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You’re not supposed to sing . . .


Me, Teddy, and Sam tried not singing or dancing to some of our favourite songs . . . here’s a compilation of how it went . . .



Links to Theona and Sam:






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Week 10 Process Post

I have my Instagram and Spotify linked to this website.  I chose these channels in the beginning and I stand by them still to this point.  My blog’s concept is my life and stories that connect to the music I am listening to.  My spotify is a pretty obvious channel to have on this site because it has all my playlists.  With Spotify my site visitors can see that the songs are actually on my playlists, and that I am actually listening to the songs I write about; in addition to this the visitors can further explore my music collections, maybe find some new songs to connect to/listen to.  Practicing the way I’ve introduced music curation with my site (personal storytelling) Spotify also lets my visitors get to know me more through the songs I choose to keep around me, since I can’t write about everything I am listening to.  Instagram I also chose for this site because I think it lends well to the personal life story aspect of my site’s concept.  The music held by my playlists is given some context by my Instagram posts (I haven’t been posting lately though). My posts subtly track where the songs have relevance in my life.  I also think that my Instagram lets my visitors know a little bit more about me.  Together I think these two platforms work well to build my presence towards the identity I have with this site.  I think they both offer different sides of my identity in distinctly different ways that enhance what I am working on with my site.  These three presences I think compliment eachother, in that they each inform holes in the other platforms.  For example, I have a post on this site about a past relationship, in one of my pictures on Instagram I hint at this when I caption about accepting the way life goes, and then on Spotify I have a playlist for heartbreak that dates around the time everything was happening.

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Peer Review 3

Shazia in her week five’s process blog post ( ) says that her content/site is aimed for 18-25 year old students of international background, also “Vancouver foodies” who like coffee.  Her set up of the site is meant to remind the site visitors of Instagram; she says this is because she believes Instagram is the most popular social media platform.  Scrolling through her different category pages I do see the nod to the Instagram format; the posts are displayed on a grid with three columns.  Something I notice and am wondering about is why there are no pictures featured with her blog posts in the initial inventory.  Her concept opens a very good opportunity for pictures, of the food she’s having, the places she’s visiting.  Her content inventory right now is black and white, and only text.  She has some very interesting posts, but because there is not a lot of stimulation, as a reader I am not as excited to click on her posts as I know I could be.  In her week six post (  I read her rationalization for not having the pictures on her homepage, but I would have to lovingly, gently disagree.  While the lack of pictures may seem more professional as she says, the vibe I get from her posts is not of professionalism, but of personal interests and passions.  I think the lack of pictures on the homepage take from the personality of her posts.  Just the black and white text in my opinion leaves her audience less to relate with and be excited by.  In addition to engaging her readers, the images also are important for distinguishing her posts from one another (its contents).

For marketability I think this presence has good potential to draw an audience.  Vancouver is a great place to have this site rooted in.  The food scene is pretty diverse and really great here.  I think a challenge for Shazia is making her food/travel/thought blog stand out from the many others out there.  There are lots of food/thought blogs out there, she has to present herself in a way that no one else has yet.  She envisions her audience to be of international descent, I think that there is not a whole lot of this influence in her online presence yet (her posts, site design).  I’m having a hard time picking out specific decisions made for drawing the audience she intends (the international part of it anyway).  In her week 5 process post that I previously linked she mentioned that she’s imagining a large part of her audience to be East African students.  I think she could start acting on this demographic by going to places that specialize in East African cuisine, and writing about that.

In one of her posts she mentioned that she has an Instagram for this site. I think that that is a really great idea!  If she has an Instagram for this site though, why is her site following an Instagram-like format?  I think if she already has an Instagram for this site, having the format of this presence also like Instagram, it might get repetitive and boring for her visitors (in my opinion).  Because she already has an Instagram I think she could try something new with her site’s format; something that compliments her Instagram presence, enhances it, but it not be too similar.

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Process Post Week 9

In lecture this week we were prompted to think about what a world without Facebook would look like/be like.  I consider myself not too much of a social media person, I make effort to unplug and regulate my life online, but I found this question really hard to answer.  I didn’t realize how embedded this platform was in everything.  I honestly cannot even wrap my head around this concept of Facebook not being present anymore.  Juan gave us prompts that ease us into this very complex/abstract inquiry. . .I’m going to address those ones . . .

