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Peer Review #3 – Red Lasiste

My peer review is on Red Lasiste’s website, Business School Prescriptions which is where he talks about what he has learned in his business education. When I first entered the website I was greeted by a full page photo. At a quick glance the website looks very well put together and shows a lot of work was put into creating it. All of the articles showcased a vast amount of knowledge and were very enjoyable to read. The navigation and design of the website looked to be well thought out and help make the website what it is.

The navigation through the website I would say it is really easy. It is so easy because there are so many tools accessible to help find what they are are looking for. If someone is on a post’s page, there are links on the side to archives which one can choose a certain month, categories on various topics and a list of recent posts. These are all extremely useful and give a user whether new or returning an easy way to get around the website. It’s also super easy to find any of the Publishing 101 work as its just as easy as clicking on “Pub 101” in the bottom right on the home page and it shows the various types of Pub 101 work which can be clicked on. However, the best feature especially for returning users is the search icon up in the top right. Most returning users will either want to come back to an article they have already read or they want to read something new. Well luckily if they are looking for something they have already read before it is as easy as just searching for it. One thing that was a bit confusing when I first got into the website was actually finding an article to read. I was lost until I finally figured out that clicking on the titles that as I scroll through the home page, takes me to the article. A suggestion would to maybe under the title add a little snippet of text from the article under the title to make it a little easier to understand.

As far as the design of the website goes I really enjoy it and think it is very unique. The big full page pictures make the website very unique, and I’ve never seen another website do something like it before. All the photos are really good quality photos and match with the website’s business theme perfectly. I also like the small but nice feature on the website when hovering over a title with the mouse, the titles color turns yellow which catches a reader’s eye and likely will help draw them into that article. When on an articles page the design flows through and definitely does not disappoint. I found when reading the article, “Why Case Competitions Are Crucial to Your Professional Development,” it was super easy to read. For starters, the font, gap between lines and line length are all really good and make it easy to read. Also I thought it was a great idea to bold the topics of each paragraph so a reader can easily see what each paragraph is about and if they want to just read a specific one then can find it and read it. Articles are super easy to read and that is one of the most important parts of any website.


Overall, the website looks very professional which fits the business theme because when most people think of business they associate it with being profesional which the website encapsulates. This is a great website and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about business.

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Process Post Week 10

After looking at my Google Analytics of my website, its kinda sad how few people have seen it. Now I know there are billions of websites on the internet, but I would have expected at least of few people to have miraculously fallen upon my website. Having only had 10 users at the time of writing this it surely makes me think of what I could do to get more people to view my website. Most of those 10 people are probably not even going to the website for the purpose of reading college football. Most likely those 10 are either me, people doing peer reviews or teachers looking in to the website. With this I need to focus on overall just getting people to know of my website.

I might not have the most unique website out there as there are much bigger websites such as theScore, ESPN and Bleacher Report that talk about college football, but I thought with the market being so big I could get a few people to pop by and read. Going forward I need to make sure that my topics in which I talk about are unique and not a copy of something said on one of the big CFB websites in order to make myself stand out. I also need to try market my website better. I could create an Instagram and Facebook account where I post more information on college football. I will have my website linked, so if people want to read more and learn more they can go to my website. Overall, in order for the numbers to go up on my website I need to make more unique content and market it better.


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Best Remaining Games This Season

With week 11 in the books and all teams in the top ten winning this week, there are not many big moments to talk about. The best teams stayed dominant and overall the standing are looking the same. With this we are going to look at the top matchups for the remainder of the season.

Image result for yankee stadium notre dame uniforms

Week 12 looks like it can be fairly boring as the only big match up will be between #3 Notre Dame and #13 Syracuse. Even though Syracuse is ranked 13th in the nation Notre Dame is still favoured -9.5 going in to the game and they should have no problem beating Syracuse. This game will also be Notre Dame’s final real test before the playoffs, and if they win this game then they should be set for the playoffs. This game will also be special for another reason, as it will be played in Yankee Stadium. Notre Dame will also be wearing New York Yankee inspired jerseys (as seen above) which in my opinion look very cool and I can’t wait to see them on field.

