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Sweater Weather

Despite the beautiful weather we have been having lately (with the exception of a few downpours), the weather always deceives me as I step outside and feel that cold, crisp air against my face.

It’s time to pull out the sweaters and blanket scarves because the Vancouver fall/winter season is just beginning. To be honest, I’ve always preferred cozy sweaters and trendy coats over the rompers and off-the-shoulder tops. Below you can see my collection of sweaters in my closet, mostly ranging of neutral tones with rosy pinks in the mix. Majority of my sweaters are purchased from Forever 21 or Garage and surprisingly, Forever 21 sweaters have really held up for me considering their reputation for cheap clothing with mediocre quality. Recently, Garage has re-branded themselves and carry more of a “Brandy Melville” feel to their clothes, meaning that their fabrics are super soft.

Wearing a lot of neutrals make it so much more easier to put a whole outfit together because you don’ t have to worry about colour clashing outfits! You can always add a splash of colour through accessories such as a hat, a beanie or a scarf. It’s the easiest way out of having lots of clothes in your closet: neutrals are your way to go.

If any of you know me in-person, you probably know I love my Topshop long coats. In fact, I’ve made my annual Topshop coat purchase the past few years. It all started with my camel coat that I stumbled across in my local Topshop store and I fell in love with it. It was exactly the colour I was looking for and because Topshop carries petite-sized clothing, for once, the coat didn’t look too long for my 5’0 figure. It hit me at a perfect length without making me look like I was drowning in the thick coat.

Last year, I felt like I needed another one in grey and it became another staple piece in my closet. I found myself excited to wear these coats every year as the weather started dropping, and recently, I made my third Topshop coat purchase: ya gotta top it off with black! I’ve always had difficulties finding these coats without being too long or “oversized” on me but these coats fit me like a glove! The best part is that they are not too pricey (CAD $120) compared to other similar coats on the market and the quality is exceptional. Also, if you’re a student you get a small discount enough to compensate for the taxes!

I wore my black coat with my favourite charcoal marl sweater from Forever 21. To brighten up the tones, the slipped on a light wash knee-slit jeans from Topshop. Their Leigh jeans are my absolute favourite: I have abandoned my old jeans and completely converted to Topshop jeans because they are jeans that are closest to feeling like I am wearing leggings! Definitely worth the investment (which is pricier than other jeans but for the fit and feel? WORTH.) and I have never turned back to wearing any other brand of jeans.

I am planning to write about my closet essentials: Fall/Winter Edition so look out for that soon!


Diets … (Remix post)

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Process post #8


Sitting in a fast food restaurants like…

HAHA I know this is so horrible, I don’t have photoshop so I had to like erase the backgrounds of all these photos (WHICH WAS REALLY DIFFICULT) and collage them all together in a really sketchy fashion. But you get the point.

Scavenge and survive!

Not all of us can make a living off of fighting in the pits for food, if you’re like me, you spend precious daylight hours digging though the trash of humanity; evading rubble avalances as you climb through collapsed skyscrapers looking for anything you could make into shelter, scaling concrete walls for the tasty plants that grow in the cracks, fighting with neighbours and enemy cults alike for any kindling that’s not been doused in chemical waste.

After I take all this time searching for the means to survive, the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is figure out how to cook it all together to make a tasty meal – so I’ve compiled a couple great recipes from my Crafter friends to ease the creative burden.

Nettle Cakes:

This is one of the fancier treats I’ve eaten since the world plunged into chaos.
Great for groups of friends gossiping around a nice garbage fire at night, which is Crafter tradition.


  • 3 fistfuls of uranium dust
    (easiest to find around the Graft steam pits)
  • 9 small bundles of nettle thorns
  • Two pinches of barbed wire rust
    (gives it the great tang)
  • 2 large mouthfuls of water
    (doesn’t have to be clean!)

Mix up into a good pile of goop and stuff handfuls of it into tin cans, then place those cans in a low burning fire and wait for it to bubble and puff up!

I’ll add more later!

~ Fysh

Unapologetically Me.

