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The Last Hour of The Internet

For this week we had an in class discussion on a specific question…

What would you do if you only had an hour left of the Internet?

It’s interesting to think how much we rely on technology and the Internet in order to go about our daily lives. Without it, who knows what would happen to our communication. As I sat in class thinking about this proposed scenario, I really began to realize that I use the Internet for so much within my everyday life that without it, a lot could be lost.

I came to the conclusion that writing down phone numbers would be one of my priorities since I do not know anyone’s phone number (except for my parent’s), which would cause a lot of problems when trying to contact or get in touch with others. I also decided with the time that I had, to download any photos that are only online, any significant memories of my online self that may be erased from history forever.

It was interesting to hear of other student’s ideas about what they would do with the last hour of the Internet, from downloading music to researching why the Internet was shutting down forever.

All in all, this little question puts into perspective how significant the Internet is to our everyday life and how we move forward in society. Who knows, maybe one day this problem may arise and we will all have to decide what to do with the last hour of the Internet.

Process Post 4 (Editing the Blog)

For this week I worked on a few touch ups for my blog in order to make it look more cohesive and captivating. The biggest change that I worked on was changing my website background in order to have it blend together with the colour palette that I was using for the site. With the same idea of having squiggles or something artistic for the theme of the page, I decided to look again online for images that would work. However, I was not able to find an image that fit well or would be able to use without causing a problem with copyright issues – so I decided to make my own on InDesign.

I have worked with InDesign a little bit and thought this new background idea would be a perfect moment for me to put my (very basic) skills to use and use my creativity in order to design something that I appreciated and something that would fit my theme. The first image that I came up with felt a little too bare and did not pop up as much on the background of my blog as I planned.

After testing the first design that I made, I decided to add a little extra element, which only consisted of adding a shape to the top area. My goal for this image was to keep things minimal, still fun, and artsy. I wanted to make sure that the colours fit together both in the design as well as within my blog.

The overall goal for this week’s work on my blog was to refine the webpage and have the blog’s aesthetic more visually cohesive. I still wanted to have my personality within the blog of being artistic and minimal, which is why I designed and added the image now on the site. I project that I will continue to edit the webpage in order to create a space that I feel proud of, but for now, baby steps!

PROCESS POST: Week four— Peer Review #1

Train, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

 An Exploration of the Fitness Lifestyle

The blog is not only about training and the daily routine of Chris Pham, but focuses on inspire others to take action and start their journey to a more healthier lifestyle. The blog has an easy going design which make it easy to follow the different blog post and also to chose what in the blog you want to read. The posts are both text and pictures, the picture usually an inspirational meme. The blogs main theme is to inspire and give a lot of tips, which I do think it really does. Me as a person is not the one that visit the gym as a daily routine or think a second time about what I eat, but reading the different posts make me wonder if I should try to change my daily lifestyle. If the blog can even make me think a second time about my daily routine, that is a big compliment. Regarding the design of the blog I do see some things that can be improved. Maybe some more color — in both pictures and text — can make the blog more interesting and inspiring for readers visiting the blog for the first time. I do think that the posts are well written and I can see that there has been a lot of thought put in all of them.

As Garner Campbell writes in his article A Personal Cyberinfrastructure, to create and manage the blog is not only an assignment but a way to learn. Campbell writes “Students with this kind of digital fluency will be well-prepared for creative and responsible leadership in the post-Gutenberg age”, which in this case describes the blog perfectly. Even if Train, Eat, Sleep, Repeat is created by a student for a school course, and its writer Chris can not — as he mentions — claim the title of a personal trainer, this is his chans to inspire others and to make his name recognisable in the blog community of fitness. Like Debbie Chachra discuss in the article Why I Am Not a Maker, the act as an educator does not make you a maker, but something else. I would say that this blog is just that: a way to inspire and be something else. To go outside your comfort zone and create something bigger, but in the same way with a very clear path and with something the author is comfortable with — fitness.  Chris consider his online persona a lot different than his offline one, and I can see a interesting development of the online one already. From the first post to the last, they have become more personal and also more confident. Just as Craig Mod says in his article How I Got My Attention Back the now daily routine is a very online one. To actually take a step back and chose the offline way must be an active choice. As Chris mentions this is something that is difficult: it is today hard to not be online. I wonder if his online persona might think differently since the blog is abut fitness and actually doing something else than just constantly being online. I look forward to follow the blog and get more active, since I do believe that is something that most likely will happen.

