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How I edit my Instagram Photos


Once in awhile, I’ll get questions about how I maintain my ‘Instagram theme’ and how I edit my photos. I have to admit: it does take some time and effort but I like to try and maintain a certain branding style to my instagram feed. Yes, I strive to live the #aesthetic life — it’s a part of who I am.

This may not work for everyone and people have different preferences and different tastes, so adjust accordingly to your liking! To keep a theme, I find that editing the same way (using the same filter) helps to keep all your photos consistent.
For reference, I work from an iPhone 7. In my photos, I tend to stick to bright whites, decently contrasted, soft shadows and less saturated photos. It works best when there’s natural lighting going on. Overcast days are the best days for outdoor photos. Bright sunlight creates darker and harsher shadows that takeaway from the photo and is also a cause of over-exposure.

First, I use the Photos in-app editor (found on all iOS devices) and put on the “Fade” filter. I’ll always have to adjust the brilliance, shadows, brightness, contrast, highlights and saturation until I’m more satisfied with it. If there’s any unnecessary distractions along the edge of the photo, I’ll just crop it out here.

Next, I’ll go into my app: Facetune. I really only use it for whitening light backgrounds that aren’t completely white and to de-saturate certain areas. I’ll bring that photo into the app and use their “whiten” tool to go over certain areas that are still too saturated.

After I’ve saved that photo, I bring it into UNUM, a very helpful app that organizes and helps me plan how a photo will look in my feed. Some may think it’s excessive, but I find that it is so useful to ensuring that your photos are cohesive with one another before you post it! Once I’ve planted my photo in there, I adjust it accordingly, using the UNUM in-app editor. And that’s about it!


The Tim Game

There are few things more satisfying, to me, as a GM than having a tight knit group that will end up providing you and the other players at the table with content to play with. What that means is small things that bind the group together, or lines that may be said in jest that can be made into a running gag, or little tidbits of information that reveal more about the character than race and class.

Sometimes it takes a long time to get this information out. One group I had took nearly 6 months of playing every Sunday, other groups in the past never had more than one or two of these moments in the few months we played. So i decided to come up with a way to promote and facilitate that style of play. The first group I used it on called it “The Tim Game” and the name stuck.

After we go around the table and do the usual introductions: Character Name, Race, Class, and any relevant major points (a sentence or two) I make the players go around a second time. This time however, they are not talking about their character, they are creating a connection between their character and the one next to them. I also give them a single question to ask. They have to answer that question and both players will have a bond between their characters.

For a short version, take a d6 and roll as you go around the table, (or ask without rolling if you don’t want to have doubles)

  • Tell us about the FIRST time you met x and what were they doing?
  • What was that thing x did that made you laugh so hard milk came out of your nose?
  • Where was that place x took you to that you were nervous about, but had a really good time?
  • Can you keep that secret x told you, and do they remember telling you?
  • When did you realise this was not the first time you met x and when was that first time?
  • What’s that one thing that x did that makes you trust them with your life?

This works for almost any RPG I have ever played. I have other questions and I am going to compile a full list for a patreon (not too much) later down the road.

I love this for team building. In a world of make believe we can often get lost in the setting: I’m a fighter – I bash things, I am a smuggler – I sneak things around, I am a parent – I worry about my kids, too often we forget that these characters, like ourselves, likely have different masks or presented selves. Rarely does a game start with a character starting at age 1. So what happened during the rest of your time until the moment the character started in the game story?

We as people have many different layers to us. We present different masks or aspects of ourselves to different people at different times be it online or in person, depending on where we are, who we are with, and what we are doing. Everything from our language, to behaviour, to outward personality it all changes. So why don’t we think that way for our characters? The Tim Game helps with that, and it does so with the whole group. By having it come from another player it creates a shared experience, which is what the biggest part or roleplaying games is about. A shared fun experience.

The Accountants

The Accountants are unavoidable, yet ignorable enough that I continue my life without taking one of theirs every time I see them heading to ‘work.’ Toothless sneers, unseeing eyes and snide remarks belong to an extinct social standing; they were important before the apocalypse, while the rest of us accepted oblivion’s new, tax bracketless structure, they salvaged their importance, and nothing else.

The shreds of nylon clinging to Brenda’s leg have nearly fused to her skin. A bobby pin or two holds her blood matted hair in a bun like shape. Phil, with his tattered tie still choking his neck, shoes long rotted away. Craig’s hand has lost three fingers to the mutant rats he doesn’t bother fighting off, infection will claim the entire arm in three weeks or less. (At least it better- I’ve bet two cans of squirrel meat on the outcome) 

But none of this concerns them.
Their brains stopped the day the apocalypse started.
They reside on slabs of concrete that once held skyscrapers I would’ve been denied entrance too, providing conceded commentary on the state of our city now that it’s run by goons and no-good punks.
Sometimes I watch them, waiting for a synapse to snap and their heads to clear and how they’d look up in astonishment, free from the confines of a life that no longer exists.
The Accountants never do.
Brenda shows Phil a radioactive pebble and Phil mutters about the inflation of synergistic platforms; Craig mentions the harnessing of distributed functionalities; Brenda declares the monetizability of added-value markets is a priority.
She puts the radioactive pebble down and picks up the one in the pile, restarting the cycle.