There are many people who run makeup and beauty oriented blogs. So, why me? Why am I here, writing this blog? Why is makeup an important enough piece of my life for me to center my whole blog around it? Where did this idea come from? What makes me any different from any other person playing with their makeup? Well, I’m going to tell you. You deserve to know who it is writing to you. I know I always feel more connected to the authors of my favorite content when I know them. So, this is me letting you get to know a bit about me so you can understand what I’m writing and why.

I grew up in a small town where I didn’t really fit in. My whole life, I’ve been loud, outspoken, opinionated, and somewhat aggressive. It wasn’t exactly the most accepted in the community where I grew up. But I made the best of it. At the end of middle school though I made the choice to switch from my small community to going to a private high school in the city. My parents were in support because they have always believed in me and wanted the best for me. So, I started going to high school downtown at an all-girls catholic school.

There were a lot of pros to making that decision in my life. The main one was many of us did not care about makeup or fashion. We were too focused on trying to get great grades and find time to sleep to bother. The daily uniform tended to revolve around sweats. The benefit of this was twofold: more sleep in the morning and not learning to rely on makeup to cover up my insecurities. I struggled through high school and puberty based insecurity and a whole other host of struggles without using makeup as a crutch. I believe this let me develop a very different relationship with makeup and beauty over my adolescence.

Believe it or not, I didn’t actually start really using makeup until I was 18 years old. I had used a product here and there for events and such, but I didn’t become invested in it until after I graduated from high school and had been forced to face most of my ‘I’m ugly’ demons. So, makeup was never, and has never become, about making myself more beautiful. My relationship with makeup is about one thing: self expression. I discovered YouTubers and bloggers, like Zoella and Tanya Burr, and started learning from them. I loved seeing the different things they would express with different types of makeup. It was inspiring.

The summer after my senior year I spent hours watching videos, researching products, saving up money, practicing techniques, and slowly but surely figuring out what I was doing. I love allowing my makeup to reflect what it is I am feeling. Makeup can send a message to everyone around you, whether they are your best friend or a stranger you pass on the street. It is a powerful form of art. And it is a form of self love for me. Because I do not allow others to dictate what I do and do not put on my face. My style is mine and mine alone. I am me and no one will ever take that away from me.

So, that is why I am here. Makeup is my passion. Makeup is my art. Makeup is a part of who I am and how I show myself to the world. Wearing makeup does not make me weak or insecure. It does not make me a liar or a fraud or shallow. I am here, writing this blog, in the hopes that inspires other people to express themselves freely and fiercely. I am a highly flawed person. But I do not let that stop me from being myself. And neither should you. Let’s be unapologetically who we are together.

Yours Truly,

Meera C.

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Process Post

What would I do with my last hour of internet?

During class I heard people saying that their pictures are online or that their contact informations/personal informations are in their emails. The way people talk is like without internet, the world has come to an end.

True, I have many photos online but I also have copies of them on my computer. I might need to take time to save contact information. Just because the internet stopped, do that mean everything stopped? Could I not still print out photographs if I saved it on to a USB drive? If the internet stopped, do I not have access to my phone? I mean, as long as it’s charged… I can still pull up phone numbers.

Yes, without internet I would miss the convenience it brings me, easily searching on Google to resolve all my problems. Without internet I would become “free” to strangers to talk to me. Without internet… it’s not the end of the world. People survived long before internet we just have to learn how to survive like the “good old days”.

Therefore, my last hour of internet would just be saving content. Saving some blog posts that I like, pictures online, informations etc.

I believe there will still be television just maybe a little behind on the seasons. We still have a landline at home I can call my friends. I know how to send mails and write their address CORRECTLY.

Hey, without internet… one addiction out of the world’s problem.

Process Post: 10-31

I have no intentions of monetizing my website. I believe that because of the personality of my blog is about reflection, seeing advertisements on the site would create more distractions for viewers and will push viewers away. Personally, I often get annoyed with seeing advertisements while I am browsing the web, especially when I am looking at something that I am very much interested in. I also believe that the viewers of the blog who actually reads and reflect upon the post are seeking for something, and I believe that, when they are seeking for something, it is not the best time to show advertisements to them.

