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Do we truly grasp Gratitude?

This past February during the reading break, I went on a 10 day mission with CCO(Catholic Christian Outreach, a open community on SFU campus) to Mexico City. Our mission was centred on bringing on hope and love to  the people in the darkest parts of poverty in Mexico city.  I wasn’t too sure as to what I was going to learn , but I know it was going to a life changing experience for me and definitely it was.

I would like to introduce you all to a this handsome young lad that I met near the Basilica of Our Lady of Gaudalupe. He’s name is Jonathan.
We came across him while he was with he’s family. Seeing him with his family on the street was heartbreaking especially when he was full of smiles and looked overjoyed while being with his parents . It struck me so hard that him and he’s family had so little and were so grateful for the little they had. Living with no safety, in danger of being robbed by thieves, no food . Hearing there are 60 other families around that are in the same situation tore me apart. I was struck with so much guilt that there were moments in my life where I felt entitled to what I have and desired even more. Complaining over the smallest of things in life while there are people with so little .Never appreciating the smallest of blessings that can mean the world to those in deep poverty. 


Also, I went with my team to  an actual dump where people actually live. Having the opportunity to reach out to people that live there and sit down and hear their stories. People striving to separate different waste and try make $3 /6 a day to survive. These people never looked stressed. They were actually happy and they always have faith that God provides. 6 homes were burnt down with belongings to six families. They weren’t stressed out and responded so calmly saying that’s life and moving on straight away to build new homes from the waste and objects around them. Families Experiencing such traumatic scenarios but they continue to desire God. I really wanted to help but there’s ever so much we could have done but just offer the people love.

We live in a generation where we feel entitled to what we have and continue to desire more and we continue to not be fully satisfied and be grateful for all the small blessings that are in our lives. This is a very cold hard truth that I realized with humility grows a graceful virtue that a lot of us lack and that is gratitude. To take a moment and stop, reflect and be grateful for everything we have instead of always finding something really pointless that we don’t really need.. While there are people that have so little and are eternally grateful and don’t desire what the world offers, there are others with so much and yet they .make it seem like they never have enough. 

Peer Review #2

Oh I am truly left with great joy after reviewing Austin Lee’s website. Oh my heart. People you have to take some time one day and check out he’s website. He’s blog is about tea ventures of his one year puppy, Koby. This is his site ,

The website design for his website is very clear, simple and well laid out. Your first view of his website is of his beautiful puppy, Koby right in the centre and has the heading and theme of his blog at the top centre of his cover page.  As you scroll down the main page, you’ll be able to see the current posts that he would have uploaded. He has also linked his Instagram where you find more on Koby’s adventures. The choice of font for both the heading and for the body of text works very well and looks good. The background of white and the borders with the colour maroon work really well together.His menu works very well especially how he has grouped everything.

I was checking out his blog posts on the journey that Koby has been experiencing ,but sadly I can only read 3-4 sentences and click to see the feature image along with the post. So hopefully I can read more of the posts of his blog in the future. Other than that, theres not much more to criticize. Hoping to read more of Koby’s adventures for the rest of the semester.

Process Post Week 5

Finally, I have been able to know where I’ll be reflecting my website along with my theme of humility. When we were introduced to thinking of how I should think I think of the type of font I should use , along with the amount of whitespace I should allow inside of my website, I started of trying to find a theme that would allow more freedom of customization. I was already thinking of doing too many things. Later reflecting on my theme of my website that has to do with humility, it struck me so quickly that I don’t have to be extreme with doing too many things because with humility comes great simplicity, So I have a stronger sense of direction with the editing of my website to remember to design it with not trying too many things ,but to have great simplicity inside of it.

when I felt the call to grow in Humility

It was almost a year ago, around early November. I was having lunch with my friends and having a discussion about the struggles of living a strong spiritual life on campus. As the conversation somehow ended up with us joking about something we have in common, I somehow indirectly put myself at the centre of the conversation. One of my friends casually joked that I’m quite prideful. As I was going back home in the evening on that day, I started to reflect and question myself to wonder if I am prideful.

