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Major throwback & How I learnt to edit photos

I decided today to take on my peer reviewer’s advice and become more personal with being a photographer. Hence all these embarrassing photos I took when I first started photography in 2012. There are a bunch of things I would change now if given the chance to re-edit/shoot these. I feel like I lacked direction with my work, took WAAAY too many out of focused shots, and heavily abused the ‘offset’ function on Photoshop. Even so, I wanted to show these photos in response to questions I’ve received in the past.
Such as “you have a nice camera so that must be why you take good photos” or “were you always talented?” .

And to all those statements, No.

No one is born with an innate skill to take photos, and purchasing the latest camera model isn’t what guarantees an amazing photo. A personal example would be the equipment I used to take my photos from 2012 – 2015. A Canon 550d (aka a Digital Rebel T2i) and the cheapest camera lens on the market (50mm). Despite all of those factors I managed to create these:

(note: I chose to reference my own work since I felt weird if I used someone else’s old work and compared it to their current photos. Also I felt like I couldn’t judge anyone else’s work other than my own) 


I don’t mean to say my work is the best, but I felt that even with that equipment I had at the time, I managed to create something that looked decent. Which brings me to my next topic, on how many beginning photographers believe once they start taking photos they will immediately become Bella Kotak and make large sums of money. Unfortunately, that is not the case. From personal experience I managed to develop my photography skills through time.

Yes, a lot of time sitting in front of the computer.

A friend once told me “Anything can look easy, but what counts is the hours you spend to make that moment look effortless”. And that resonated with me because in theory photography seems to be an easy task, click a button, add a couple of “filters” and BAM done. However, what a lot of individuals don’t know is how much time goes into post production.

Take this before & after for example.

Notice any differences?


Therefore to conclude, the best way to get better at something is through practice, experiment, make mistakes and develop a personal style. Because at the end of the day the one thing no one can take away from you is your effort to improve.

Thank you to all who read this long post, I’ve always worried if I ever wrote a non-positive insight on photographers that I would come off as an arrogant person. Please excuse any cheesy / cliche lines, I personally loathe using them, but sometimes I feel like they’re accurate in moments like this. Also, if you enjoyed the article or have your own personal thoughts, feel free to comment down below.

Violet Violence

Final images from this week’s shoot 


Yesterday I did a shoot for the Colorista campaign, and this was the final result. I wanted to highlight the hair colour with a neutral background so I used a minimalistic area to shoot. When dyeing my hair I noticed the end result didn’t look anything that resembled the box, but never less it was a memorable experience. It was my first time ever bleaching and dyeing my hair by myself so I was super worried I would mess up and create a line on my hair where the colour started and where my natural hair ended. So I was pleased with the ombre effect, and even more so with the colour because I previously had ash blonde highlights and I felt that didn’t suit my look. However with more of a red tone to this hair dye I found it to work with my complexion.

Violet Flatlays

Flat Lays & Violet Shades 

Since the last time I’ve posted on here I’ve been studying for my Managerial Economics Midterm. Due to that I stayed at home 99% of the time.
However, I still managed to do a mini shoot this week for a product.
Being a influencer I was humbly asked if I would like to partake in an influencer campaign.
I was extremely shocked because my following is so small, but none the less I was flattered.
I chose to dye my hair purple because I wanted to create more of an edgy vibe to my look. Also, because I had some purple flowers at home at the time so it seemed synonymous to do so.
In true blogger fashion I used a white table to use as a blank canvas then proceeded to place the main product I wanted to feature in the middle, and then add additional items around the main focus of the photo to create my flatlay.
Usually flat lays are very neat and geometrical in a way, but I personally prefer to have what I call ‘a beautiful disaster’.

Editing wise I kept the photo very minimalistic with some colour sprinkled around the photo. I wanted to create more of a clean shot since it was to feature a product, but at the same time keep the composition and level of saturation cohesive with my style. Also since my table wasn’t that big I had to photoshop and extend the table in some areas.
Can you guess which photo I extended the table? (let me know in the comments below)

In this series I only liked two iPhone shots and two DSLR shots.
The final photo chosen for the campaign is featured here on my Instagram @charmynchan

Meagan Faye

Photoshoot in collaboration with Meagan for Chanel!

During the past week I was asked by my friend Meagan to do a photoshoot in collaboration with Chanel!
I was surprised at Meagan’s request for me to photograph her, since Meagan knows a lot of photographers, and being selected for the task made me feel extremely lucky. However, even though this shoot is for an established company, I found the photoshoot creatively to be limiting. As in, there was only one location for the shoot, and the photos required for the yoga ball & serum to be seen. Also, Meagan wanted a minimalistic over exposed style, which lead to me removing the background in the windows to declutter the photo. Colour scheme wise, Meagan said I could use whatever colours I want, but on the condition that the photos were over exposed, and there would be no background left in the window.

So far I’ve only emailed Meagan five photos to be used for her Instagram, but now that I am done editing, I look forward to seeing how many final shots are going to be reused on Meagan’s platform.

Jeyla Loves

Last Saturday on the 28th of January, I did a shoot with Jennifer Hallett the owner of Jayla Loves. The shoot was done in Yaletown where Jennifer lives, since it would be a convenient location to change outfits and it also fit in with my schedule since I had a dine out lunch event later that day. Again, Jayla’s Instagram feed is on a more monochromatic scale. However, Jayla said she would only desaturate the photos on her Instagram, but keep the photos the same on her blog. The product Jayla was featuring was Sketchers for their shoes, hence me capturing a photo of her shoes. Also Jayla was not very picky with what kind of location we shot at, so we used the opening of Earls to do our shoot at since we both agreed the brick wall would add colour to the photo.



Kicking off the first post with my friend Boyuba!

Hello everyone!
This week my shoot was done with the lovely Boyu in Steveston.
We chose this spot since it was convenient for both of us, and because it was our first shoot we wanted to test if my photography style would suit Boyu’s. Boyu’s style varies incredibly from mine, since I am someone who likes utilizing colour in their photo. Boyu prefers to keep her Instagram feed very minimalistic and all white with very low saturated tones. So, I wanted to try doing that, however I ended up creating a green / purple tint in the windows which I think adds to the photo.



Hello Charmyn here!

This blog was created for the purpose of forcing myself to do more photoshoots since my external hard drive died and I lost all of my work from 2012-2016. Hopefully you all enjoy viewing my work, and the inspiration behind them!

To begin I thought I would introduce myself.

Name: Charmaine Chan (Alias Charmyn Chan)
Age: 20
Occupation: Student
Side Hobbies: Food, photography and the occasional run

Attached in this document are several of old photos I previously shot of others to give you all an idea on what my photography style is like.

Till Next Time Lovelies!
Love, Charmyn