Lynn Canyon

Well the weather’s getting a bit chillier but that doesn’t mean we should hole up in our fuzzy blankets at home just yet! Before this winter kicks everyone’s ill-snow prepared asses let’s get outside. Specifically, to Lynn Canyon in the north shore. Here you will find the best, not to mention cheapest, alternative to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Given a ticket to the latter can run up to $30/person the free price tag of Lynn Canyon can’t be beat.

There are several different hiking trails for Lynn Canyon, I’ll be looking at the Twin Falls hike in particular. It starts off right away with a walk across the daunting suspension bridge. But fret not, it’s really not that scary, if you’re afraid of heights it’s still entirely doable, I just don’t recommend looking down!

The bridge itself is a rather narrow wooden plank bridge, it was built in 1912 and is situated 50 meters above the crisp waters of Lynn Creek, connecting you to 616 acres of beautiful rainforest. AFter the bridge, hang a right and follow the boardwalk over a much more stable bridge and you will be led to a breathtaking view of the falls. As it is one of the more, for lack of a better word, difficult trails (but it’s really not that hard) you will most likely have a quiet place to sit by the river and take in the views for a little rest. If you’re ambitious enough, climb down the steep riverbank for a nice spot and bask in the sun that’s hopefully shining that day.

This trail is open year round so even as we enter the darkness that is a west coast winter, you have no excuses not to go!

Themed Games – Halloween Special

I enjoy themed Games. I will have a game that will take on some of the cultural meta-narratives of our world and apply them to my own.


Birthdays of the players often translate as the characters getting a gift in game when the birthday is close to game night, usually by way of a new magic item in fantasy or a price of tech or equipment in a SciFi game. Other holidays such as Christmas or Halloween often result in Games themed to the holiday, much like many TV series do.

Halloween is my favourite to do this with. Partly because it is fun and easy to set the mood with costumes and the spooky nature associated with ghost stories, and partly because I use Halloween to add to the story in ways that makes the game that much more collaborative.

On a Halloween game I allow players to dress as their characters. They are not forced to, yet if they do they get a level worth of experience points – in games that do not use experience points I simply give a character advancement of some kind.

Then I have candy at the table. I suspend the typical inspiration or action points or benefit ship system that the game we are playing uses and supply them with a small chart that matches up to the candies that I have provided. As the player eats the candy, the character gets the benefit. As an extra bonus I always have a candy that provides the player with narrative control. This candy should be explained a bit before hand, it is not a wish, if the player goes too crazy here may be unintended consequences – “ I want to be all powerful.” In this case I would remind the player that this could result in something like the character becoming a lich (a very powerful D&D monster) and thus removing them from the game, are they sure they want to proceed. You don’t really want to eliminate the character from play, so you might find another way, but the ie that you could, should reign the player in a bit. The idea behind this narrative candy is to ive the players the chance to do something extraordinary even beyond what they can already do, “I jump on the back of the giant bat that is swooping down at my comrades and stab it in the back. As it crash lands I simply step off like I had been flying giant bats all my life.” Perfect. “We don’t just find one, but five magic items.” Great! “The lord of the town offers us an old mansion that we can use as our home base, saving us the cost of building one.” YES!



Basically it is a way for the GM to show that they trust their players. You believe in that GM/Player contract you all signed when you decided to roll some dice. Now you get to give them the power to literally do that.

My Halloween games are well known in my groups. They may not remember the overall plot to that story that night, but they def remember the epicness that eating that chocolate ball or oh-henry bar gave them. And that’s the best motivation for a fun I game I can think of.

Happy Halloween!

One hour left of internet – quick! Panic text your friends.

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Process post #10

In regards to my Google Analytics, there is nothing interesting. There is nothing interesting because I’m the only one who visits my site essentially. Ok that’s all. Oh except I saw that once someone from New York visited my page and I remembered that was when I shared my site with my friend who lives in New York because she asked me for an opinion on her site design (because she’s making one too) so we compared sites. Okay that’s actually all.

SO to talk about more interesting matters – how would I spend my last hour on the internet?

