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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! This is my first time celebrating the Thanksgiving since it is not popular in the place I am from, Hong Kong. It is always something American to me and I didn’t know Canadians equally care a lot about the festival. It is a time to gather the family and friends and enjoy a good meal together.

I chose to spend my Thanksgiving with the church, going on a retreat in Hope! In the natural and peaceful environment, I regain strength and recognize the blessings in my life.


A Remix of Hong Kong and Vancouver

The Coal Harbour reminds me of the Victoria Harbour. Why not mix them in a sketch? These two places have so much in common and I love these two lovely harbors! The Star Ferry and SeaBus are equally iconic. Personally, I prefer riding on the Star Ferry as it is not air-conditioned and you can enjoy the sea breeze!

My Imagined Readers

I dedicate this blog to readers who love film. I would share the film that I recently watched and comment on the quality of the film.

I do not think my readers are imagined. They actually exist. There are many Facebook, Instagram pages online and they usually have thousands of follower. I think my readers exit. The problem is how to draw them to read my blog. I probably have to create more content and connect with other bloggers on film! In doing so, I am joining the blogging family!

Community Guidelines

Hi readers, welcome to my blogs. For happy reading and blogging, please check out the guidelines which applied to every visitor of my blog:

  1. No hate and offensive words. Any would be removed when violating this rule.
  2. Sharing of my content is allowed but please reference me in the post and put the link of my blog.
  3. Readers are always welcome to leave negative yet constructive comments on my blog.
  4. Respect one another. Engage in the discussion through comments!


Monetizing my blog?

I do not think that I would monetizing my blog in the near future. I consider this blog as my hobby. Turning it into a business could stress me out when you have to be responsive to sponsors and clients advertisement request. Who would love to be controlled, but not fully controlling the personal blog!

Personally, I do not appreciate the ads column. They turn the page layout less visually-pleasant. In addition, everyone is using adsblock now. The effectiveness of the advertisement is questionable.

Even if I want to monetize my blog. I would prefer writing sponsored posts for the company and therefore would not have unpleasant advertisement column on my blog. I would also make sure my readers know that this is a sponsored post. I won’t eliminate the possibility and opportunity of monetizing my blog.

Sharing parts of myself through the blogging journey

This journey is about self-expression, publicizing yourself. It has been a difficult journey for me. I realized the difficulty of self-expression and acquiring a different voice online when you have you can be identified by the reader. If I retained anonymous, the journey could be less stress. I truly admire those who can achieve

I truly appreciate those who can achieve self-promotion and self-expression in the digital, mentioned in van Dijck’s article. Using Facebook and LinkedIn as examples, van Dijck suggests the function of social media for connectivity and narrating a persona, be it professional or playful implies the existence of an online identity, which could be different from the private self and the ‘true’ self. In the blogging process, I experienced difficulty in self-promotion and self-expression. I think the reason is, I let myself out on the internet without being anonymous. 

It is tricky. On one hand, you want people to know your name so that you are recognized for your work. On the other hand, you fear how people see the ‘you’ you portrayed. Originally, I intended to blog about my personal journey in Vancouver, letting the readers know the pieces of my adventures. However, I found that it is difficult to share my personal life online. I am not comfortable enough to share my personal life with my imagined readers, who in some sense, are really strangers (back to week one)! What if they use my photos and use my identity for a scam? (My roomate became a victim of a scam which involves stealing identity recently.)When people misuse the social media, that is when problems emerge. This is why online scam, fake news, fake identity emerge. Where is trust? When people only think about their self-interest? I can hardly engage with a stranger, unlike James Hamblin. While I can see the strangers on the street, the hidden viewers are more alienate to me 

I am not ready to open up myself without anonymity and engage with ‘strangers’. This is why I have been struggling to post posts about my personal life throughout the semester. I, with my picture in my right-hand column, can be recognized and judged based on my posts. I have no room to hide! What if they use my photos and use my identity for a scam? (My housemate became a victim of a scam which involves stealing of identity recently.) Therefore, Suler’s view on the fact that anonymity and invisibility encourage users to express themselves is real. I could feel less stressed if I had hidden my name. My readers can focus on the content, but not on me. They can hence give a fair review of my work while I can distance from the threats of exposing too much.

This is also why I have shifted to write more about film, which seems more objective and informative than personal. I love film and I know people love films. The director of the film takes up a role similar to a blogger– being a storyteller through pictures and sound. This blog is a platform for me to tell my story. It doesn’t have to be me, but only part of the ‘true’ self shines. I can sense the agency of a writer, to narrate in your own style, as long as they are ‘true’ to yourself.

My imagined readers are now those who have seen the same film as me and are looking for casual discussion on the film. I infused my emotion and watching experience in the reviews and in doing so, I let my readers sense my personality, let them know that I am an emotional and real human being. This is a middle ground –to expose myself to a comfortable extent.

This is just a beginning I would like to continue blogging. Yet, I definitely have to tune my writing direction and find a balance between personal and impersonal, private and public. Writing on the film is what I feel like I can continue to develop and I enjoy sharing films I like and gain insights from them. I should consider including more images and videos on my blog. In addition, I have to create more content.