Image result for will grier

However, as sad as week 12 is, week 13 definitely makes up for it. Week 13 will have a few major matches that will have an affect on the playoff picture. The first match is #6 Oklahoma vs #9 West Virginia. This Big 12 matchup will be very big as they are both one loss teams that both still have a legitimate chance of making the playoff. However, they will need a bit of help from some other teams in order to make the playoffs. Both teams have top of the line quarterbacks in Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray and West Virginia’s Will Grier and both will contribute big numbers. This game will definitely be really high scoring and will likely come to a shoot out in the end.

Image result for michigan vs ohio state rivalry

Another big week 13 match will be the the classic Michigan vs Ohio State game. #4 Michigan looks to make their first college football playoff, where as #10 Ohio State looks to hold on to any last hope and have a big win at home. This will be the two team’s 115th meeting dating back all the way to 1897 when the first game took place. Ohio State have won the past 6 meetings and have a good chance at making it 7 in a row in their stadium in 2 weeks.

Week 13 looks will be a great week to sit down and enjoy all the great games and hopefully crazy chaos. Lots of inner state games will also be happening such as Florida vs Florida State and Clemson (located in South Carolina) vs South Carolina. Overall there will be no bigger week then week 13 and who makes the playoff will be decided potentially on this week.


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Looks Like Alabama is a Runaway Train

One thing we learned from this weekend was that Alabama is by far the best team in college football. Alabama this weekend had to go into Baton Rouge and face a fierce LSU team on the road in one of the most unforgiving stadiums to play in. However, the deafening crowd soon quieted down after scoring a touchdown 10 minutes into the game. After that, it’s like the wind had left the sails of LSU’s amazing season and they were never able to get their offense going and went on to be shut out 29-0. Alabama looked really well rounded whereas LSU looked good on defence but their offence could not do anything to save their life. LSU only had 12 rushing yards and 184 throwing yards which is nowhere near enough to have a chance against the best team in the nation. Overall, Alabama still convinced us they are the best and LSU now looks on from the outside as they won’t be making the playoff this year.

Image result for alabama kicker 2018 bulovas

Alabama almost has no flaws except for their kicking abilities. Joseph Bulovas, Alabama’s kicker is ranked 74th in the country which is massively lower compared to their other positions. Alabama ranks high in almost everyother category but kicking is not one of them. This could possibly be a problem going forward if they ever get into a close game and they lose because of a couple missed field goals or extra points.

Image result for jerry jeudy

The rest of the team however, are all on the top of their game and are some of the best in the country. For starters, their quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is the #1 quarterback in all of college football and right now is in firm control of the race for the Heisman Trophy. Quinton Williams (DL) was by far the best player in the LSU game as he posted 2.5 sacks, 7 tackles and 3 assists. Quinton leads a really strong Alabama defence and will most likely be a future star in the NFL. Alabama’s offence would not be complete without their amazing wide receivers and running backs. Jerry Judy ranks #7 in the nation in receiving yards and is surrounded by fellow wide receivers DeVonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle. These guys are used lots in the game as Tua makes it really easy for them to succeed with this near perfect throw. Alabama also has solid ground game as they have a great trio of running backs which they can easily rotate to keeping their legs fresh. Najee Harris, Josh Jacobs and Damien Harris keep the defence on edge as they pose a massive threat where if the defense focuses to much on the quarterback they can easily explode and have a massive gain. This year’s team might be one of the best coach Nick Saban has ever had and that is saying lots as he has won 5 out of the past 9 national championships at Alabama. Only time will tell if another team in the nation will even have a slight chance against them.

My prediction of the week for week 11 will be for the Clemson vs Boston College game. Clemson is looking extremely strong right now after destroying Louisville 77-16 last week and they might be the only team that can compete with Alabama. I expect the game to be a little closer then last weeks game but still Clemson wins, 47-20.