First of all, a lot of people brought up REALLY good ideas in class that I didn’t think about right away – such as downloading maps (same because I am directionally challenged), backing up their pictures/music/files, saving important information from emails/documents etc.

Personally the first thing I thought of right when the topic was introduced to us, I thought of my friend in New York. Internet has made it entirely possible for us to communicate with people worldwide almost instantly and easily. I can message her just like any of my normal friends (the only difference is I can’t see her in person) but I can also Skype or Facetime her whenever we want to talk “face-to-face”. Without the internet, I have no idea how I’d contact her. Or I guess I still could, as I mentioned in one of my older posts, I mentioned that my mom stayed in touch with her friend in New York by writing letters. But by the time I write her a letter and send it off, it won’t reach her until around a week later, and I tell her stuff about my life daily. I would probably send her letters that look more like essays and I can’t send her multiple letters the moment it happens, I would probably have to wait until I have a lot to tell her so I have substance to write about and not just send her a letter with one sentence (which would literally cost a fortune in postage). We have an almost 500 day streak on snapchat because that is our main means of keeping in touch – I can’t imagine not having that!! Oh I also remembered I could call and text her, but it would cost extra in an international plan – the point of internet is avoiding all that! But I guess if you can’t help it you can’t help it.

With that being first on my mind, I thought of my music next, I’d download all the songs that I haven’t so far (I use iTunes and not a music streaming subscription) so I’m not stuck with the same music forever (although I’m sure I could subscribe to music streaming devices – because they let you stream offline right??) so I guess that isn’t of upmost importance. I’m not entirely internet reliant on important things because I’m always skeptical of crashes and all that so I make most of my stuff available offline – such as using Microsoft Word instead of Google Docs, downloading files, printing important papers etc so when I think of losing internet, I think of mainly losing my means of communication, and that’s why I would want to reach out to everyone that I solely rely on through communicating through internet and tell them my “offline contact info” so we don’t lose internet then are never able to see each other again.

The Last Hour with the Internet

It is a scary idea to me.

My fear of losing Facebook, Youtube, news channels and other fun content that entertains me. This is when I know how the Internet has become an inseparable part of my life. But on a second thought, I think it is a good time to free myself from the overwhelming digital reality and put an effort into creating my real life.

It is easy for me to lose 3 hours online. It is almost an unconscious act. Imagine not picking up my phone once I wake up, won’t it bring me calm and peace? I will no longer be fed up with videos and news, pictures of friends, the urge of seeking attention.

All I wanted to do is to print out some of the beautiful pictures on my phone. Then, I will do nothing but wait for the second comes. I would like to feel how life would be without the Internet. Shall I start media fasting to get a taste of it? By then I will recognize the blessings of having the Internet.

Development Stalls

One of the biggest issues and fears I have in game development, is development stalls. Since my game is just a personal project, I’m not looking to have it released in the future. And because of this, I don’t have rigid schedules of development. Meaning, if I don’t feel like working on my project on any given day, I can just push it off indefinitely. And this is where the development trap occurs. One day can turn in weeks, to months without progress being made, simply due to lack of motivation and excuses of being busy. Eventually I may even just forget about it until somethings jogs my memory of it, and by then, it may be to discouraging to even pick up again.

And that is how many games remain uncompleted.

It’s said that without a doubt, your first project will most likely fail. The developer may have scoped too big, schedule runs behind, and funding is running dry. With the deadline nigh, you may have to ship what you’ve got, broken or not, because you’ve spent too much time, advertising, and resources to have it fail now. And no one whose spent the time and effort on a project wants to see that happen. In my case, my goal has the total gameplay to hit some forty or more hours. Ambitious for my first game, and very likely to fail. By the end of it, it’s not going to be a triple A title, a bestseller, or even good. But I’m inclined to make it work because I enjoy the process. I may not even finish my game in my lifetime.

So what’s a lone developer to do when development stalls hit?