Hamblin, James. 2016 “How to Talk to Strangers”

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Taking Pub101 this fall has helped me start my blog. I would say that the beginning of creating a blog has made me super excited. The process of learning about different widgets and customizations had made it fun. When I first created my blog I was going to have it suited towards music and photography. However, as this fall is over, I’ve been focused on music and abandoned photography.

My blog never really had any views and activity going on. However, my intention was to have an audience that enjoyed music and like to be low-key. I found that having my design to be black and white has an impression of being laid back and chill.

As we’re talking about the value of my blog I would say that I’m not and do not want to monetize my blog. I wanted my blog to be a place where I escape to and share my interests to people who are interested in learning more about me. I find that music taste shows a lot about someone. I would find it super cool if I can reach out to my audience and learn more about their music taste and what songs they recommend. Especially when music is such a broad subject, there is an endless amount of discovery. I also want my blog to be a place where people would check it before they sleep just to enjoy some music before they go to sleep.

Since the beginning of the term, I honestly had no clue what publishing was about. Throughout this term, I’ve learned so much and had a better understanding of what the publishing industry is all about. Firstly, I remember the first question asked in this class was “is everyone a publisher?” I would think that a publisher would have to be a professional. Someone who has a license and knows what they’re doing. However, as of now, I think that anyone who posts something online or delivers their creation would be considered a publisher.

I find this idea super interesting. Besides this, I have learned many jobs and tips from guest speakers that came into our class. It was much more engaging having to know that there are well respected guest speakers coming into our class to tell us about their journey. Even though, sometimes I would think about how tricky it can be to stand out, since everyone is a publisher. However, having the guest speakers come in, it gives me a sense of belonging and security to know that my dream to work in publishing is possible.

Jose van Dijick’s article on “You have one identity”, has connected to a discussion in class. Are we a different person online compared to reality? Social media has encouraged the fact of having to perceive yourself to be the best of ourselves, or even better. I am guilty for posting pictures online of me filtered and looking so much different from what I actually look like in real life. But now, I post pictures of me being the opposite of what I’ve done before. I actually find it so much better being true to yourself. Especially, when I find it so fun to post pictures of me being goofy.

In Forbes article, it has made me think about the use of blogs and how it may lose the sight of out undigitized past. Taking two publishing classes this fall had made me realize that all the work I’ve done has been using the computer. Everything is digital. Moreover, it just makes me forget about what I’ve even done when I was young without being on the computer or having a cellphone. I don’t mind blogs being online, but thinking about the comparison of publications online versus hardcopy, it really just depends on what the publication is. For example, I prefer books and magazine to be a hardcopy. I find it very pleasing to have a bookshelf full of books and magazines. I also find it super nice to have the copy physically in my hands and flipping the pages while admiring how detailed the design of the magazine is.

“When tech culture only celebrates creation, it risks ignoring those who teach, criticize, and take care of others.” This article from The Atlantic has sparked up an interesting topic. These days I find that people only care about creating content. As long as you create something then you’re considered worthy or cool. However, if you don’t then you’re the opposite. They often forget that it’s not just about creation but the fact of being to deliver your content to people and start a discussion. As well, to know that your content is being digested and being able to teach or help someone. I find that when you post something online, like a blog, it’s important to settle down with what your blog’s purpose is. Who is trying to reach and how will your blog benefit or change them in a way.

Even though the fall semester is over, I would still like to continue with my blog. I do like my concept of a “song of the day.” However, this time I would work harder towards getting my blog out there. Moreover, I would like to change the theme and the overall look of my blog. I found that I slacked off on my blog starting in the middle of the fall and I wasn’t quite pleased with the look of my site. It didn’t satisfy my aesthetic. Furthermore, it was too late to change my theme; therefore, I think it’ll be great to spend my winter break polishing up my blog.

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Community Guidelines

Rules when visiting my blog:

  • no hateful/harmful comments
  • no anonymous posts
  • comments disagreeing with one another are alright, as long as they are not disrespectful
  • understand that everyone perceives art differently; your opinion is not the only one that matters
  • no claiming other people’s art as your own

How these apply to my blog specifically:
These rules apply to my blog specifically because the last two are centered around art, and my blog is based on photography.  The last rule is especially important to me as I value artistic integrity, and hope that those who visit my site do too.  The second rule is based on the statistic given in this article: 25% of people say they have left a comment anonymously.  In my opinion, you should not be saying anything that you wouldn’t claim your own.


