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Peer Review #2 Changes

I really appreciated Rory’s advice as it helped me evaluate what could be improved design wise.  One thing I changed was the size of the font.  I changed this because it was commented on during the in class review as well as Rory’s review.  I changed it from size 12 to 16, and it is so much readable now.

Another thing I tweaked was my header.  I tweaked this right after the design lecture, so it was not included in Rory’s review but I thought I would mention it anyway.  The guest speaker said that the fact that ‘Abad Photographer’ was smaller made it hard to see, so I changed it.  I also made it a bolder font.

The last thing I changed was the RSS Feed issue.  Rory mentioned that clicking the feed button just led to a page of code, so I fixed.  It now leads to a page of all my posts.

Overall, I really appreciate the constructive criticism Rory gave me.  It’s great to see what others think of your blog because it gives you an insight as to what your audience thinks about your design elements.

Fall Baking

One of my favourite things about fall is the food it brings.  Thanksgiving is always filled with good food, from mashed potatoes, to pumpkin pie, and my personal favourite – cookies.  Although I’m not a huge fan of drinking tea, I’d seen this recipe for chai tea flavoured cookies and they looked too good not to try.  The recipe I used can be found here.  After many busy days back to back of work, and school, I finally had a day off so I decided to make them.

Even before baking, the dough smelled so good and just captured the season of fall in one scent.  After twelve minutes in the oven, they were done and tasted so good!  I would definitely recommend trying this recipe if you like cinnamon.  The taste reminded me of the spices used in apple pie.   They are  delicious fresh out of the oven!

My Audience so Far

So far, I’ve been imagining my audience as similar to that of my social media accounts.  I recently linked my instagram to this site, and I’ve asked friends to check it out.  Because my instagram has a clean and minimal theme, I have tried to make my website similar.  This is because I know that my friends like my content on insagram, and I am hoping they will like my website.  The influence of this is clearly seen in my site’s design, from my header to my sidebar.  As you can see, my header is very simple, and black and white.  I did this mainly to not distract from my photographs, but also because I am assuming that a majority of my audience is coming from my instagram.  Another design element that is impacted by this is my font.  It is again very simple for similar reasons.

Peer Review #2

This is a review of Rory Chi Kin Wan’s website, Mind Flow Blog.  This review will mainly be focused on design elements.  The first thing I notice when I visit Rory’s site are the colours.  I love how they have chosen to incorporate the colour blue in to every element of the page.  For example, blue is seen in the main title, the search bar, and the menu bar.  I think it really ties the website together.  I also like the size of the header, as it leaves enough info ‘above the fold’ to encourage readers to keep scrolling.

Although I mentioned liking the colours, I think making the text a little bit darker in the sidebar would be helpful.  This is because right now, I feel it is a bit difficult to distinguish the words from the background.

Another thing that I think is important to note is the instagram slider on the sidebar.  As mentioned in the lecture, photo carousels are sometimes ineffective because readers must click through them.  A suggestion I have to Rory is to use a different plugin that shows more photos at once.  However, I do like the current photo Rory has displayed (vision board) because it not only matches the colour of the site, but also lets the audience know what the site will be about.


In the design lecture, we also discussed balance.  In terms of Rory’s posts, the site is very balanced because the posts are on one side, while the sidebar is on the other.  However, the balance of the header/menu bar could be improved upon.  I know that this is something that I definitely have to work on as well.  Rory’s title, and menu items are all shifted towards the left, while the right side is left empty.  To fix, this, Rory could either spread out the items on the menu to create a more balanced look, or center the title/header.


Font wise, Rory definitely picked a good font for the title.
The font gives a calming, relaxed vibe, which is what the site is about.  I also think that they used a good amount of line spacing in the header.  It is clear tha ‘Mind Flow Blog’ and the tagline are two separate items, but they are not too far apart.  This is good, because the reader knows the are connected.


The font Rory chose is a very readable one, which is beneficial because the website
is text based.  I also appreciate the amount of line spacing, because it makes
it a little easier to read.  Something minor that could be improved upon on this
page, is the centring of the text.  Having the words in the middle creates
spaces that make it hard to follow along.



Overall, Rory has clearly put a lot of effort in to designing this website.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading Rory’s blog, and reading the review of my blog!  I will definitely take Rory’s critiques in to consideration!



A Website I Frequently Visit & My Design Decisions so far

This is a site I visit quite often, as I have recently become vegetarian and have been searching for more recipes.  Although I always visit this site, I never really thought in depth about its design elements until last week.  When you first enter the website, you are greeted with a simple theme, and a stylish header.


I do think a couple of things could be improved on on this page, including making the social media links being darker and more visible.  Right now, they kind of blend in to the background and aren’t visible unless you’re looking for them.  I really like how there is a preview of her about page on her sidebar.  It makes me want to click to see more about her!




I also remembered how important letter spacing was, and I think spacing out the letters in the header would improve her site, because unless you zoom in, the ‘est. 2012’ is a little bit difficult to read.



Another design element I really appreciate on Minimalist Baker were the colours that she used.  It is clear that she took the time to make sure every element of her site had matching colours.  I love this because it gives the site a unified feel.  On the page pictured below, it is also clear that there is enough information above the fold (the photo) to leave you wanting to scroll down.

Overall, it is clear that the creator of this site put a lot of thought in to its design.  I did not really think about it until now, but I probably would not visit her site as much as I do if it weren’t so minimal and easy to follow.

I really appreciated the feedback I got from my peers last class!  I implemented some of the changes they suggested, and am currently working on fixing some other ones.  For example, I remade my header, and made the ‘Abad Photographer’ part bigger and more noticeable.  I also installed a plugin to hide my process posts from my main page, ensuring that the people who visit my site see my photography first.  Someone in the last class mentioned that they wanted to see more of my pictures.  I am working on editing them all and posting them, but for now, I have included a link at the end of my first blog post to a portfolio site showing a couple more of my trip photos.