Unfortunately, there is no answer to this. It’s dependent from person to person, and what their schedule allows. What I should be doing, is constructing a schedule of what I should be doing, and breaking the tasks up into smaller, more manageable tasks. And then by the end of the week, I should have a certain number of tasks completed. Seems like a sound plan in theory. But this isn’t some short-term homework assignment that can be one and done in one go. Frustrations have already occurred, with art taking up a good chunk of development time due to inexperience and many revisions. It is a terrible idea to be focused on the aesthetic parts rather than the actual game itself, but I can’t help but want to have prototypes for each aspect of my game.

Despite all this griping, I still have a bit of relief, knowing that I won’t have to compromise. No development deadlines means no cutting corners. My budget is my time, and my resources is my imagination. So no matter what, I’ll keep trying to dream big, otherwise it just wouldn’t be my game anymore.

Insert Coin(s) to Continue


As of right now, I do not feel confident enough in my content to monetize my site.  For monetization, a site must be updated quite frequently.  As a busy college student, I already have trouble doing weekly process posts.  However, in the future, I might monetize my blog.  To do this, I could instal google adsense and have ads on my homepage.  I do not love the look of this though, so as an alternative I might use Amazon Affiliate links.  This is a program in which you get rewarded when someone uses your link to buy anything from Amazon.  I feel that this is a better option for me because I can ensure that the ads I use are related to my content.  For example, if I was to photograph a trip I took, and post about it, I could link to a suitcase (or something else I used on the trip) that my audience could purchase.  To  monetize my site, I also have to make sure I have enough time set aside in the day to update my blog.  I cannot make money by not posting.

My Last Hour on the Internet

I don’t think we realize how much of our lives depends on the internet.  I use the internet for everything, from searching up bus schedules, to catching up on my favourite TV shows.  I also use apps such as google drive, and dropbox to store a lot of information.  So much of my life would be different without the internet.

What would I do with my last hour of internet?  First, I would download all of my photos that I have uploaded to google drive.  As someone who enjoys photography, it is important for me to be able to see my past work and grow from it.  The next thing I would do is download a few episodes from Netflix.  They recently introduced the option to stream offline.  I would do this because I do not have cable, but I would still like to keep up withe my favourite shows.  The last thing I would do is give my phone number to those I only connect with via Facebook messenger, email, or i message.  I would still like to be connected to my friends without the internet.

I feel that the majority of my friends would do similar things with their last hour.  I know a few people who would suffer a lot without the internet, as I never see them without their phones.  My sister, who is  huge music fan would spend her entire hour downloading music.

Acromegaly – Diagnosis

Summer of 2015, around June/July, I was diagnosed with acromegaly.

Mayo Clinic stated that acromegaly is a hormonal disorder that develops when your pituitary gland produces too much growth hormone during adulthood (and NO, this is not the reason why I’m tall “especially for an Asian”, my height is in my genes). The side effects include increase in bone size in your hands, feet, and face. They say acromegaly usually affects middle-aged adults… (funny, I’m clearly not there…)

Acromegaly is suppose to be uncommon and because the physical changes occur gradually, the condition often isn’t recognized immediately: sometimes not for years. If not treated promptly, acromegaly can lead to serious illness and even become life-threatening.


Previously, I was diagnosed with PCOS (google it), hence I was referred to a gynecologist. My doctor decided to schedule MRI scans, one for the pelvic area and, surprisingly, one for my brain (I think this was done back in 2014?). And viola~ they found a “mass” in my pituitary gland. The doctors love to call it a “mass”, it’s less invasive than calling it a tumour because people are quick to relate tumour to cancer.

My gynecologist then referred me to an endocrinologist who said that I possibly had this “mass” in my head for a while and it is not doing anything. As that was my first MRI, we would continue with annual MRI to compare results.


Before I set off for my Asia trip, I saw my endocrinologist and explained to him the changes I’ve noticed in my body. I must say, I’m thankful that my endocrinologist had previous experience/knowledge about acromegaly because after hearing my symptoms he said that the “mass” is probably active, in the sense that it is releasing GH (growth hormone) and that I mostly likely have acromegaly. Usually the first step of treatment is surgery. *Crying* the first thing I asked was “You have to cut my head open?” and my endocrinologist laughed and gave me a brief idea of what the surgery will be like (NOT cutting my head open!). However, there is still a test I must do before he can fully diagnose me with acromegaly… the glucose test.

