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Leo-Lights the FIRE

Speaking of Leos- the first thing that I had to say is they are NEVER in cold or calm mode.  Accidentally, I have four close Leo friends in my life.  I will say that they are one of those who are always passionate and cheerful, and they can be anxious but will never be super depressed.  Leos are born to be leaders- because they are dramatic, creative and dominant.  What Leos live for is they want to be the centre of the universe and they hate being ignored.  If a Leo child fell down, what he or she would do is getting up as soon as possible and look around to see if anyone witness his or her “failure”.  – Because Leos never want others to see their weakness and they value PRIDE as the reason of their existence. Leos like to be admired and be the “king of the jungle” and they can be a bit arrogant sometimes.  Though they are still great friends to be around with because they are the leaders who can unite different groups of people.  Also, Leos seem to born with enthusiasm that will make people around them to feel energetic and happy.


Process Post

What audience have you been imagining thus far? How has that imagined audience informed your design and editorial decisions?

  • I have been imagining that those who may click on my blog are people who are curious about everything and like to dig things out and love mysterious things.  So I tried to create fantasy vibe for my blog by choosing a pink-blue background image.  I also wanted to put background music for my blog to make my imagined audience feel they enter a new world when the log into my page.  Though I wanted to make my blog look interesting and unique, I feel that it is necessary to make it simple at that time.  (because no audience will like to waste time to find out complicated things online) Therefore, I chose a theme that comes with magazine layout designs- which I felt that it will be easier for audience to read the text contents.

Who am I? That’s a secret I will partly tell !

Hey ~~~~~~

This is abovewaters Ding 🙂 I think many of my readers will assume that the writer of the blog must a young girl- and if you think that way, YOU ARE RIGHT.  Yes, I am a university student who is interested in star signs.  What intrigued me to get to know about zodiac signs is that I started reading books about signs since I was little- a time period that signs had been often discussed, and my curiosity about zodiac signs never stopped since then.  I know it sounds  illogical and a bit ridiculous to talk about the associations between signs and personality traits, but I’d like to share what I’ve found about zodiac signs based on incidents I intervened and people I interacted with.

For me, investigating the associations between traits and zodiac signs is like an observation work I assigned to myself ever since I knew about zodiac signs.  My curiosity towards star signs pushed me to learn and analyze more and more.  By now, I’ve collected “data” about zodiac signs from my past interactions with people.

I think its time to share what I have found about star signs and I hope my readers enjoy reading the stories and getting to know a bit more about signs~ 


Week 5: Process Post

Based on what I’ve learned from this week’s design lecture and Ryan’s feedbacks, I made several design changes to make my blog look more professional and aesthetic.

  1. Ryan said that “asymmetrical layouts” make my contents attract readers easily, but I wanted the most recent post stand out more so I tried another theme provided by WordPress.
  2. As what we’ve learned from the design lecture, typefaces reveal or present the blogger’s personality at important extent, and I feel that the typeface comes with this new theme fit into the online personality that I attempt to present more.
  3. As Ryan mentioned, I might need to work harder to emphasize the sense of “online presence” so I would like to add more information for “about”.

By examining the design elements from one of the websites that I’ve been checked out frequently, Song of Style, I fount that the website icon “S” really does help to create the unique aura of personal blog.

4.  So I decided to customize the logo for my blog to make it look more personalized and cute.  The logo I used was a D-shaped lightbulb that stands for my last name Ding, and the lightbulb symbolizes creativity and innovation- which are my two main principles of design.  1997 is the year that I was born in, and I feel that it would be interesting to “copyright” myself by putting the year 1997 under the logo.

Isn’t it super cute???

Another thing I learned about from the designs of the blog- Song of Style is that we need to be more careful in choosing typeface if the texts appear on images,

Like the texts “self portrait ….” layered on the background image, I found it annoying to read those texts on a colourful image.


5. Therefore, we should remind ourselves to keep the blog easy for viewers to decode the visual elements when we try to make it aesthetic with images.


Aries – Sunlight in the Fall

Have you ever met someone who was super sociable, outgoing, and never tired of hanging out with friends?  If you did, that friend was probably an Aries!  (those who born from March 20th to April 19th)

In my life, I have a very good friend named Eunice who is an Aries.  We are best friends since Grade 4 and she is the one who never stays quiet in our group of friends.  The terms “mysterious” and “unpredictable” will never be used to describe her because she has a hot-temper that she has to release out her emotions.  Eunice is the one who always makes silly mistakes because of her carelessness but she is the one who always says sorry right after her “mistakes”.  Though sometimes I get really mad by her lack of consideration- for example, she called me 4 am in the morning to ask about what she should eat for lunch without noticing we live in different parts of the world) ..I still cant get mad after she say sorry with her sincere tone and stupid sweet voice.  In my eyes, Aries friends are kids who make cute mistakes that you cant blame them because they are always naïve and warm.  Aries friends are those who will get you hot coffee in the winter and ice cream in the summer, though they may spoil coffee in your white shirt accidentally.