Interested in reading Chris blog? Just click here!



Life Itself is Terrible at Imitating Life

I just saw Life Itself in theaters, and I am quite disappointed. It follows two families on separate continents as they navigate through life, finding love and heartbreak along the way. Based on the description and the trailer, it seems like an upbeat, hopeful romance with some drama and tear-jerking moments, but it’s actually the opposite.

Life Itself has many flaws, but I will focus on the main ones. Firstly, most of the characters in this movie are one-dimensional. You don’t learn much about them aside from a few facts about their pasts and some basic traits, which makes them very unrealistic and hard to care about. Secondly, the movie is supposed to emulate life, but the events and connections between characters are completely far-fetched. Lastly, it has too much story for a two-hour movie. Few characters have the time to develop properly, and we rarely see the implications of the traumatic events because there are too many characters and time jumps to focus on one period or person for too long.

I found the first family and their story extremely poorly written. None of them are realistic or compelling, and I found it difficult to care about them. For example, the primary trait of Will (played by Oscar Isaac) is an intense, almost creepy love for his wife, who also has no personality. In addition to the bland characters, the first family’s story contains several major twists, but they are there more for shock value than to add to the story. They intend to make the viewers feel sad, but we don’t learn enough about the characters to even care about what happens to them, so these twists do not elicit their anticipated emotion.

The second family is much more interesting, despite their story being a bit slow-paced. The characters, especially the two men, seem more real, and therefore I felt much more emotionally attached to them and their story. Their story comprises the best part of the movie, but it still has flaws, as parts of it are overly dramatic and unrealistic, and only two of the four characters are actually well developed.

The purpose of having multiple storylines and a large cast of characters in this film is to build up to specific happy or traumatic moments that are meant to be cathartic, but the feeling just wasn’t there for me, so few of these events resonated with me at all. There was only one moment that made me emotional, and I think it is a solitary example of good writing in this film. It is a twist involving the two men in the second family’s story that, once explained, makes perfect sense for the characters and story, so it has much more emotional weight. That moment was the best part of the entire movie for me.

The end of Life Itself was possibly the worst part. It thinks it’s building up to a huge moment that will make all the trauma better and leave you feeling happy, but the message it sends isn’t consistent with the plot of the film, and I personally find it problematic. The message is that everything in life (including traumatic events) happens for a reason and will eventually lead you or someone else to happiness, so trauma can actually be a good thing. I get what the writer is trying to say, but we barely see the result of this message, and it disregards the people who get hurt along the way, as they were just the means to an end. This ending is meant to be a cathartic moment where everything adds up and leads you to this epiphany about life, but I was left thinking, that’s it?

I expected a lot more from this film, especially because of the writer/director’s acclaim with This Is Us, but I was quite disappointed. I would rate it around 5.5/10, and I would not recommend that anyone watch it.


I remember the first time I noticed the man’s face in the moon. It was the first time I really looked at it. He looked lonely up there, all alone. Did the sun keep him company?

I thought about how the moon is a kind of clock. The moon is out: I go to bed. The moon is on the other side of the earth: I am awake. The moon is visible in the blue sky: what a phenomenon. It marks the seasons. It says: Ready or not, winter is here. It says: Do you hear the birds singing? It’s spring. 

I’ve heard it said that there is no scientific basis for the observation that everyone loses their mind a bit on the full moon, but I have to be honest: I subscribe to that pseudoscience. As a nineteen year old I taught ballet to kindergarteners and I can say in full confidence that they went rogue when the moon’s full fat face looked down on us. 

Do we see a man’s face in the moon because we are narcissists? Or do we see it because it is worthwhile seeing ourselves in the world around us?  

Process Post #2

I successfully uploaded two artworks. The mechanism of WordPress is becoming more comfortable as I spend more time on it. I had some issues in terms of representation and display.

I didn’t like the display of “Artworks” menu since it did not show the image of artwork on the front page of “Artworks”. I looked at the dashboard and I found the “featured image” in the “post” section. I fixed it simply.

I also found an interesting feature at the “customize” which is called “site icon”. I successfully put a Korea traditional pattern on the site icon, and it was visually satisfied.