The glucose test is where they take my blood test on an empty stomach. Then I must chug this disgusting, orange, thick, surgery drink, wait an hour for another blood test and then another hour after for another blood test. Sounds simple?… should be done with 3 pokes right? for 3 blood tests… NO! I got over 10 pokes, have them wiggle the needle inside me while I was in tears and yelling “OW OW OW OW OW!!!”, and even the blood transfusion patients felt sorry for me.


Results came back, I have acromegaly, summer 2015.

Process post #8

When it comes to monetizing my site, I see a lot of both positives and negatives.

Obviously, it’s nice to make some extra moolah, and my site has a layout which is very accommodating for ads, so it should be a no-brainer to have ads on my site. For some reason, though, I feel like it would make my site seem un-authentic with ads blaring down the side, and I’m wary of colourful ads becoming the focal visual point of my site, instead if my content.

I did try out Google ads, however I got an email back saying I didn’t have enough content to do so (you’re bang on, Google). I may try again once I’ve got more content posted, but for now my focus is definitely on just getting posts up (which has been hard with my schedule!).

When it comes to analytics, I definitely see both sides of the coin as well. I personally run the social media accounts for my workplace, and the data which Facebook ads provides to me is crucial in the marketing decisions I make. Realistically, though, I know that it’s ridiculous how much info these sites provide to advertisers: I’ve heard many stories about creepy specific ads and even have a few myself.

In regards to my footprint, I only really make a concentrated effort to alter my data trails when I know it directly affects a purchase I’ll make. For example, I’ll delete all of my cookies from travel sites after I visit them in order to get better deals once I do decide on a trip. I’ll even sometimes purposely over-search for certain topics in the hopes of getting an ad which is relevant to me and I haven’t seen yet: for example, I’ve been shopping around for hoodies recently and am looking specifically for some sort of soccer-themed one. I made sure to google “soccer hoodie” and other variants multiple times in hopes of getting relevant ads from brands and stores I may not have seen before. In this case, I’ve not only thrown in the towel: I’ve dumped my entire laundry hamper in.

Process Post #7 – Monetization? Yes? No? Maybe so.

Do I want to monetize my blog eventually? Yes. Do I think I’m ready to monetize my blog now? Not even a little bit.

I’m still at a point with my blog where monetization doesn’t feel quite right because I have yet to build a solid audience, or even any audience yet.  So my first step to monetization is clearly building my audience. To build my audience I plan to focus my voice and my theme. Right now I’m working with two arguably very different topics, makeup and self care. However, I feel like I can easily make these two topics work more seamlessly together by expanding my overall theme to beauty, and how beauty is an important part of self care. I feel like centring my theme will help me more easily find an audience, and keep this audience coming back. At which point, I would have enough of a returning audience to warrant putting advertisements on my blog.

Audience is an important part of monetizing through adds, because having an audience gives advertisers confidence that eyes are in fact seeing their advertisements. However, audience is also important in other kinds of monetization, like sponsored content. Having a blog that largely focuses on makeup leaves me open to monetization through sponsorships. Whether these are sponsored posts based on a brand as a whole, or reviews that are sponsored based on a brands single item, sponsorships are another form of monetization that I’ve thought about, that is also based on audience. Sponsorships are based on audience, much like advertisements, because brands want to know that their products are being seen, but audience is also important for sponsorships because a larger audience gets sponsorships in the first place. If a brand see’s that I have have a real following, they are more likely to sponsor one of my posts, and allow me to advertise and support their products.

I’ve learned that much of monetization is based on audience, and I’ve realized how much work I’m going to have to put into my blog if I’m serious about monetizing. This is work that I am very willing to put in though.

Is monetizing always a good thing though? At this point in my process I’m not sure I have an answer to that. I want to say yes of course, but I’m also a starving university student who would be stoked with a extra five bucks, so I don’t think I’m the best judge at this point. Right now I’m focusing on keeping my truest voice, and making myself, as well as others, happy. If one day this leads to being able to monetize, great, but if staying true to me means that I don’t end up monetizing, well thats okay too.

