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Process Post #6

Regarding this week’s lecture: I really loved and enjoyed listening to Tod’s lecture today. It was very amusing, fun but very informative on the work he does and how important it is! The SWARM method is definitely something that I want to keep in mind for the future, either in my career and my blog. […]

Process Post #5

For this week’s process post and regarding the lecture: I enjoyed the guest speakers and their presentation of story telling in brands. I never thought of it as a such an important factor when marketing companies. I did always have in mind that if the companies’ stories are appealing, it surely attracts more audience. From […]

Process Post #4

Hello! About last week, I’ve spent most of my time creating my brand promo video because I actually wanted it to be very well made and interesting. I truly wanted my video to represent who I am as a brand and the different service/product I was offering to my audience. After spending a week to […]