I still need to figure out how to get rid of “NOTHING FOUND” sign on the front page of the web site.


Peer Review #1 – Assiduous Aesthetic

For my peer review, I had the opportunity to examine Quentin’s Blog, Assiduous Aesthetics. I would like to start off by commenting on his blog name which is an alliteration that I find makes it easy to say as it rolls off the tongue quite nicely. Great choice!

Upon arriving at Quentin’s homepage, I was greeted by a picture of a Mac dock with PhotoShop being magnified. The tagline is engaging which made me want to continue my time browsing his blog. Upon realizing how the tagline correlated with the image it became apparent to me that this was the perfect theme for Quentin’s blog.

Just below the image is the menu which is simple to navigate. The orange is the perfect shade as it does not take over the page, but it is not super subtle. The arrow to automatically scroll down is a nice touch. However, the arrow seems a little out of place to me. It does not fit with the main typeface as it is pointier as opposed to round like the menu. I would suggest an arrow such as the one below. This would add to the continuity on Quentin’s blog as the rounded scrolling button goes hand-in-hand with the circular icons below.

I absolutely loved the inverse colours when hovering over the icons. I found that this extension of the menu provokes viewers to explore Quentin’s blog. The menu in the footer featuring a search bar and recent posts is minimalistic which adds to the natural flow of the blog.

Moreover, the about section is to the point and adding a photograph of himself enables readers to put a face to the designer. Yet again the circular photograph continues the theme from the homepage with the circular icons. The line “I’m excited for this blog because it’s giving me the opportunity to write about what excites me without feeling constrained to a certain number of characters, words, or ideas” reminds me of “The Web We Have To Save” which ends on a similar note mentioning the days before Twitter’s character limit and the times when people would read more than just a paragraph which is what this blog is accomplishing. Furthermore, Quentin mentions that he is a very detail-oriented person, and this is apparent in his “Guest Post” with the Hulk where he clearly took the time and effort to differentiate the word “SMASH!” which is written three times.

Furthermore, all of Quentin’s blog posts have a little preview that acts as a hook and prelude to reel readers in. The PhotoShop work that has been done to make team kits standout from opposing players and their kits is extensive and very detailed. I applaud you on that! It is seemingly visible that thought was put into criticizing current kits of their shortcomings in addition to designing new ones and providing a rationale and insight with respect to these re-designed kits.

I must say that I am a fan of Quentin’s work and it reminded me of “The Web We Need To Give Students”. This course has provided Quentin the opportunity to exist outside of the “learning management system” mentioned in the article. Suppose that our blogs were not being posted onto our domains but instead being printed and handed-in; no one would ever see the fabulously redesigned kits which could be noticed by a company looking to hire a designer for their jerseys.

Upon reading the fact that Quentin does not use much social media and he is not very outgoing I recalled John Suler’s “The Online Disinhibition Effect”; in Quentin’s blog posts he is really expressing himself both in a written and visual format which I thought to be what Suler describes as “The True Self”.

Lastly, I suggest adding a site icon to further enhance the blog and further develop the brand through social media platforms such as Instagram. The ability on Instagram to post multiple images together would be perfect as it would allow posting the current and re-designed kits together.

Overall, I enjoyed browsing Quentin’s blog. I am interested in reading and viewing more of his designs as it was obvious that he has a passion for re-designing soccer kits.

Whether you are an avid sports fan or a hardcore soccer fan I would definitely recommend taking a look at Quentin’s blog.

Process Post #4 – The Last Hour of The Internet

This past week we examined a question that I had never really thought about; what would you do with your last hour of internet usage?

Ever since I read the article “How I Got My Attention Back” by Craig Mod I have been more cautious of the amount of time I spend online mainly through tracking my screen time which was a feature added to iOS 12.

At first, I thought I could really care less about the internet because it is like a double-edged sword. I can obtain useful information from it in a matter of seconds but on the contrary, I have spent countless hours unproductively searching the internet or on social media.

Upon giving it further consideration, I realized that I would FaceTime my great-grandmother in England during the last hour of the internet. Additionally, I would download all the files that I have saved in the Cloud and a copy of Wikipedia to avoid a trip to the library every time I have a question. Lastly, if I still had time I would download music, movies, and TV shows to enjoy later.