Ways that Facebook has in a sense affected what I do and don’t do on the platform, well for me Facebook is the main connection pathway for my family that I don’t see all the time (not living with me, other side of the world).  When I do post something I keep their presences in mind; in this my rare posts on Facebook are pretty not controversial, and not really personal.  Facebook has never been a platform for me to express my feelings, or my personality.  It was mentioned in class that Facebook is moving into a news feed platform than a personal one, and I would have to agree.  While it was never personal for me to begin with, I find myself on the site watching videos and memes more than anything else.  I can’t even remember that last post I’ve seen that wasn’t related to a meme, or a video.  Other platforms like Instagram, and Snapchat have a better atmosphere around sharing personal content.

As a student now I still see some significance to Facebook though.  While it is less personal, I still use it to connect to my relatives.  I am not as informed on how my friends are doing through Facebook, but I can connect with them through the memes and videos, which I think is unique to this platform.  I think this new age of Facebook facilitates a different kind of connection to other people and content.  The content you engage with and share while it may not be your original feelings/thoughts I think it still expresses something about you (your interests/your personality); Your feed in this way is still some kind of expression of yourself, but less direct.  I think though where this relevance to life may die out is after college. when the fervor and time for funny videos and pictures is significantly lessened.  In my opinion, at this point Facebook may die.

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To my future husband. . #isingonthisone


Song: Dreamer – Dave Love




To my future husband . . .         

I hope that you are happy right now. I don’t know where you are. who even you might be, but I am really really excited to see you.  I’m praying for you already (just letting you know); that you reach everything you deserve to, that you learn everything you need to, and that you grow into whoever you’re meant to be.  We probably don’t exist to eachother yet, so I can’t support you when you’re down, listen to you when you need someone, but know that I am looking forward to it!    I’m working on some things too, and I want to tell you that I’m doing pretty well.  That’s it.  Wherever you are I hope you’re smiling.  I’m excited to know you, and care for you.


xoxo – P.s. Can you rush just a little bit?





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Week 8 Process Post


In lecture we talked about monetizing.  For me it’s not really something I’ve thought too hard about.  I don’t know if I’ll have the time to keep up with the site after this course, so I’m weary to approach any ads or partnerships/sponsors.  Hypothetically if I did continue this blog I don’t think I would oppose the opportunities; I’d just be very selective with the ones I’d take on.  I want the ads to relate, if they can, enhance what I’m doing on my site.  I don’t want to have ads or endorse things for money’s sake solely.

Data Trails

I knew we left data trails, but I  didn’t know how detailed those trails actually were; and honestly it’s kind of scary.  That pretty much everything you do online is tracked and people have access to it, more than that, people use it to maximize whatever they’re doing (selling, designing), it’s unbelievable to me.  I think it is necessary to be aware of trends, and know your audiences,  I think it’s just really shocking to me because, well in my case I didn’t really know I was being tracked (essentially), its extent; my initial reaction opening up analytics was unease; I felt intrusive.  Yeah it’s my content, my site, and it is helpful for my future posts/ site-decisions, I don’k know, I feel like the line is getting really dang clouded/fuzzy.  The stats can help, but I think there is also a lot of opportunity in them to do some questionable/manipulative things.  As someone who engages online I don’t think I’m going to be any more careful with what I do than before.  I have a greater awareness of data trails now, but I don’t plan to minimize my footprint or anything.

Google Analytics

Looking at my google analytics, I see that people are interacting most with my site on Sundays around five in the afternoon.  People usually access my site on desktops.  Something that is really interesting to me is that my most viewed page/post is my “So Sick” Challenge; it’s the most viewed by a lot.  The average time spent on the site at the time that post came out jumped from 3 minutes to 35 minutes!  To me seeing the stats for this particular post is really really cool/meaningful.  I am pretty vulnerable on this site, but that particular publishing was a different kind of vulnerable; that it was received in my opinion really well, I mean it’s really nice.  I’m actually quite motivated now to maybe post some more of these kinds of content.  I do think that my blog is getting quite text heavy, and I think that the stats I’m seeing shows that people are kind of waning interest in just textual content; as the publisher, I am too.  I’m going to try different kinds of approaches to content, also maybe another audio one.  Addressing the posting time, lately I’ve been posting on Mondays, I’ll try to get them up on the Sundays around five.




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