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A Changing Audience

Well hello to across the world. Because apparently I have a bit of an audience in Russia. I’m not entirely convinced those page views aren’t bots but if you are really people how rad is that! If you are actual people maybe I’ll try and start tailoring some content towards you guys, although I’m not enitrely sure that’s what you would want either. Are you coming to my website because you want to learn about the Pacific Northwest?? In that case I will keep on posting as I am. This might be a situation where commenting on my posts would come in handy, it would also reassure me that you’re real and this entire post isn’t just a conversation with myself.


Many thanks to whoever comments!

Process Post 7

To be completely honest, monetizing my blog is part of my plan in the long run with this project. Makeup and writing are two of my absolute passions, so the idea of being able to combine them and make money on top of it is an exciting proposition. It’s thrilling really, to be building the tools to potentially make this idea a reality. However, I know I have a long way to go to make this happen. There a few things I need to accomplish with this platform to make it worth monetizing. Attempting to monetize too soon will only serve as a counter productive measure.

To make monetization successful, there needs to be a cultivated brand. Beauty As Art needs to become a brand with a clear audience and purpose as well as a foothold in the world of makeup and beauty. The best way to cultivate my brand is simple: pump out content. More and more content on a regular basis, utilizing not only the blog itself but also my social media outlets. Setting up a publishing schedule for specific types of posts which cater to the world of beauty bloggers, vloggers, models, creators, etc. will help to develop a sense of continuity with the content coming from the brand. Utilizing these social media avenues will also help to develop the audience for Beauty as Art.

The second crucial piece of setting myself up for success is to build a following. The continuity a schedule will create will help hold viewer interest, however I need to really build a following and audience first. The best way to accomplish this goal is by networking through the people I already know, finding my foothold in the makeup community, and becoming a reliable content creator on multiple outlets. To become a valuable investment for brands and advertisers, you need to have a strong following and be a reliable creator.

With those changes in mind, I would ideally like to use ads to start the monetization process. Over time, I would love to work with makeup and skin care brands as a brand ambassador, product reviewer, and more. I would also like to branch my blog out to include a YouTube channel to increase my reach and voice. Overall, this project is one I intend to carry into the future and work towards monetizing. However, it is something I am passionate about, money aside. I know monetizing is a process which takes time and I am not afraid to put the time and effort in to make it a worthwhile investment.

Yours Truly,

Meera C.

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3 Years

Now that things are up and running and we’re beginning to take the deep dive into discussing ads and monetization, here comes the important decision; to monetize or to not monetize. Personally as my website is a space meant for showcasing my work, and a place for people to hire me, I’ve decided not to […]

Shaming Shame

What does shame mean to each and one of us? What is the difference between making a mistake and moving on, compared to making a mistake and feeling shame out of it?

After studying the story of Jesus turning water into wine (John 2:1-11), my perception on shame has completely changed. The story takes place at a wedding where only Jesus’ mother recognizes that the amount of wine was running low. Weddings last for 7 days in the cultural context and it the third day when the wine was giving out. It is normal for the people to shame the bride and groom, and all those in charge of running the wedding if there was no wine. Jesus, who was informed of the problem, told the servants to fill up cleansing jars full of water and serve it to the chief steward. The jars were filthy as the people would wash things in the jars. The water that was in the filthy jar was turned into not just ordinary wine, but good wine. The monetary value of the amount of wine that Jesus created could by between $32000-48000.

If the people at the wedding found out that the wine gave out, a lot of shame would have been placed on a variety of people, such as the bridegroom, chief steward, and the servants. However, most of the shame would have been placed on the servants as they are often seen as scapegoats for blame and shame. But Jesus sees this opportunity to bring people out of shame. As no one knows he has turned the water into wine except for the servants, no one would else would know that they were running low on wine in the first place.

So looking at how Jesus saw this opportunity to bring people out of shame, where are places around our lives where we see shame? What would it look like for people like us, in our society, to bring people out of shame?