Assignment Peer Review #1

Name: Langlois, Jordan

blog setups

I really appreciate all the efforts and time you have put in watching YouTube tutorials to learn how to use the theme! In terms of the overall setup and layout, the soft colours and floral prints perfectly match with what the blog does as an online platform where personal tips on makeup and self care are shared by a young lady. The plain white background makes the colourful flowers in the header image really stand out. Good logo design with soft pink colour which matches with the same colour tone of the header image. However, I notice that the resolution of the header image is rather low for this size of display. What add to the need for reconsideration of using this header image is the watermark ‘MEGAPIXL’ on it which gets obvious when I take a closer look. I also notice that there are 3 little social media icons at the bottom right hand corner of the website which link to the corresponding blogger’s social media accounts. But I feel like it’d be better to relocate them to the sidebar because it’s close to the top of the page where visitors start reading.

Content and Development of online self

Not only do the ‘About’ and ‘My Vision’ sections introduce what this website is about, they also contain lots of description of her character with a photo of her and a vision board as visual aid. As I’m reading all those content about herself, I can really relate to the solipsistic introjection among the Online Disinhibition Effects because her voice seemingly appeared in my mind as if she’s introducing herself! I think it’s due to the fact that in real world during our pub101 lecture she always feel free to open up her mind and share her thoughts in discussions, making her voice more memorable than any other fellow classmates. From how she describes herself as ‘quirky’ and refined’, I definitely see her confidence for sharing her true self in this online platform. We can see the ‘quirky’ side of her personality from her selfie on the vision board, and why she’s ‘refined’ from her ‘Talking To Stranger’ post in which she talks about her interest and wonderful experience interacting with strangers with safety and mutual respect without crossing any line. I feel like her blog is really helping her to dig deeper into her mind to find out more about who she is internally and also to disinhibit herself to the external world sharing the happy experiences that are derived from who she is and how she behaves, encouraging others to open up themselves. However, it’d be much better to have more visuals and videos about makeup and self care in the blog but I believe those will be up sooner or later! Keep up the good work!

Under the Guise of the ‘Chill Girl’

The following is inspired partly by an article I recently stumbled upon, but mostly rather by a massive period of self-discovery and introspection I was forced to face over the last couple months. This article put into words what I simply couldn’t over the summer, when I adopted a version of myself that was so focused on appeasing others, I started to resent the parts of my personality that make up who I am. I’d like to think that this response is almost my reemergence into trying not to give a fuck about the constructed ideas people have of me, and instead, actually speaking my truth again. 



Under the guise of the “chill girl”, I misplace the parts of me that want to scream and dance and speak truths. All of a sudden all eyes find me and every word that is uttered as I leave the room becomes an attack – at least in my mind. I am to walk with my head up high not because I feel true confidence but because it is a way to sew in another a piece of armour, a badge to show just how unbothered I wished to be towards the world around me.

But this mask was my demise.

The vulnerability that wanted to escape so badly banged and thrashed against the walls of my plastered on smile, authenticity slowly siphoned out and replaced by a rudimentary set of expectations dictating that I was not to reveal my disguise under any circumstances.

We say yes to the billboards on our foreheads that scream “This girl has it together, she’s everything you’ve ever wanted and she’s never been more nonchalant about it.”

We change our costumes from the baggy “I am infinitely unbothered” to the tight-fitting “I am the pinnacle of confidence” a few times a day, only to step out of our skin at night wondering why we feel so itchy.

“I never expected this from you, I always thought you were just a cool, chill girl”

Variations of this swing around my ears and I cringe knowing how many have put me on a shelf, smacked a sticker on my forehead and decided that this is what I’m worth. Every facet of my personality cowers in the corner and hangs their heads knowing that it will not be safe to come out.

I work to slowly revise the words written all over my skin. The words that have become tangled in messes pushing back in forth between the vulnerable and the safe.

I have been taught that safety only lies in hiding the real.

We are not on this earth to be your puzzles, your codices to unpack and solve. Why do you chase us and convince us that our worth only relies on our ability to keep you guessing? Why is it that so many of us stand convinced that our feelings are fundamentally undesirable, only to come out of the woodwork when given permission?

Death to the chill girl, I think to myself.

But how can something disappear when it doesn’t even exist in the first place?

Speed Gaming

When speed dating you have to ‘sell yourself’ in a small window of time, 2-5 min, enough to get the person to want to hang out with you again. Gaming is very similar when introducing your character. While you don’t have to sell yourself to get the GM to want to play with you again you do have a limited amount of time to get who your character is across to the rest of the table

When you play in a convention or a store game you are stuck to a limited amount of time, often two to four hours, to play through the module. On top of that you usually don’t know who the characters, or players, are until they sit down and introduce themselves. Most role playing games rely on tropes to make certain things obvious: a fighter is going to be a heavy hitter, a cleric can heal you, a wizard will do area damage from the back, and a rogue will sneak and steal. After that there is a personality, usually dwindled down to a line or two, “you speak very slowly cause you think everyone is less intelligent than you,” “you like shiny things and have to make a grab for it.” Simply sharing these things can increase the inclusion of the other players into your character and allow for better submersion into the world you are about to imagine.