In the event of the internet shutting down forever I would be curious to examine the economic impact this would have on industries and businesses that rely heavily on it. Also, no internet would present an opportunity for entrepreneurs to create similar alternatives.

I think the biggest impact would be felt by internet service providers such as Shaw, Telus, and others. They would suffer a loss in revenue, but this would be somewhat compensated by cord-cutters getting cable again. Moreover, current consumers would probably feel the impact through an increase in their monthly bill to allow companies to remain operational instead of an anticipated price drop since they would have one less service. Of course, those that work from home through company websites would likely return to the office. Businesses that solely rely on the internet would cease to exist.

Furthermore, industries and businesses that rely heavily on the internet to either advertise or those that operate completely online would be forced to either adapt or perish. According to Magna in 2017 41% of the spending in the advertising market was for digital ads. This would result in a definite rise in the value of advertising through alternatives such as good old newspapers, radio, and television.

I think it would be interesting to live in this day and age with modern technology but no internet. It would be as if we were living life “back in the day” but with many more technological advancements. Without the internet, there would absolutely be a void that would require filling for some but with time I believe that I would be able to adjust to life without it. Perhaps it would allow us all to be mindful and slow down to live in the moment. The hours, day and years would go by much slower. We have technologically advanced so much in the past two to three decades that our daily activities and life revolve around the internet more than we realize. Though there is likely no going back, governments need to slow down technology advances, so humans can catch up and still have a purpose in life. The internet has taken over our lives; taking the internet away might give us back just that, our lives.

Mapped Out


Two main focuses on this blog.

1. blog posts reflecting lecture material
2. blog posts for personal theme (food trucks in Vancouver)

How did I lay it out?

The #posiel content can be accessed in two location. Through the menu tab and the side bar. The categories label on the side hints the affordance that posts are in different sections.

My main focus was to put the spotlight on my food posts. Because photos are so important, I put an emphasize on the call to action to visit the Instagram page. The instagram logo is seen right off the bat and ‘insta fee’ is also a menu option. The menu goes straight to my feed and on the bottom once again, it suggests to follow the account.

…. it can’t get any more annoying than that; BUT I think the flow of my audience is working. Did it work for you? Did you click my instagram page? Let me know!

Why Does Canucks Ownership Want A Quick Rebuild?

Canucks Tour (Feb’ 13) by VFS Digital Design is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Canucks ownership has received a lot of heat for delaying a rebuild and now that they are in the midst of one it seems that ownership wants it to be over quickly based on the trade rumors and free agents that they have been linked to; to name a few Steven Stamkos who re-signed in Tampa Bay, P.K. Subban who was traded to Nashville, John Tavares who signed with his hometown Maple Leafs and Erik Karlsson who ended up in San Jose. But hey! Vancouver was able to convince Loui Eriksson to sign on the dotted line. It has been speculated that ownership is in a hurry to collect playoff revenue, but is this really true?

A few days ago, I was listening to “The Patcast” and I heard something that was quite frankly striking. “Uncle Laleet” revealed the reason that Francesco Aquilini wants a quick rebuild; he wants to win the Stanley Cup during his aging father’s lifetime; this was verified in “The Patcast” just past the 40-minute mark. After hearing this I was reminded of what the New York Rangers did this past year when they wrote a letter to their fan base which essentially stated that the team was going to rebuild. Had Mr. Aquilini penned a similar letter to fans I think they would be more understanding of him and the reason why he wants a quick turnaround.

The right time to rebuild was when the Canucks had announced that they were re-tooling. Had they committed to a true rebuild then, by now this team would have been at the very least at the cusp of becoming a legitimate Stanley Cup contender. It should have commenced with the transparency that Rangers fans received this past season and continued with a large investment in team personnel. Money should not be an issue when it comes to investing in team personnel as the salary cap is just for players. The Canucks should pursue the cream of the crop when it comes to a GM and his staff, scouts, and coaches as they will have an everlasting positive impact on players and the environment surrounding the team. This is visible in many championship teams.

Main Traits of Major Staff Members:

GM – With the assistance of his staff can make trades that benefit the team and convince players to re-sign for a discount. Example: When Mike Gillis was the GM of the Canucks Laurence Gilman was able to keep the team’s core together by negotiating fairly reasonable contracts.

