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Process Post!

For this week’s process post i’m supposed to talk about how I could integrate more transmedia into my online publication which would be this blog! First of all, since I pull the most amount of traffic from my personal instagram page it would be stupid to not try and connect the two. The how though would not be as hard as I thought. I can for starters put the link to this blog page onto my instgram’s bio thus making people who are interested in the things that I do click and check out my blog! Other than that, since I do have more than ten thousand followers on my instagram page I get to use the swipe up function in the “story” function that instagram has and link my blog to the instagram “story”.

But what I feel like would work best is if I uploaded more pictures onto the blog page just like the photos that I normally post on my instagram page to help spice up the blog and hopefully get more views to be on my way to make money from it! So enough speaking and more doing!

Here’s my Halloween experience!

Peer Review!

For this week’s assignment I was lucky enough to be paired up with my fellow classmate Tara Hajaghaie’s blog about motorcycles! First of all i’m going to talk about the aesthetic of the website. The theme of the website I feel like really works with the motorcycle topic because it’s nice and dark and has a “cool” feel to it. Say whatever you will, but the use of the colours on the website really does remind me of a sports car or a motorcycle.

As for the website’s ability to be monetised, I believe that Tara’s blog page has a lot of potential. One of the reasons is because even though the blog page does have some assignments from POSIEL pop up once in a while, there is a whole lot of information about motorcycles on the page. This will definitely be able to attract a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts to click onto the website to create views given the right marketing strategies and so on. The page also has a nice and easy menu for people to jump right to what they want to be reading.

One of our course readings from this week talked about how facebook basically forced people to install the messenger app on their phones in order to use the chat function that everyone used. According to the reading, although at first it pissed off a lot of people due to the fact that they had to download a whole separate app just so that they could use the chat function, people gotten used to it. So what I think that Tara can maybe do for this page is put certain links on the blog to make it necessary to go visit some other motor pages and get paid by the other sites depending on how much traffic Tara is able to generate!

One last thing is I absolutely love that there are memes on this page because I am a very strong meme enthusiast. memes excite me!



Process Post!

I personally don’t have any plans to monetize this website anytime soon or any of my other websites but if I were to do so, I suppose I would probably use my friends for content. For example my cousin is an actress in Hong Kong and is pretty well known throughout Asia. I can ask her for daily behind the scenes footage of her filming experience or something like that then post it onto my page where her fans will flock over to check out the new content. Then once I exploit more of my friends and family for content and stuff haha I will then put ads on the website and collect the money on a daily and never have to work another day in my life again.

and as for my thoughts on data analytics, I personally really like it because it gives the maker of the content awareness of what’s going on with his or her fans/followers. I am definitely all for it!

process post!


Because my google analytics on my wordpress does not seem to be working right even after trying it multiple times I decided to just do this process post based on my instagram impressions and statistics. From what I can see above, I can see that most of my followers are from Hong Kong. This makes sense because it’s where I come from and it’s where it all started for me. Then the second place for the area with the most people following me turned out to be Bangkok. This i can actually explain because I have a friend @itsfrankierossi with a lot of instagram followers that I post a lot of pictures with and a majority of his fan base is in Bangkok and other areas of south east asia. Then obviously Los Angeles comes in third and i’m not even surprised just because I travel there so frequently that i’m bound to have a lot of people there know who I am.

As for the impressions, as you can see above I had +100k impressions this weekend compared to what I usually get. This is due to my trip to LA and hanging out with a lot of social media influencers and going to cool places to have fun and party. I can tell from the impressions that the followers most definitely enjoyed that type of content way more than me just in Vancouver doing photoshoots once in a while. So in order to target what my followers like I think I will be planning more trips to LA in order to give the people what they want.

What I think actually works for my followers is just to be able to see me being my true self and having fun making friends etc. so that’s exactly what i’m going to do in the future!

Fake News!!! Essay #1

Nowadays there are a lot of social media platforms that act as news sources for the general public because of all the traffic these social media platforms can pull in. These social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a myriad of other smaller social media platforms where people can share whatever they want.

An issue with this new phenomenon would be that people can now share whatever their thoughts are on social media without having their posts be fact checked or legitimised. For example, Danielle Bregoli also known as “Bhad Bhabie” on instagram who is famous for her catchphrase “cash me ousside how bow dat”, got kicked off her flight with Spirit Airlines. According to ( “Danielle Bregoli, 13, was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight with her mother, Barbara Ann, on Tuesday for punching another passenger while boarding the plane at LAX.” But before anyone heard any news at all from the Daily Mail website or any other reliable source of news, they got it first off Danielle’s own explanation of what happened through recording herself talk on instagram’s story feature, combined with a lot of “leaked videos” from other passengers from the plane.

In those leaked videos shot of the incident from the airplane, the videos don’t start from the beginning of what happened, the video starts with Danielle already screaming and throwing punches at the passenger in the seat. This is a huge issue because now we don’t even know how the fight really started except for what people say happened. And on top of that, because Danielle is famous and viral everyone only posted stories of what she did and thought but never even thought to ask the other person’s point of view. Nowhere in the article could I find the other person’s point of view mentioned. In fact, I could not even locate the other person’s name in the article. The Daily Mail website only mentioned the passenger as a fellow passenger, the women, the unnamed woman, etc.

From this example we can see how the news that we receive can easily be a very one sided statement and that is not the kind of news we should be taking in. That is because then a lot of the news that we take in and absorb on a daily basis can be false information. The example of Danielle Bregoli might not be a big issue on the grand scheme of things but the way that people take in information is a big deal because nowadays people will read and believe anything on social media even though it might not even be actual serious news.

This is not entirely the media’s fault though because nowadays it is very important to be the first to publish information. Making people post whatever they have as soon as they have any information at all just so that people will flock to their social media platform and take up all their new content. Jerry McLaughlin made a really good analogy in his article with Forbes saying “do you remember your first kiss? I’m guessing yes. Do you remember your fourth kiss? Hmmm…”. His analogy of the importance of being first is very simple and straight to the point. We humans always tend to only remember the first thing that we see and these social media people know that. That is why all these people are always posting things for the general public to eat up even though the things being posted aren’t always true.

So since i’m guessing that most people probably already know that there are a lot of fake content and news on these social media outlets, you might ask the question “who do people still believe in fake news?”. The answer according to Arie Kruglanski’s article from the Huffington Post is due to the psychology of motivation. Basically, we humans have a conscious desire for information, and because of that natural desire for information we will be likely to respond to any messages that agree with our wishes and desires. Kruglanski notes that “two types of motivation are particularly relevant here: the need for certainty in times of turmoil and change, and the need to specific outcomes.”.

Now that we know what fake news is, how it happens, and why we always fall for it, let’s talk about how we can try to avoid fake news! David Robson wrote in his article with BBC News that there are six steps we can take to make ourselves “fake news” proof. The first step is to not be seduced by simplicity, he states that an article that is very easy to read may be considered fishy and even a simple font can give it away. The second step is to be smart to doctored images, because nowadays a lot of things can be photoshopped. The third step is to accept our ignorance and always try to look for truth. This is because a lot of times we are over confident that what we think is real has to be real, but that is not always the case. So we should always be fact checking ourselves before fully believing in something. The fourth step is to look beyond your bubble, meaning we should talk to different people and get more than just one person’s perspective. The fifth step was that we should be curious and always try to look for the truth through different angles. And last but not least, we should look for the opposite, because you never know which news is correct until you fact check. Now that you know how to spot out fake news, i hope you never fall for another trap again!