If you are running a home game, my next blog will deal with how to make the character sharing more immersive and how to create a group or team out of strangers.


I as the GM (Game Master), have a difficult time in proving who it is I am and why I am qualified to run a game for you. Often, the fact that I am there is enough. Most Conventions and gaming stores vet their GMs. That said, it is arrogant of me or any other GM to simply assume that because I am there is enough for you to want to be at my table.

I can’t go off simply going through my entire history that through me to that table. As a GM who has been running games for nearly ten years it would simply take too much time and eat into the actual game and still not help. Instead, I have to pick and choose relevant information that will help the players feel at ease that their imagination is safe at my table and that I will guide them through a fun story. If it is a Convention I will likely say how long I have been at that convention, at a store I am able to tell people that I have some convention experience and offer other bits of info like who I have ran they may know, or other games I am able to run.

Simply said the speed part is a skill that you get as you go. The first few times you game in public you will have to just pick and choose. As you do more gaming in more venues you will learn what works to share and what does not. Make a list of a couple things (literally a couple) that are relevant to the situation and give it a try. If you think it needs tweaking you can always do that for next game.

Remember to have fun and keep the dice rolling

Stranger Chats

I’ve always thought ‘stranger danger’ is a stupid thing to teach children. I think that kind of conditioning and learned paranoia has been a contributing factor to the less trusting, more private, and generally less friendly world we live in today. Where did it even come fro–.

You know what, I don’t care.

When it comes to tabletop gaming I think it should go away. Store and Convention Gaming would not exist exist without talking to strangers. Making friends at a convention with thousands of people, in a gaming store, or even doing what I do – sitting down at a table with stranger who have hired me to roll dice with them would all be totally impossible. At some point you have to talk to strangers. I actually enjoy it. There is an earlier episode of the Simpsons episode “A Streetcar Named Marge”, that has the line “A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met.” This line, while more a parody of A Streetcar Named Desire, is actually fairly accurate in the tabletop gaming world.

Tabletop Gaming is one of those occasions where the table you run may be filled with only strangers; you may know no-one at your table. By the end of the two to four+ hours that table you have made at least one friend, and the rest are bumped into the acquaintance category.

I met most of my players in both the Loose Endz and SkyFyre Comics podcasts at a table not knowing who they were the first time we played. The Loose Endz crew were invited to my home and the SkyFyre Comics gang were met through an in-store game. Now I am confident calling them all friends. Had I followed the “don’t talk to strangers” rule I never would have met them, let alone have the balls to go to a convention like GenCon where there are 70,000 strangers. The guys from The Commentist Network were strangers when I first started listening to their podcasts. One day I began tweeting and direct messaging them, then I started running games for them via Google Hangouts, then joined their network with my own podcasts, and next year I’m a groomsman for one at his wedding.

When I think about it every great thing that happened in may gaming career (GaymerX, D&D Adventurers League, Podcasts, Gaming at Conventions, even this venture of professional GM) has happened because I reached out to strangers.



You don’t have to talk to everyone all the time. Nor would you simply assume you’re going to be friends with everyone all the time. There are caveats. There are people who are twisted or ill and can be harmful to others. Instead of Stranger Danger maybe just Stranger Awareness, be aware of where you are, don’t go to someones house if you don’t like the vibe, ask to meet in a public place first. I offer to meet anyone who wants to play with me a chance to meet first so they feel more comfortable. Partly because it is a courtesy since I will be charging them and they want to see that I am worth the money, and partly so I can get a vibe. Just don’t be afraid to say hi, or to approach people.

You never know, you might find a new gaming group and friends.

Life after Co-op: Transitioning Back to School

Returning to school after an eight-month co-op placement is not an easy transition and I’ve come across a lot of people have asked me whether I prefer working or being in school. To be quite honest, I don’t have a definite answer, but here are some of my thoughts and opinions based on my experience.

  1. Working was not as stressful as being in school.

    I found a relief from stress the eight months I was working: no studying, no exams, no papers! The work environment was relaxed, flexible and I never felt too overwhelmed trying to meet my deadlines. I would spend most of my day in the office but would go home and not have to think about work rather than coming home from class and still having work in the back of my mind. My weekends were a question of “What should I do with my day today?”.

  2. I found it easier to focus on my own personal goals/growth rather than feeling external pressure.

    My first week back at school, I sat in a lecture while my prof introduced himself to the class and all my mind could remember was him going on about successful students in my program who have gone achieving great things in Silicon Valley. That’s great, don’t get me wrong: it’s an opportunity of a lifetime to work in Silicon Valley. But I find that my program has the tendency to focus on students who have gone off working for large companies that it starts to create a burden for undergraduate students to mold themselves into this standard that somehow Silicon Valley equals success and increased recognition. But the truth is, not every designer/developer ends up working in Silicon Valley and that doesn’t make them any less successful.
    When I was out of school and working, trying to fit into this celebrated mold escaped from my mind and found that I was able to find joy and contentment from within myself. I found it much easier to focus on my personal growth as a designer rather than comparing myself to other students. I was working in a small start-up, but I was proud of what I was learning and how fast I was learning and in that way, yes — I found success in what I was doing and it didn’t matter where I was.