Scouts – An eye for identifying players who will be draft steals. Example: Canucks draft Brock Boeser 23rd-overall in the 2015 draft.

Coach – Can teach and aid players to improve. Example: The Canucks are starting to build a reputation for taking on reclamation projects in players and Travis Green has been playing an instrumental role in the development of these players who include Jake VirtanenBrendan Leipsic, and Derrick Pouliot.

I believe that the staff that the Canucks have assembled has many elements from the above; while the Canucks lost some time due to unsuccessful re-tooling they have exceeded in identifying some great players at the draft such as Brock Boeser and Elias Pettersson. There is going to be a wait as these players develop but I am sure that the Stanley Cup will come to Vancouver one day!

ART AS SCHOLARSHIP – Process Post #3

I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationship between words and images in the creation process of this site – specifically with respect to accessibility and readability of graphic novels. Meghan Parker is a SFU graduate and her thesis is a “graphic autobiographical inquiry in comic book form”. My intention is to engage with this kind of practice as my site develops. I hope that it will not only help me in my efforts to engage with a different part of my brain and engage with a different expression of writing and scholarship, but help the viewers also to engage with my writing in a way that lights their brains up in a different way.

I think that this expression of learning and writing is fitting especially for this class, as we are exploring publication of self as a legitimate form of scholarship. In her thesis, Parker touches on how many people have tried to delegitamize art as a form of scholarship but undermining her work. I do see creative writing as an academic practice and have had conversations in which people don’t take creative nonfiction writing seriously to my face. I’ve mentioned to acquantinces that my primary interest is in personal essays and they aren’t quite sure what is so important about it. But, personal essays are not just academic to me, they embody a well-written, scholarly art-form that help me to understand myself and the world around me in a meaningful, transformative way.


Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa painted by the Italian Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci can be considered to be the most famous piece of art in the world. This priceless half-length portrait has been in the hands of many people throughout its lifetime, currently it now hangs in the Louvre Museum in Paris.  

The woman in the painting named Mona Lisa, also known as Lisa La Gioconda, the wife to Francesco del La Gioconda. Mona Lisa is dressed in Florentine fashion of her time and sitting behind an abstract mountainous landscape. During the Renaissance in 1503 when the painting was completed, it was the one of the first ever portrait with an aerial perspective. Since Da Vinci was such a famous artist at the time, this inspired many other painters to create similar portraits. The artistic details that make this painting so remarkable are Da Vinci’s sfumato technique, which shows colours gradually shading into each other. This shading technique can be seen all around the portrait, but especially on her face.

What makes the Mona Lisa such a renowned painting is not the work of art itself; instead, the story behind its lifetime. Da Vinci worked on the Mona Lisa on and off near the later years of his career and finally completing it in 1503. For the next three hundred years the painting was hung in many french palaces. In the early 19th century, Napoleon put the Mona Lisa on his bedroom wall. This brought a lot of attention to the painting. Once Napoleon was exiled from France the Mona Lisa was hung at the Louvre, until 1911 when the painting was stolen from the museum. This caused havoc to spread in France and police were investigating everyone, including Pablo Picasso a famous painter at the time. Luckily, the Mona Lisa was found in Florence and was returned to the Louvre Museum. From that day forward, people from around the world have travelled to come see the five hundred year old painting. It is estimated that six million people view the painting at the Louvre every year.



VANCOUVER? VANCITY? So Proud. Let’s see…….

Food Trucks eh? I’ve been waiting to try some of these fineeeeee foods since forever… thats if I stop getting attacked left and right. Can’t even make it across the street without 30 bullets coming straight to my body. Anyway here are some of the food trucks I’m down to take bullets for … better be good

  1. Japadog —  Are all dogs from Japan … Japadogs?
  2. Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck — I may be lactose intolerant but that aint stopping anybody from loving cheese
  3. Tacofino Pink Truck — PINK?
  4. Mogu — Can’t go wrong with chicken; now can you?
  5. The Praguery — Did someone say DESSERT????

I’ll be back everyone… after I’ve tried all these..

5 Trucks? 150 bullets to the body? no problem

See ya

Mini Assignment #2: Spider-Man’s Guest Appearance

Hello reader,

It’s your friendly neighbourhood Spider Man just stopping by the PUB 101 database to see what SFU students are up to nowadays. I happened to swing through Chris’ blog because he seems to be passionate about his fitness.

