me.  The more familiar I am with a person, the less guarded I am.  I find that it is easier to be myself around people I have spent some time with, as I am sure is the case for most people.  When I know enough about a person, and they in the same way know a little bit about me, the pressure to please that I sometimes have is easier to let go of.

Our assignment for this week was to engage with a stranger.  My situation I’d say went pretty well.  I was at the Burnaby SFU campus, it was lunch time, and there were no empty tables left in the cafe.  I saw a girl sitting by herself at a table.  I approached her and asked if I could sit with her, and she said yes.  I asked what her name was, I told her mine.  From there I started asking questions about her: favourite colour, program, where she was from etc.  We had a pretty fluid conversation.  I learned that she was a first year, and intended to major in Business, also that she liked blue.  We finished our lunches, and then parted for our classes.

alex rose Peer Review

For three weeks in running time, this site is really really impressive.  Actually cut out the three weeks even, this site is great regardless.  The platform so early already projects a solid, unified, professional brand identity.  The aesthetic of the site is clean, simple, and tasteful in my opinion.  There are lots in this site to be stimulated by; there are lots of tasteful images, for me I really like the use of video in the media and and shows categories; I think it does really well to bring the eccentric atmosphere/energy from the shows to his brand’s online presence.  The presence is well connected.  His social media handles are linked and they are in places site visitors see easily.  All of his pages and categories have content in them already.  I feel like I am out of my league to offer any critiques, honestly I do not see any outstanding shortcomings or faults.  I think this presence is really great, thoughtfully developed; knowing that it’s only going to get better from here is really cool.

If I have to offer something, this is totally subjective, I know that this is a professional site so when I say this it’s moreso my opinion as a visitor more than anything else, for me as a consumer I wouldn’t mind a little more personality to the identity this presence is projecting.  The music I’ve heard is really good, the look of the site is sleek.  The site already is doing a great job at promoting and presenting his product and work.  There is a lot in this presence already to keep visitors on the site, and coming back.  Just speaking for myself maybe, I would love to know more about the person behind the music, and the stories behind what he produces; I think it could give his work good context to work in. Why did he orchestrate the music in the way he did? Why that track?  Does that song have any significance to him?  I am aware that this site is not branded to be personal so I get and respect if this critique is not acted on.  My suggestion may not adhere to the presence he may be going for.  I have said it already, more than once, this site is really really well developed.  There is clear vision, he knows where he is going, this is very clear in his site.  His presence is well established in my opinion.


“Can You Stand The Rain”

Song: Can You Stand The Rain – New Edition

This song makes me thing of my parents.  The song to me speaks to true, and unconditional love; My parents I am so lucky to say embody this kind of rare, beautiful connection.  The love between my mom and dad is so so inspiring to me, and it is something I strive to have one day.  The way my dad looks at my mom still to this day, oh man, it breaks my heart how in love he is with her, and her him.  I am so so so lucky to have them as my parents, my first ever model for love.  My parents have been together almost thirty years.  Not everything has been perfect.  I have witnessed some pretty nasty fights between them.  They’ve moved through six countries, they’ve long-distanced before and some time after marriage.  They’ve lost a son.  They’ve raised two stubborn daughters.  The strength of love my parents still have for one another after all they’ve been through, and what they’re still going through, I can’t articulate how much it moves me.

Nowadays, in my age-group I should say, love often is not perceived in the same way my parents have showed me; This might just be in my age group though, that we’re all just in a place in our lives where we feel like we don’t have to be as intentional with what we do in relationships.  I sure hope it’s not for the world, everyone, that the ideas of love has changed.  I was talking to my mom about this topic late last year.  I was working through the pieces of my last relationship at this time, and wanted someone to talk to, not really about moving on, moreso about just love itself; what it means to her, to me, how I nurtured it with the last person, why it didn’t work.  Something I took away from what she said (she said a lot) was that love, more than feelings, is a decision.

Love is not the butterflies, or the sweaty palms, not even the quickened heartbeat.  What moves infatuation/attraction into genuine love, is the conscious decision made to grow with the person, to care for, listen, support, despite whatever is going on.  If you enter a relationship based on an emotional high, then you are likely to leave when you reach a low; that’s not love, not to me or my mom anyway.  With genuine love, we think that considerable thought and intention has to be put in, not just “going with the flow.”  Love is work; My mom and dad can speak for that. Something she pointed out with my situation was, that bluntly, we didn’t think enough in the relationship.  Me and lets call him Harold, didn’t think much of the future, anything really about where we were going.  We were focused on just where we were now, which I have to say I don’t think is all bad, but I do get what my mom was trying to say.  Because we weren’t clear on the purpose of our relationship, we didn’t do anything to move it forward.  I don’t mean marriage or anything like that, just forward in terms of depth in connection, or trust in a way that moved past vanity.  I honestly didn’t see him in my future, but I didn’t break up with him until I absolutely had to, and then it got messy.

Love is a very big topic for me, and probably a lot of people in the world.  I have a lot to say, and it is something I am still figuring out, growing through.  One post absolutely will not be enough to encompass my thoughts on this subject, but this post is getting pretty long.  Basically what I wanted to address in this update is the importance in being intentional, and thinking through the things we do in relationships.  A lot of relationships become toxic, or break down because the people involved don’t know what they want, or know themselves either; mine did (break down) for these reasons.  Moving forward, this is something I keep in mind when I think of relationships, and I think other people should too; if for nothing else, to save time.