  3. I focused on saving, saving, saving.

    Of course, working meant that I had a source on income and didn’t have to worry about how much I was spending on food or clothes. I wasn’t a broke college student — at least not for the eight months I was working. It doesn’t mean that I splurged on every meal, but generally I wasn’t counting how much I was spending by the dollar. I took the opportunity to build up on my savings so I could have a more comfortable future post-graduating.

  4. I felt disconnected from the school community.

    Working full-time also meant that I didn’t get as many chances to see my friends from school, and I really missed that the most. It took more effort to try and make plans with my friends who were in school, taking classes I was falling behind in because of my absence. It made me realize how much fun school can be when you have the opportunity to take on projects and bond with friends from school. I always felt like I was falling behind on what has been happening in the school community.

  5. I felt like I had more creative freedom in school.

    Working in a company means that as a designer you need to abide by the company’s branding guidelines when creating work. At school, there is a lot more freedom in projects such as choosing your own typefaces, colours and images: most of the time you are free to explore and create in your own style of choosing.

Overall, I’m glad to be back in school but I know I’m going to miss working once midterms and papers hit me. Finishing my first co-op placement, I definitely have a better sense of what I’m looking for for my future co-op placements and what kind of work I like to do. A word of advice? Just because someone is working at a well-recognized company, does not make their life perfect because everyone struggles with different aspects of their life: focus on yourself and your own growth, not on others.



Fuck your reading habits.

I’ve always been the preliminary girl

the intermittent girl

the escape girl.

The one kept on the back burner

the one used as a vessel for things that cannot be expressed

to the ones they actually attach themselves to

What is it about me that screams

Use me as the prologue to your love story

Use me as the magazine you read to pass the time

Use me as the dirty novel you hide under your pillow.

These pages are my own

Bound with a discipline

That could only be learned through sewing back in

The pages that have been carelessly ripped out

I am not your old, overdue library book

I am the riveting fiction you can’t put down

The true story that inspires you

The poetry that changes you

So do not place me in the depths of your nightstand

Only to open me as an escape from the reality you grow tired of

I am a work of art

Sprung solely from my own fingertips.


-fuck your reading habits




Week 3 Process Post

This week I installed and activated Google Analytics and the Ultimate Category Excluder plugins to WordPress so I can easily track my views and prevent these posiel posts from appearing on the front page of my blog. I planned the layout of my blog so that #posiel posts would be accessible on the sidebar rather than the main navigation menu.

One of the readings this week came from Craig Mod, “How I Got My Attention Back”. I would like to share a quote from his article:

“Our measuring sticks for life tend to be optimized for material things, things easy to count. Houses, cars, husbands, babies, dollar bills. Attention is immaterial, difficult to track.” (Mod, 2017)

This quote resonates with me because I can often see how our world is radically becoming more advanced and how visual media is increasingly becoming a the cause of consumerism. In a world where we seem to live thriving off material and physical objects, it is so easy to become absorbed into this culture of consumerism as a means to measure the satisfaction of our personal life. As a result, people are increasingly less aware of the every day situations that are occurring around us as they pay more attention to their own lives and personal obsessions. Attention, like time, cannot be bought or exchanged.

I find that whenever I put my phone down for a few hours, I tend to feel more productive with my time and feel more mentally invested in the work or activity I am doing without constant distraction. That being said, I don’t think I can be offline for a month even if my life allowed it without harming me. For being someone who relies on social media to stay in touch with friends who live hours away, I can’t imagine the time needed to transit to them just to discuss a couple of things with them that could easily and quickly be done in a matter of minutes.

Back to School, Back to Basics


It’s that time of the year, when all students bid farewell to the hot weather, tan lines and start the dreadful transition to a new school year, term papers and Vancouver’s bipolar weather.

I’m still in denial that school has already kick-started, but the progression to cozy sweaters, blanket scarves and hot chocolate has me quite excited. Recently, I paid a visit to a newly opened cafe in Burnaby, La forêt — a convenient 5 minute drive from where I live. It is undeniably the most aesthetic cafe in this area: every corner you look is definitely an instagram-worthy shot. The best part? Originally a warehouse, it is extremely spacious with a high ceiling, tons of natural light coming in and accented with greenery to provide for the best instagram shot. If you haven’t gotten the point yet: this is the new go-to space to meet all your instagram needs.
It was a beautiful day and I was treasuring the warm, sunny weather that I will soon miss so dearly.

Since it was still pleasantly warm that day, I pulled out one of my favourite finds from H&M — a black chiffon sleeveless shirt. I actually purchased this from the kids section and definitely has a unique style to it: it has a slightly cropped base layer with loose chiffon that splits at the back. It’s one of those pieces that can be easily paired and makes your outfit more interesting without even trying! For comfort, I paired a pair of light beige dexter pants from Aritizia that I found brand new (with tags!) at a consignment store for a fraction of the retail cost of $145. Being petite at 5’0, finding pants that fit my height is always very difficult, but luckily these ankle grazers fit me so well! Despite the hefty cost, the quality and fit of these pants make it worth it. My go to shoes when it’s not pouring rain outside are my Adidas Stan Smiths that I bought online for only $65 (compared to retail $110), they can be worn with anything really. I’ve managed to keep them decently white the past year I’ve owned these; hopefully that doesn’t change any time soon. Adding to simple pieces, I have been eyeing a gold crescent moon necklace from Topshop but was reluctant to purchase because of the price, but was able to stumble across a similar one Forever 21 that costed half the price!




