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Process Post #10

Last process post of the semester: This week’s lecture, we talked about monetization regarding its rules, key relationships, pitching and much more. Beginning of this semester, I didn’t think monetization was a big part because my blog is still very small and I need to grow my audience a lot more. However, working on it […]

Minami | Japanese Restaurant

Today, I wanted to introduce one of my favorite Japanese restaurant in town, Minami. They are very famous for their oshi sushi – also they are a sister company with Miku (another beautiful restaurant located at Waterfront, downtown). Minami is located in Yaletown, which is full of famous and delicious restaurant. I love Yaletown because […]

Process Post #9

This week’s lecture was extremely amusing and helpful. We had a guest speaker coming in to talk about how we can present ourselves to others. I personally always had a fear of speaking publicly in front of other, especially in a presentation style. I’ve never been too confident with myself speaking in front of many […]