Eventually I came to the conclusion at that time that I identified myself with great pride especially with all the success and achievements that I had received during my time in high school. I had brought myself to a level where I had an attitude that I was above everyone and only had a thought of only being concerned about myself. Finding out the strong truth of myself was truly painful and somehow swindled into my heart the desire to learn humility and grow into this virtue. Trying to find out what is humility, I looked up to my main idol :), Pope Francis as people as well as myself view him to possess the quiet quality of humility.



Week 4 ~ Process Post

This was really intense especially after learning of what can have a high influence in representing myself in my website. I never realized how hard it is to find a flexible theme and recreate into the best way of representing myself and especially the theme of my blog. I’m still finding great difficulty in matching my website along with the theme I have chosen. I’m hoping before the end of the month I would have found the right balance for my website matching with my theme.

Peer review assignment

I have been graced with the opportunity to witness En-Yu(Grace) Chang’s website. Grace is running a blog about her travels and life experiences . This is a very exciting topic and I’ll definitely take a look into her website throughout the semester. The layout of her blog is very simple and well laid out. She desires to explore what life has to offer , the beautiful outdoors and all people. She seems to be someone that delights in how life is truly an adventure and that we can all have our own personal beautiful sunshine. Viewing the first site of her website brings and reveals beautiful peace especially with the centred image that truly opens ones’ mind to exploring through traveling. Her main cover photo truly links with her vision board. She truly brought out her online self quite well. Try a very creative way of creating her vision board through grouping together items that show her passions and what inspires her. Her website contains her vision board and her conversation with a stranger. Her post about her conversation with a stranger is v very fascinating and really caught the attention of my mind. The way she started off with describing what is a stranger and deepening the conversation with how it is truly different the way we interact online and in reality with strangers is truly deep and leaves a lot of time to reflect and ponder. Her way of ending it out on how we can never know that there maybe a stranger who may give us strong inspiring words was so deep and so true. This post has left me on the edge of my seat to wait patiently to read more and possibly find out  Grace’s true self from her website and that may it reflect who she is at the end of the semester. All I can say is I’m hoping to see more posts and reflections of her blog and that possibly that may shows us more of Grace and her personality. This is the link to her website:

who is Simbarashe?!


The things that we love tell us what we are.
–Saint Thomas Aquinas


who am I?! Hmmmmm I’m still figuring that out haha kidding, wait I actually am. So I’m Simbarashe , but people call me Simba. I’m from Zimbabwe from southern Africa. I’m in my second year in doing a double minor of publishing and communications ho[ing to become a graphic  and motion designer . I’m an athlete with a soft sport in the beautiful sport of tennis. I’m artist , sadly not a musician. However, I’m as good as Beyonce when I’m doing karaoke . I’m a Catholic that has been graced with experiencing the beautiful perfect love that God has to offer for everyone. I go and take time in different missionary work locally and across the globe when I have time.  I truly love witnessing people encounter perfect true love and see their hearts at peace and in continuous joy both in times of great delight and in times of overwhelming challenges.  I desire to continue to grow a profound and compassionate heart for all people that are on the edges of society.  Enjoy yourself with exploring my blog,

God Bless,



Process in construction of my site

I only came into the class in week 2 so I’ve been quite behind. I’m still finding my way around with learning how to use WordPress. It’s all new to me. As well as trying to find a simple theme to have to try reflect with what I want my post to be about. I’ve been going through possibly 3/4 themes. Some have been complicated and it made it hard for others to read my articles. Also with learning about all the different features to use to make my website more unique has been a bit overwhelming because there’s so much to use. I’ve decided that my website may have continuous changes for the next 3 weeks until I’ve found the perfect combinations of additions to represent my website to represent me in the best way possible. 

week 3~ Is there a True Self

It’s truly hard to know of anyone’s true self especially with social media. One specific social media site  Instagram is a big concern for me when addressing this. Everyone on instagram now have the same identity , sharing what they believe people will find appealing. Giving themselves a false identity. An identity truly seeking for affirmation and  acknowledgement from their peers. Secondly, social media also makes it really awkward for people to have their true self. You may see someone very expressive over social media platforms .but in person they aren’t like that. It is harder now for someone to be their true self with how life has been infiltrated onto virtual platforms. It’s very rare to find someone that is truly  honest and real with who  they are both on social media and in reality. As we now live in a world where everyone wants to be the same , is there a way of finding ones’ true self with the digital world continuously reconstructing and advertising the “identity” that people must pursue in?