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Process Post Week 9

Everything we do online results in data and our data is everywhere out there. Whether it is a post we retweeted or random website we clicked on, all of our data is being collected and used. Our data will always be out there and there is almost nothing we can do to stop it unless we fully distance ourselves from the internet. Personally at this point I’ve stopped worrying about my data that is out in the world. There is nothing for me to worry about, as I have nothing to hide that could hurt me. Sure we lose our privacy with these big companies having access to all of our data but it is the price we pay to be on the internet. In some ways it is nice that they have data on us. For example, with Google collecting data on what websites we visit and what posts we like, it helps the experience of ads we see. I would rather see an ad for something I’m interested in on a video or website rather than some random ad that I have no interest in. I am causeist in what I post online and the websites I visit so there is no data out there on me that I don’t want but I don’t let that control my life. I can’t say I’ve thrown in the towel and I’m allowing anyone on the internet free range of my data but as long as I have nothing to hide I don’t really care if someone uses my data if its in a harmless way.


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Posiel Week 8

This week in our lecture we had Jon Festinger come in and talk about copyright laws. It was very interesting as copyright laws are not usually talked about and I don’t have much knowledge other than basic common sense. I was fascinated about finding out that you can replicate a scene from a movie and put it in a video game and still be able to get away with not infringing on copyright. I couldn’t believe that an escape via helicopter on the roof of a hospital is vital in to a zombie genre that you could use that scene in anything you make and not get in trouble. There are so many little loopholes out there but still require the person to be extremely careful because if you are not careful you will be sued for copyright. I also liked it how I was taught about what can and cannot be copyrighted and was surprised that not everything in this world can be copyrighted such as a house. I also learned that Canada is now joining the USA after the new trade agreement and that copyright will become public domains after 70 years which I had no clue that something copyrighted would ever be able to be public again. Copyright laws are such major component of everyday life and I never knew there was so much behind them. It really got me thinking about being more careful and citing my sources as I never want to get in to copyright trouble. Overall, Jon was very interesting to listen to and I appreciate all the knowledge I gained that day.

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Biggest Game of the Year – LSU vs Alabama

By far the biggest match up of this years regular season is coming up this week. #4 LSU will be taking on #1 Alabama at home in Baton Rouge. LSU look to continue their dominating season after already defeating 3 top 10 teams and have by far the best resume in the country. Alabama on the other hand have been the most dominating team all year averaging 54.1 points/game  which is 5.2 points/game ahead of second place Oklahoma. Alabama’s quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa leads the way in the race for the Heisman Trophy as he puts up nation wide leading stats while still not having played in the fourth quarter. As good as this is, Alabama could have a little problem against LSU if the game is close as Alabama has not been tested in any of their games yet resulting in them not having to play their starting quarterback ever in the fourth quarter. No one knows how Alabama will respond to a close game, but if it is anything like what we’ve seen in the past they should be just fine. LSU’s defence looks amazing this year while being lead by star players Greedy Williams and Grant Delpit. Both players are elite in the tackles and interception categories in the country leading LSU to have the most interceptions caught in CFB. Both teams look to make the playoff, and for the team that loses it could mean the end of their playoff dreams. Alabama still have a chance to make the playoff with one chance but they would have to get a lot of help from the other top teams. LSU though with a loss will make them go up to two losses on the season and they will have a very slim chance as it is near impossible to make the playoff with two losses even with their resume. Overall, I predict LSU to win at home, 34-33 on a last second field goal. This game will definitely be one of the best games of the year and everyone can’t wait.

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College Football Jeopardy – Mini Assignment #3

Today’s contestants on College Football Jeopardy are all 3 returning champions. On the left we have The Oregon Duck from the University of Oregon. Followed by Big Al from the University of Alabama. And last but not least we have Brutus from Ohio State University.

Today’s categories are: Champions , Mascots, Campus Life, Traditions, Players and Whats That Play.

Brutus, since you have the least money so far you can start.Congratulations Big Al that’s correct.

Oh no looks like we are running out of time. It’s time for Final Jeopardy.

TIMES UP! Lets see your answers.

Im sorry Brutus and Big Al, but unfortunately those answers are not correct.

Congratulations Oregon Duck you are right and you win the game!

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