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James Bay

Oh, James Bay… or who my friends know as “Bay bae”

A brilliant debut album “Chaos and The Calm.” 

I still kick myself for not being in Vancouver, when he came to Vancouver.
First time, with Hozier in October 2014 at the Commodore Ballroom.
Second time, in April 2016, headlining at the Orpheum Theatre.

I love how the whole story unfolds throughout the lyrics

Let the ashes fall, forget about me

Hold back the river, let me look in your eyes

Your lion’s heart will protect you under stormy skies…

These 3 songs are only a sneak peak to “Chaos and The Calm.” 
From the first track “Craving’ to the last track Incomplete,” the album paints hope and heartbreak.
Check out his whole album if you have time, you can thank me later. Definitely won’t disappoint.


Adele 25

It was hard to find official videos or audio for Adele’s music on Youtube, despite having her own VEVO channel.

let me photograph you in this light, in case it is the last time…

Here’s her album 25 on Spotify

Water Under The Bridge

If I’m not the one for you, why have we been through what we have been through…


Thought I’d make a post about SHINee, since they are coming to Vancouver!
Purchase tickets through Ticketmaster and see them live on March 21, 2017 at the Orpheum Theatre!

SHINee’s sharp, precise dance moves and difficult choreography are acknowledged by fellow kpop artists.
FYI: It’s actually rare for Kpop groups to be 100% synchronized, but there are groups that have proved otherwise.

Released in 2008,
It’s first song I ever heard from SHINee, not really knowing who or what they were.

Replay” or Korean title “누난 너무 예뻐” (translated to “Noona is very pretty” or “Noona, you’re so pretty”)
누난 = Noona, meaning “older sister” – a title for males to address females who are older in age

The music video stars, label mate girl-group, F(X)‘s leader, Victoria

Released in 2009, “Ring Ding Dong
Did not know what to think when I first heard + saw this… it’s something like, “omg, you guys have to be kidding me.. kpop is scaring me”

Releases in 2010

Hello is probably the first music video I watched when I decided to explore Kpop.
I couldn’t help but notice that these guys smiled A LOT– boarder line creeped me out… Especially, Onew (at 0:42).


Here are two acoustic takes of the song, when SHINee were guests on the the talk show “Beatles Code”

Host: Jun Hyun Moo – almost like a parody acoustic version?

In the 2nd acoustic take, SHINee’s main vocalist, Jong Hyun, wows the hosts.

Released in 2012, “Sherlock (Clue + Note)”  starring Girls’ Generation (SNSD)‘s ex-member Jessica Jung.
One of SHINee’s most difficult choreographed dances.

Watch them perform 2x the speed. Even the members were surprised. Turn on CC for subtitles!

Released in 2013, SHINee once again amazes the audience with their difficult choreography in “Everybody.

Released in 2015, “View“– a song of the deep house genre– is choreographed by American dancer, Ian Eastwood.
I remember several artists releasing singles of the “house” genre around this time, American and Korean.

Released in 2016, “Tell Me What To Do” of off their fifth studio album.

I don’t know why this song gives me Jesse McCartney vibes.

Follow the boys on social media!

SHINee: Instagram + YouTube

Jong Hyun – Instagram + Twitter
Key – Instagram
Onew – Instagram
Min Ho – none
Tae Min – none

Jungkook (BTS) cover: We Don’t Talk Anymore – Charlie Puth

You can listen to the original We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth, and get to know why I love this song in the “Playlist” section of my blog.

Here’s a cover of the song We Don’t Talk Anymore by Jungkook of BTS

Jan 6, 2017

Feb 27, 2017

We Don’t Talk Anymore – Charlie Puth

Struck a chord with me when it was initially released.
A song I believe a lot of people how can personally relate to.
Maybe not all in a romantic sense– even friendships and family fall out.

we don’t talk anymore, like we used to do

Here’s a live performance where I personally think that Charlie looks like he’s in love with her.
Although, they may not be friends anymore… here‘s some drama you might be interested in.

Here’s a cover of the song from BTS member, Jungkook.
I find he sounds similar to Charlie Puth.

Jungkook did post a sample version of his cover on the official BTS Twitter back on Jan 6, 2017.
Charlie Puth liked and followed BTS after.
Here’s an article by allkpop about the incident.

On Feb 27, 2017, the BTS official youtube pages releases Jungkook’s full cover of the song.
And Charlie Puth retweets the post.
Also, summarized in an article on allkpop.

Can I contact you now?

2 weeks into blogging I encounter the WordPress WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH after trying to edit the function codes of my restricting theme.
I was unable to open my blog through the admin portal and had a heart attacking realizing I may have just lost all my content.

That’s when I kicked my self for not using the back up option on the hosting portal site.

HOWEVER: I did end up overriding new content with an old back up recently as well. So basically my back up, backfired. I guess I just need to triple check before I press any buttons moving forward.

Nothing couldn’t be discussed in tutorial, and I remembered the TA mentioning not to email him unless

the sky is falling

And I almost did.

How to fix the WordPress white screen of death

Thankfully I was able to override the functions code externally to re-upload and launch the blog.

With All Due Respect,

I read this meme or quote on the internet a while back, along the lines of

You know when someone is telling you something they’re passionate about, but they stop and say sorry. And you realize someone probably told them they were annoying.

This is my space for you to experience that “sparkle” in my eyes when talking about my interests- completely uninterrupted.

You can leave if you want, I wouldn’t [care to] know. If you don’t want to hear it anymore more, I don’t have to take that from you.
And maybe next time there will be something worthwhile for you.

Gossip Girl

Title: Gossip Girl

Release date: 2007
Length: 6 seasons

Synopsis IMDb: Privileged teens living on the Upper East Side of New York can hide no secret from the ruthless blogger who is always watching.



The show was inappropriate for my age when it was first released. I began to watch it after the first 3 seasons were aired. The story explores

the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite

And because of the overlapping lies and plot twists, it was hard to follow the storyline. I am unable to recall each season properly and it doesn’t help that the characters often travel within the show as well.
Although the television show is based off of a book series, the writers used the base storyline and evolved the plot.

Thankfully that’s how the ship (urban dictionary) for Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf began.

Other than the romantic relationships in the show, the strong bond between the group of friends is also admirable. Even though throughout the run of the series there are multiple betrayals, when an outsider tries to harm any one of them, they display a united front despite internal conflict.

why Blair Waldorf is a life mentor