7 things you probably don’t know about me

  1. If I wasn’t a visual/interaction designer, I would love to pursue interior design!

    I love watching home reno shows on HGTV and if I had much more time in life I would most definitely be interested in learning more about interior design.

  2. I have never in my life like Barbies. Well, just dolls in general. Period.

    I remember when my dad came home with a Barbie wearing a Cinderella-like blue gown one afternoon, I almost gagged out the bok choy that was in my mouth when I saw it. I never played with it and tried all attempts to sell it out at multiple garage sales with no luck. Maybe it was the synthetic look and feel that I’ve always found dolls disgusting. To this day, I still don’t know what happened to that Barbie doll.

  3. I used to make jewelry out of paper clips and a pair of pliers.

    It’s true: I always had a bag of paper clips and pliers with me. I made necklaces, bracelets and earrings from twisting paper clips in different shapes.

  4. I was put in an ESL class when I was in elementary school.

    If I recall correctly, in Grade 1 or 2, I was pulled out of class by surprise and dragged to an ESL class. I was born and raised in Vancouver and had never thought or been told I had any problems with my English. Luckily, I was never put back in that class after that one time. In fact, in high school I actually got a lot of compliments from my teachers on my writing and academically did very well in my writing classes.

  5. I wasn’t born into an artistic family.

    I don’t know anyone in either side of my families who shares my artsy side, yet I have always loved drawing and creating. At a very young age, I have always been known as “the artist” of the class. From drawing anime and cartoons to hyper-realistic drawings, I never enjoyed the drawing classes my parents put me in, but preferred teaching myself through practice and experience.

  6. I can’t ride rollercoasters.

    I have a calm and soft heart that can’t take no adrenaline. When I was in middle school I went to Playland for my friend’s birthday and we all went on the well-known wooden rollercoaster. I don’t even know how I was even tall enough, but it was one of the worst decisions of my life. There is only one long bar that comes down in front of your waist (not secure at all!). Being a petite person, I did not feel safe and thought I was about to fly out any minute. I still don’t know how I survived that ride, but I’m glad to still be living.

  7. Being a rhythmic gymnast was one of the most impacting decisions of my life.

    How was it impacting? That’s a story for another time.
    I started recreational gymnastics when I was probably as young as 4 years old just “for fun”. In Grade 3, my school offered an after school rhythmic gymnastics classes so I gave that a try and fell in love with the sport. I continued to train pre-competitively for a short period before entering the competition world for the next four years. I loved — and placed very well in competitions. I had no limits to the way my spine could bend and I took it for granted.
    It wasn’t until I injured my spinal cord during a training — at the age of 12 — when I had to accept the fact that I would never be able to perform the same moves I used to so easily do. I never had a desire to compete in the Olympics, but I still had a raging passion for the beauty of this sport so I continued to compete for another 2 years with an injured spine. I stuck out the pain with many visits to different doctors and physiotherapists before deciding to focus more on my academics and pursue my passion for the arts. To this day (10 years after my injury!), I still occasionally struggle with back pain and I’ve gotten to know my physiotherapist like a friend.

Talking to a Stranger

When you advance to a new stage of your life, like graduating high school and setting off the university journey, talking to strangers become inevitable and necessary because you need friends in the new environment. It’s not just about avoid being alone, but more importantly, those who are once complete strangers and have nothing to do with your life will help you go through this new journey as your partners, colleagues, teachers, and listeners, making your life sweeter and less bitter.

As a FOB (this is often the bridge that helps me start a conversation with strangers and make new friends), language barrier still exists even I’ve been here for more than two years but it has considerably reduced. Talking to strangers in my second language once gave me sweat (I have sweaty palms, which embarrass me EVERY SINGLE TIME when I shake hands with new friends) and anxiety, not knowing what I should say, worrying about all the grammars and choice of word, and assuming people would judge me for not able to speak fluently. But now I can comfortably and fluently talk about this experience with my new friends… and shake hands with them with a relatively dryer hand.

Scavenger hunt at SFU: Explore the campus with new friends! – My first semester in Fraser International College (FIC), also a freshman in SFU, this mandatory course called ILS (Integrated Learning Skills) for all new comers offered a lot of opportunities to make new friends from all over the world. This photo was taken outside Image Theatre at Burnaby campus with Yadu from India, Jessica from the Dominican Republic, and Jody from Indonesia (from left to right).

People come and go. Not everyone of your new friends who set off the journey with you can accompany you throughout the whole journey. Some of them leave or fade away halfway, while more strangers appear and become your new friends. A big thank you to all those who stay, and to each of them who had appeared in my life as strangers or friends that made me a better and stronger person.