You know, when I’m not busy fighting the Green Goblin, Venom or annoying bank robbers I encounter on the daily, I do need to keep my muscles strong in order to keep doing what I’m doing and stay being New York’s superstar hero. People usually wonder and ask me what do I do in my free time? and my response to that is what free time?? I’m still here trying to graduate high school! so when I’m not fighting crime, I’m either usually at school or at home hitting the books fighting to maintain my grades.

It’s very nice here in Vancouver and seems a bit more peaceful as well compared to New York. It’s also really cool to see the amount of ethnic diversity there is in this city as well! Before I swing back to New York, my only advice that I have is to stay in school kids!

Catch ya later!

Your friendly neighbourhood Spider Man

INTERVIEW — Denise Kalonji, Creator and illustrator

Denise Kalonji

Creator and illustrator

  • Age: 25 years
  • Job situation: Ex student, jobb applicant
  • Best memory with design: I’m not sure I have a ‘’best’’ one yet? There was this one time in upper-secondary-high school we had to design and create our own art pieces over a year based upon the course on politics and socioeconomics we’ve had, it resulted in a big artshow when we were done so that was a lot of fun.
  • Favourite font/typeface: Trebuchet/Arial

What would you say that you illustrations look like (happy, sad, etc.)? Do you have a special theme or is every illustration different from the other?  A lot of people tell me that my illustrations make them feel happy and since I try to work with colors and expression a lot I would say that is the feeling I’m trying to convey in most of my pictures. Though, usually I have some sort of story behind my drawings, even if it’s just a sketch so ultimately I would say that it depends. People often says my style is reminiscent of the ‘’anime’’ style, which I fully understand as I grew up watching a lot of anime and a lot of my favourite artists use that style, I myself wouldn’t describe it as ‘’anime’’ only but a combination of many different styles as well, like western and realism. 

When working with an illustration; Do you have a plan what you want to do with the character, or do you just get an idea and create one? Since I’ve attended animation school twice I have a bit of a habit to at least start thumb nailing whatever I want to start with first, that way I have an easier time visualising multiple ideas next to each other physically (as I usually start on a piece of paper). When it comes to characters it depends a bit more on what I’m designing them for, if I’m designing them for one of my stories I might want to plan out their personalities and then name search a fitting name in that order and then design their physical appearance after all of that together – but if it’s a one-shot character for kicks I’ll usually just go with something I’ve seen that’s inspired me (usually fashion-wise) prior and draw my favourite parts of it.

Working with illustrations, what is you main goal to achieve? (Get published, make a book, etc.) My main goal has always to successfully pitch one of my stories to an animation studio and work with them as a key-animator or a story boarder, character designer or producer – I’ve always liked drawing and telling stories so this path in life has more or less always felt natural to me – I’ve been thinking of making books, doing comics, which is still something I’m trying to pursue, but to me animation is so much closer to movies where you can tell a story simply by using movement and sound – you can’t really do that with pictures alone, well unless you put it together and edit it in a video editing program of course. Right now I’m however trying to focus on my temporary goals, which is to extend my portfolio and get hired for my skills in a studio where my art style is wanted.


Want to see more? Highly recommend it!

Peter Parker Guest Stars on “This Week in College Football”

Hey whats up guys its Peter Parker here, and I’m super honoured to be writing on Dylan’s College Football Blog. Now personally I don’t play football but I secretly watch my best friend every week from the best seat in the stadium. I am so excited college football season is back and Empire State Universities team this year looks amazing. Captain Eugene “Flash” Thompson, who is also my best friend, leads the team as the new quarterback on campus. He got the name “Flash” in highschool when he broke the school record for fastest on field speed recorded. That was truly an amazing game. I can still remember to this day the crowd of two thousand high school students in awe as Flash burst down the field. Flash gained many full ride scholarships out of high school from universities all across the country but funny enough he decided to stay in his hometown and play for ESU which was also where I was going to attend.


Week 4 has just concluded and true to prediction ESU are off to a strong start of 4-0 and are ranked #1 in the nation. Flash is just tearing up the competition and so far has 15 touchdown passes and 9 touchdown runs. I am probably the luckiest person watching the game as I’m able to get the one of a kind view from the top of the scoreboard standing high above the field. This weeks game was as usual not a difficult task for Flash as he did the unthinkable like he always does while bringing home the win for ESU.