I’m not sure that I will develop and implement community guidelines for my website. For large and popular sites that have a lot of traffic consisting of strangers interacting with one another, I think that having clear guidelines is a fantastic idea — particularly with the trend of trolling on the internet. That being said, […]


Being a 90’s kid who lived and breathed Pokemon for the better part of their childhood, it was rather mind-blowing to read into the depths of the Pokemon franchise as transmedia storytelling. Transmedia storytelling is ” a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of […]

Sacrificing can be beautiful

I never really used to see sacrificing as an act of love. I found it really hard to really sacrifice for another person. Over the past semester , I’ve had to humble myself a lot in placing my friends and peers emotional well being above mine. I was seriously struggling …

A hard time to be merciful

Just at the beginning of the semester and throughout September, I grew a romantic interest in a friend of mine over the summer. I finally had decided that I desired to pursue her and so I did 2 days before my birthday. When I did I didn’t receive the response …

Process Post week 12: My community guidelines

For my site, my blog is focused on self-reflective content. This is primarily focused on people that like learning something insightful, grow in self-reflection and put  their reflection  into reality. My blog is an open ongoing dialogue  and collaboration among my audience and any newcomers. I truly appreciate those that …

Looking Back on the Semester

This class taught me a lot about not only publishing, but also about myself.  My experience as a publisher this fall was definitely a positive one.  At the beginning of the course, I was hesitant to put my work out there.  I am very self conscious when it comes to my creative projects, writing and photography included.  As a perfectionist, I hate posting work that I am not one hundred percent happy with.  My blog helped me with my insecurities, and improved my writing abilities as well!  The main reason I took this course is because I wanted to see how different blogging would be to the social media sites I use daily.

When I first created my blog, I struggled right away with choosing a theme that I felt best represented the layout I had pictured.  Right away, it was clear that you have more control over your content on your blog compared to your Instagram or Facebook.  I wanted my theme to be simple, yet not blend in with other blogs like Travis Gertz mentions in his article about design.  In his article, he talks about why mainstream posts have all been similar lately.  He mentions that in a connected world like ours, it is hard to not give in to pressures of copying what is popular.   To be honest, I feel that I could have done a better job at making my blog unique.  It is still something I am working on.  The next part of the course focused on audience awareness.

When using my social medias, I never thought deeply about who my audience was.  I would post what I wanted, whenever I wanted, not thinking about what impact it had on those seeing it.  This blog was interesting because I wanted to make content that both my audience and teacher enjoyed.  Using google analytics, I found out that the majority of my audience was from Canada.  Considering that I had promoted my blog on my Instagram, I assumed that most of my blog readers were the same people that followed me on Instagram.  In his 2002 article, Warner describes my goal for this blog perfectly.  He states that content on a blog should be relatable for both the audience and the creator.  As I said before, most of my blog readers are my followers from Instagram.  I believe I have achieved this because prior to blogging, I already knew through comments that my audience liked my Instagram.  I tried to reflect the same personality on my blog as well.

I read an article recently titled ‘Blogging Is an Art But Attracting the Right Audience Is a Science’.  This article talks about how important it is to be consistent with your online identity.  Being consistent ensures that you can not only attract the audience you want, but also maintain that audience.  This is something that I struggled with, as I went in to the class not knowing exactly what I wanted my blog to be about.  I am passionate about many things, photography, hockey, and reading just to name a few.  It was hard for me to pick one of these passions and create a whole blog about it.  Overall, I believe that my online presence is consistent.  My blog posts are cohesive and reflect who I am as a person.

Another interesting part of the course was the lecture on monetization.  As I mentioned before, I created this blog mostly so that I could have an outlet to express myself.  For right now, I don’t think monetization is right for my site, as I post content mostly for myself.

Looking back at the semester, my view on publishing has had a major shift.  Before this semester, I thought the word publisher only applied to those who worked in the publishing industry and created monetized content.  However, this course taught me that social media has turned us all in to publishers.  The way in which we distinguish ourselves from everyone else is through the quality of our content.

In the future, I plan on continuing my blog and challenging myself to produce more content than I did this fall.  My goals for myself after this course are to continue building on my online identity, and incorporating my audience more.  Soon, I plan to look back at which of my posts were the most viewed and I will tweak my future posts accordingly.  I want to continue blogging so I can look back on my posts in the future and see how my photography skills have evolved.


Travis Gertz AuthorTravis Gertz is both a designer and partner at Louder Than Ten. He went to school to design magazines, ended up designing apps, and now does everything he can to bring those things together. He is not a machine.@travisgertz View profile. “Design Machines.” Louder Than Ten, 12 Apr. 2017,

Dholakiya, Pratik. “Blogging Is an Art But Attracting the Right Audience Is a Science.”Entrepreneur, 1 Dec. 2014,

Warner, M. (2002). Publics and Counterpublics (abbreviated version). Quarterly Journal of Speech, 88(4), 413-425.


Retroactive Remix: Beauty In Strength

Women are often still portrayed as whimsical creatures of beauty. Or at least, that’s what we’re supposed to strive for. But I do not accept that. I find beauty in many different forms, but especially in strength. Women are strong, courageous, and mighty. We are also soft, gentle, and whimsical. Women can embody strength in all its forms. For my remix I have photoshopped a sword into a picture of a Mark Spain painting. The woman is beautiful, and appears ethereal and elegant. But by adding a sword to the image, I’m conveying her strength as well. Women are not just one thing and we should not be constricted to one set of ideals. You can be both strong and beautiful. You can find beauty in strength, as I do.

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