(ps. Unlike here in Vancouver, we spend 6 years in a secondary school (Form 1 to 6) before tertiary education. For my secondary school, class structure does not change for senior forms (=high school). We struggled through the toughest period together for 2.5 years before the infamous public exam.
2014 Christmas Service: Thank you, 2012-2015 Class 6D of St. Mark’s School, from a bunch of strangers to one family. (ps. Unlike here in Vancouver, we spend 6 years in a secondary school (Form 1 to 6) before tertiary education. In my secondary school, class structure does not change for senior forms (=high school). We struggled through the toughest period together for 2.5 years before the infamous public exam.)


PANTONE Top 10 Fashion Colour Report, 2017 Fall & Winter

front page.jpg


When every new season approaching, Pantone will be the lead of the fashion industry.  Pantone is best known for Pantone Matching System (PMS), it a propriety colour space many industries. The idea of PMS is that allow designers to “colour match” specific colours when a design enters production stage.

After Pantone top 10 fashion colour for 2017 spring, the whole fashion world just wait and see what Pantone suggest for 2017 fall and winter. For 2017 fall and winter, Pantone  has released  colour patten for 2017 New York and London.  Pantone’s colour will make anyone happy and warm in such colder season.

“There is a commonality between the colours we are seeing on the runway in New York and London.” says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute. “However, individuality is evident and we are seeing a distinct difference between the shows in the two cities in the way these same colours are being combined.”

color swatches


So what is the most trend colour for this fall and winter, and how many colour you could take over? Let’s check them all out!



Grenadine .jpg

For the all released colour, most of the colour is more warm tone, grenadine is such strong evocative, dynamic red. It is easy and classic way to make you feel confident.



Givenchy Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear is such good example is show that grenadine is such powerful colour in cold season. Moreover, grenadine is self-assured attention-getter.
1-1 1-5 1-3
For fall and winter season, be red in seawater or velvet material clothing is a wise way to make you catch more attention. And it is not that over for you dressing in all red. Don’t wait, just do it!

Tawny Port

Tawny Port.jpg
Personally, it is a little surprised that Pantone this season takes Tawny Port as new colour. Like everyone says you never know what will be in trend for tomorrow. Tawny Port is in the red colour family, but not that centred- attention, like very historic wine with long time precipitation. It’s elegant and tasteful.
This year, Victoria Beckham’s fall collection using lots of ideas from Tawny Port with black, white and grey. It feels more sophisticated.
Tawny Port is more like colour would trend in late 80’s, personally it is hard to make perfect matching with other colour. Or just go retro style.
lalaland  runway color  Giambattista Valli Autumn Winter 2017
If you really into this colour, but find it is hard to match with other outfit. Why not like Emma, just get a plain Tawny Port silk dress and same colour lipstick. For cold concern,  you might have a suit outfit just dressed on shoulder. Go get you own “la la land”.

Ballet Slipper

Ballet Slipper.jpg

There is no surprised that Pink is must have colour in this season. It is a such soft touched tone although it is more cold tone. When there is full of colour that make you out of breath, ballet slipper comes!
Givenchy Pre- Fall 2017 1-2  Givenchy Pre- fall 2017  Givency 2017 Pre- Fall 1-4
Givenchy must be winner who play pink perfectly. Without being such girly and childish, it much more future sense within pink colour.
street pink Pink 1
There are more and more fashionista who like to dressing in pink. It is  better with material  which are soft and smooth.


Butterum .jpg
I found that there are so many colour’s name related to food. Maybe it’s a better way to understand what colour it is 100 %. Like this one called Butterum. When I first time saw this name, I even could smell the butter on the french toast. It is snug and warming. Make you feel like sitting beside roaring fire with a cup of milk tea with double milk and sugar.
Hermès Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear 1  Hermès Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear  fd5c93d48aa1aeb7a78f253a7f4f0471
Hermès is a good player on this colour and with such high end material, it makes this fall feel more cozy and protectable.
But you might think this colour is boring, it is not that fashionable. There is a brand called NO.21 resort, it make butterum more interesting to wear.
No. 21 Resort 2018 2  No. 21 Resort 2018 4b3c41aaa27cdf1a5b97641ddd943cf3

Navy Peony

Navy Poeny .jpg

Who said that there will no cold tone colour for colder season? Pantone for this season make Navy Peony as trend colour. Navy Peony is a dependable and an anchoring shade.
Fendi Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear 2   Fendi Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear  Céline | Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear
Fendi’s  2017 fall collection is more smooth and classic than before. And Navy Peony is solid and stable.  And the name is giving some magic power to this colour.
Ader Error Autumn:Winter 2015   Alexander Wang Fall:Winter 2013  d083b9138dde61ca22b676b617097c56
If you are worried about Navy Peony is though for the whole piece wearing. Why not choose some navy peony element.

Neutral Grey

Neutral Grey .jpg
Neutral Grey is non- risk colour for fall and winter seasons. It applies to anyone, no matter you are office fellow, street stylist or any needs, it can be used as accent or head-to-toe statement shade.
Céline Pre-Fall 2017  Michael Kors Collection Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear  Osklen Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear
For fall season, Céline, Michael Kors and Osklen these brand all use neutral grey as main colour to express their fashion idea.
c29a39aee1f3677cb05c0f5e78a9e772   street grey  grey 11
With neutral grey, you always could make a cozy and the whole piece dress and never go wrong.