As much as I love watching the game, my favourite part of Saturdays is the pregame tailgate parties. All of the students and fans gathered around their cars and tents eating good food and overall having an amazing time getting ready for an even better game which is sure of a win. Me and my college buds always have a bbq set up with hamburgers and hotdogs ready for anyone who walks by and wants one. The most difficult part of the tailgate is coming up with an excuse of why I can’t go see the game with them as I can’t reveal that I’m Spiderman and tell them I watch the game from on top of the scoreboard. I usually just make up some excuse I have to go help back at home and dip out. College gameday is always a blast and spending it with friends and good food is probably the best part. GO ESU GO!!!

Peter Parker




One of the articles I read this week was, “Why I Am Not a Maker,” by Debbie Chachra. It was a good article but the part that stood out to me the most was the part about coding. This was relevant to me as I’m right now studying Computing Science at SFU and eventually my dream is to become a video game programmer. What stood out to me was the strong bias towards coders and how she basically knocked them down to and says its, “nearly the easiest possible way to “make” things.” My response is, just because it is done on a computer and you can’t physically feel the code doesn’t mean it is easy and anyone can do it. What’s the point of me going to university to study to be a programmer if it is supposedly so “easy.” I actually think that making physical objects such as tables and chairs for example are a lot easier to make as you don’t need an extreme amount of training and background. I’ve made many things in my high school shop class and I don’t have a big carpentry background but I was easily able to make a fairly decent side table with only a little bit of instruction. On face value looking at an app you might think it is super easy to make, however the backend is extremely complicated and takes a long time to make and perfect. Yes making the computer put out “hello world” is nice and you technically made something but doesn’t mean it is easy. The one thing I learned from this article which probably most people won’t take away from this article, is don’t judge something that you might not know all the facts about. Overall, I was very surprised about the strong negative bias towards programing and how it is the easiest way in the world to create something.




Week 4 Was the Week of the Quarterback

Before going in to overtime, Oregon’s standout quarterback, Justin Herbert was rocking an out of this world 93% completion average (25/27) for 331 yards. These stats were some of the strongest among quarterbacks in the nation, however were still not good enough as Stanford came back from a 24-7 deficit and won in overtime 38 – 31. Justin is in the race right now for the Heisman Trophy and even if he doesn’t win it, he is still on the path for a great career in the NFL and is being projected to be taken in the first round of the draft. As good as Justin is he is still nowhere near the level of Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama’s quarterback. After coming off his amazing second half in the National Championship Game last year in which he brought the Tide back to a win in overtime, many wondered if he was just lucky or would he be able to continue his skill and dominance. Tua not only continued his dominance he surpassed it. Alabama has been averaging well over 50 points with Tua now at 12 touchdown passes and an average of 12.9 yards/attempt. He is way in the lead for the Heisman Trophy and no wonder if he can make throws like this (LINK) that are literally undefendable. Bama are the expected favourites to win the national championship again for the third time in four years. On other quarterback news, Clemson has officially announced that their starting quarterback for week 5 against Syracuse will be Trevor Lawrence. He has been performing extremely well for being a freshman and gives Clemson the extra attack through the air that QB Kelly Bryant just does not do as well. Clemson look to avenge their tough loss this weekend and keep their eye on the playoffs.


The best games for week five are going to be #7 Stanford vs #8 Notre Dame and #4 Ohio State vs #9 Penn State. Haskins and the Buckeyes look to tie up their playoff spot but only if they are able to beat tough Penn State on the road which is extremely difficult. I will be definitely watching this game as I always love seeing Penn State’s white out stadium and Travis McSorley is always fun to watch. I predict Penn State wins 43-40 in a wild overtime finish. After coming off a tough road win in Eugene, Oregon, Stanford look to keep moving forward and on to making their first playoff. Running back Bryce Love leads the way and gives their offence that special spark. Notre Dame’s replacement quarterback, Ian Book looked very good last week against Wake Forest and I expect him to have another good game. I expect Notre Dame to win 29-23 mainly on the fact Stanford could still be thinking of last week’s game and be a bit fatigued from going to overtime.