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process post #9

When considering cross-media usage, I think using Instagram or YouTube would be the best transmedia integration for my website. This is because my website is about reviews and the use of pictures would best represent the music or dramas that I talk about. Also, as all of the digital album covers are square, it would be easy to organize or post about the albums using the Instagram layout. However, in each post, I would need to include more of my opinion on the music from the tracklist to the entire product packaging of the albums. Another way I could do this would be instead of writing so much on each post, I include a link to my blog and/or YouTube. However using YouTube, I would need to put in a lot more work. I would need to create a channel that talks about all the music releases that occurred in the month, as posting every 2 weeks would be quite time consuming. The plus side of using YouTube though, would allow me to engage with my audience a whole lot better. I would get a lot more exposure as well as allow my audience to get to know me as a person instead of just someone who sits behind a computer and writes posts. And maybe I’d even be able to create my own brand if I get as famous as Michelle Phan and become the 7th most paid YouTuber!!