Shaded Spruce

Shaded Spruce .jpg

Shaded Spruce that you could see it in the forest. The first impression is the approaching of colder season. Spruce is the shuttler as evergreen trees.
32f53b170a1365a42f4c590b0004b759    Valentino Fall 2017  Ziad Nakad - Fall – Winter Collection 2017 – 2018
And the colour is likely different to find the matching pieces but you do not have to go with everything is shaded spruce. Some where show that your fashion sense is enough. Never go too much.
Olivia Palermo wears a green coat with a printed blouse, a skinny scarf, jeans, lace-up flats and a beaded handbag.  igh waisted pants with faux crop top 2df02b5baae42d081d0cb3119623910e

Golden Lime 

Golden Lime .jpg
The yellow- green tone colour could make you brighter and classic. It feels more like British style. But notice this colour going to make you older.   ╮(╯_╰)╭
Betsey Johnson at New York Fashion Week Fall 2010 - Runway Photos  Valentino Fall 2017 Couture 2  Valentino Fall 2017 Couture
When I go though tons of the styling pics, it just too hard to handle, just get some contrast embellishments and you will be fine. Or choosing some other green tons at early fall.
3cf70f4bd6673bd6a5858a176ed85e4b  93e1160066aec8e4b22f77fed1462ef1  056779259d58b24848962279f14de0b2


Marina .jpg
Marina is such a special colour in this fall and winter, cause is 100% cold tone and it’s a true colour brings freshness and brightness.
FENDI)」はミランで2016年春夏コレクションを発表した。  DKNY | Ready-to-Wear Spring 2017 | Look 22  02124e87b95cc1a72cb1737d11fe4c5e
If you choose a right plan for your marina matching, it could bright yourself as much.
It perfect when combined with white, red, grey. And your skin tone is yellowish, use marina could better yourself!
迪丽热巴          97bc61444d49c38a5f69ac63b912862e

Autumn Maple

Autumn mapple .jpg


Autumn maple is in the between of red and yellow, but it more close to orange and brown. It is warmer than orange and more fun than brown.  Evocative and richly textured, Autumn Maple is the it colour of fall 2017.


haider ackermann  Haider Ackermann at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2012  0e218e29d28de5c35827dae4b5f2cb48

Autumn maple is looking good on every material. And you could matching with some cold tone colour. My personal secret is matching with navy, it makes more exotic.


c8fd89ac66f2c4e81ce7bdb189fbc812  ee804e99dafe75224ead3993a79dbbbb  0127b0e2fb116ec7bbedd6c13fb9010e


2df108772796c0c77749263aad6a6c73 9ff955c410d5d51bcb52787f2788df7eb491a6cf3e5f1fc3d41cbf9622d54928


It looks perfect on fur, but remember it has to be fake fur! It will be more late 80’s, funny and not out of fashion.


It Gir

Mae Lapres is a model and she is a professional colour player with passion. Just follow her instagram  ( @meimeilapres ) to be a fashionista.   ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭


1a0dd297e9f057ef7453ed24195083e2.jpg 5d4e7b5b1c6c43f06c340bf822df66e8

ccca8b97d2184b391f17a0b990d8ad1e.jpg fa51dbb695d13e72fc0d2513c232db35.jpg




51abcfadf106dca3e92dc3da000331b0 8b2c35c480a77342e76084a4d1857c91



She has so many colour on herself and not being a Christmas tree, that’s a really high practice on matching. But we better have our own style and do not copy.




All pics source:

PUB101 – Process Post

I’ve realized that I’m spending more and more time on building this personal website – my own little cyber space – playing with awesome plugins to make it richer with different kinds of content. Unlike on my Facebook and Instagram where I share content with mainly friends back in Hong Kong, my audience here is only all those in my PUB101 class who are my new friends and only read English. It makes a difference of what to share on my social media and in here.


I started with the ‘Twenty Seventeen’ theme and uploaded my header image as my very first action of the website development. The photo is taken on the top of Mountain Whistler in summer 2016, and its composition makes it the best header image, also showing a little bit of my character as an outgoing and energetic young adult who loves looking at the sky and is eager for adventure. I had tried changing to a few other themes but none can give me a sense of simplicity and an emphasis on the header image like this one which maximizes its size. I want the image to fully occupy visitors’ monitor and their eyes when they enter my website!


There are only a sidebar and two footers at the bottom of the website to contain widgets. I’ve added icons to other social media at the top of the sidebar for visitors to share my posts/website as well as to let them learn more about me on other platforms. Especially for Facebook and Instagram, which I’ve placed them as the first two icons, they are the social media platforms I use the most and therefore contain a lot more info about me. In addition, I have added audio widget to share some of my favourite Cantonese pop music, like a weekly selection, with text widget as its caption for a brief introduction to the song.

I have opened two categories so far – ‘posiel’ for required course work from pub101 and ‘daily life’ for sharing my trivial things in my daily life as well as my experiences here in Vancouver as an international student. The development of the two pages ‘About Me’ and ‘Canton Pop Music’ is still in progess.

Stranger Danger?