As an extroverted fire sign, Aries can be extremely generous but frustrating, but their warmth is irresistible. Like my best friend Eunice who always make me feel warm, if you have an Aries friend, I  believe that she/he  may be the sunlight in the Fall too!


Process Post: Imagine Your Final Hour with Internet

  1. Download all the movies and music and pictures I love the most
  2. Search “travelling guides” of places of I’d like to travel later in my life, and download the information that I may need for travelling
  3. Download a digital dictionary that works without internet connections

(Though I don’t know if I can finish doing the 3 most-be-done before I lose internet connections within an hour)

Libra: peacekeepers?

Speaking of zodiac sign-libra, I feel that I have so much anger towards libra people but I cant let them out.  I swear to god, libra people are those who can trigger your temper because of little stupid things they do but their peaceful traits will hold you back from throwing tantrums.  Libra is also referred as the sign of fairness and justice, which implies that they like to stay in the middle ground and avoid conflicts.  Libra astrology traits also include leadership, initiative and balance and libra people like to scale and weigh everything evenly.  For example, my bro, who was born on Oct 8th, always splits house works into equal amounts for us… I know it sounds a bit crazy, he is that kind of man who will say “I will do the dishes from Monday to Wednesday, you should do the dishes from Thursday to Saturday, and we take turns for Sunday.”  To be honest, living with libra is a bit annoying because of their persistence of “balance” on everything.

Though having a libra brother is a bit annoying sometimes, but libras also have outstanding positive traits that you want to have them around.  Libras are noted for their social skills due to their charming, communicative natures.  Libra friends are those who will make everyone comfortable.  If you have a libra friend at any gathering,  he/ she will never make the conversation awkward.

If you are planning a house party soon, you may want to consider brining libra.  Time to look for friends who were born from (September 23rd to October 23rd)


Is he a contemporary nerd?

When I first logged into Ryan’s blog “contemporary nerd”, my attention was caught by the blog name. Calling oneself “nerd” is an interesting and effective way to get readers interested since this term has been often used by youths to make fun of one and another. I didn’t know if Ryan used white and blue colours on purpose, the colours he chose reminded me of the old-fashioned windows system. Both the colours and simple designs Ryan applied to his blog created “nerdy” vibes which suit his theme. By reading Ryan’s weekly blog posts, I was amazed by the contents he wrote. Firstly, his contents are well written and easy to follow. Secondly, the topics he drew on were closely related to our lives-especially the youths. As someone who’s unfamiliar with games and gaming, I enjoyed learning the facts about games from Ryan’s posts, especially his guest post about iron man intrigued me. I personally think that his contents are very thoughtful and interesting to those who have touched upon or interested in the topic.
Though I feel that the online presence of the writer is well developed through the consistent tone that Ryan uses in his blogs, the contents seem to apply to a greater range of audiences other than targeting specific group of audiences. Ryan’s previous posts seem to focus on his personal gaming experiences and his recent posts tended to focus on his perspectives towards high-tech market and online public sphere.
According to what Stadler argues in “what is publication”, publishing process includes the design of public spaces and formation of public debates. I personally think that Ryan brought up arguments for his potential readers with the contents he wrote. For example, when he mentioned about the increasing prices of Iphone, he used bolded “where do we draw the line” to emphasize his concern about the harm that may be cause by overpriced technology products. Being a student publisher, I truly think Ryan did very well on creating an engaging and sophisticated public space for online discussion among his readers.
Speaking of public spaces, I think it will make the “presence of online self” stand out more if more visual contents are used to create the atmosphere of “contemporary nerd”. Also, like what Stadler’s mentions, publishing is the creation of public that requires publishers to be willing to hear and know who’s there and what needs are. I feel that it will be more approaching if the writer speaks out that he is willing to hear back from his readers, as well as encouraging more well-mannered public debates.

To know more about Ryan Lee and his blog “contemporary nerd”, please check the link

Batman- The Scorpio Superhero

Scorpio – sensitive people with strong determination 

Speaking of Scorpio, I found it interesting that there are lots of Scorpio in my life.  The one who I know the most is my father.  Like how others describe Scorpio, he is passionate, intelligent, possessive and mysterious.  My father is one of the most persistent persons I’ve met in life and he could knock the door for hundred times to achieve his goals.  Though I admire him as a responsible man who takes care of his families nicely, I sometimes feel that he is a little kid who wants to hide things.  Like the Batman character from DC comics who tries to manage the sorrows deep inside, my father tries to mange his sadness without telling others.  I think Batman is a valid representation of Scorpio, who has sensitive kind heart and likes to live underground with darkness.

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