In a technologically advanced world, it has become the norm to for our eyes to be glued down to our mobile screens wherever we go: whether it be on the bus, on the street or in class. Consequently, it has undeniably caused us to be less aware of our surroundings and the people around us. It’s much easier now with easily accessible technological devices and social media platforms to engage and interact with “strangers” because we no longer need to carry the same feeling that may come with rejection or awkwardness in-person.

The difficulty of speaking to a stranger in public mainly comes from unknown motives; I’ve been approach by many strangers who tried to sell me a product, ask for cash, or for using me as an ear. I’ve almost been accustomed to creating a social barrier between me and the people around me when I am on the street alone because of unknown intentions and out of fear of being taken advantage of.
A stranger to me is someone who I don’t know personally and if I was asked, I would not be able to describe their personality or interests to someone else. I consider a person known when I have had at least one engaging conversation with them to really get to know who they are aside from recognizing a familiar face. Being a shy and reserved individual, once I get to know someone on a deeper and more personal level, I find it easier to approach them and feel more inclined to speak with them again, thus passing the notion of just being “strangers”.


Ace & Onyx Look Book

Each piece is made custom to the preferences of the individuals who order them.

I try and use materials found in nature for the pendants and beads, with the necklace itself consisting of tied suede and leather straps.

Send me a message with your necklace preferences and I will try and create something that aligns with them to the best of my abilities. (Go easy on me, I’m still working out the system kinks)

My Vision Board + Process

For a lifestyle blog, I really aimed to develop a theme/palette that represents who I am.
Being a crafty individual, I decided to go back to my childhood roots and take out my scissors. I can’t remember the last time I created a vision board or collage, but I had fun with this. I really only had two magazines to work from, but IKEA magazines really did it for me. Besides the journalling images (thanks Google), I found that IKEA really speaks to my overall aesthetics. In fact, I get a little giddy whenever the new IKEA catalogue comes in the mail.

I always love to “embrace the white space”. A minimalist, I strive to stay simple while showing some natural/earthy and light tones: pastel pinks, blues and green tones from nature. I want my platform to be a space that inspires, is easy and enjoyable to read.

I’ve always wanted to have a platform to write about my passions and my hobbies in hopes to inspire my fellow friends and peers. Oh, and I love coffee. No — I’m not an addict… I can survive a day without coffee; I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee which is why I drink it. The energy boost is just a plus.
I’ve recently developed an interest in modern calligraphy probably because I love writing. And I don’t mean writing essays, I mean the action of writing. I love writing neatly and being structured, which leads me to my hobby of note-taking (wait, is that even considered a hobby?) and journalling.
I love to create, and I love to share what I create. And most of all, I love to help people. So that is what I hope to bring to this blog: a space for me to share inspiration, tips and advice on living a fulfilling and influential life.

deadly mistake

He stared at the woman with wide eyes.

Her words repeated like a broken record:

“That door you just kicked down was for your protection, not mine.’

He looked back at the door – it reminded him of a wide monstrous mouth.

The woman laughed softly, rocking back and forth in her cross-legged position. She had a gleam in her eyes he found unsettling.

The man took a step away from the door, only to be knocked on to his back.

A decaying hand wrapped around his ankle.

He screamed.

The woman laughed.

His finger nails ripped and cracked as he tried to claw his way out of the room. Yet, there was no use. The hand dragged him into the awaiting door, a trail of blood following behind.

The door slammed closed, drowning out his screams.

The woman was quick to rise from her spot on the floor.

She picked up a cloth and bucket of water and began to clean the blood from the hardwood.

First Day of Fall 2017

First day of Fall 2017 at SFU marks the beginning of my 3rd year. Time files. It’s always hard to imagine it’s already been two years since I’d arrived here on 23 August 2015 from my hometown Hong Kong, where I’d spent 18 years growing up.

Look what I found once I stepped out of my house! The falling of leaves reminds us of the end of summer, a season perfect for outdoor activities although sometimes the temperature can get a little too high for a good sleep at night.

There has not been raining for weeks in ‘Raincouver’, making the city so dry that the green color on plants started to fade and become yellowish brown. But plants that are still regularly taken care by people remain healthy. This makes an interesting view possible on the street where healthy green plants and dying yellowish plants meet. Below is a better version of the picture above.


the door

Bright sunlight streamed through the crack of the open door.

Tentatively, I took a step forward, pushing the door to open wider. A long white hallway stretched forward, it seemed to stretch on forever.

I walked down, my bare feet slapped the cold floor.

The door slammed behind me – hinges screeching.

I walked for what felt like hours, passing by the same white walls, until finally, I came to another door.

It resembled the same one I entered through – blue wood, gold accents, and a decorative knob.

Slowly, I knocked.



Three times.

And just as expected, the door swung open.

Immediately I bolted up right, gasping for air.

The familiar beeping of the monitor welcoming me home.

“Well done Kate.”

I looked up, meeting eyes with the professor. His green eyes sparkled, his blond hair standing up wildly.

He was impressed. I sighed, thank god.

“Take her back to her room please.” The professor muttered to his assistant. “She’s done well today.”

Mysticons: New Series, Great Potential!

As of August 2017, Nickelodeon has hosted a brand new series to add to its roster of animated content. Mysticons emerged quietly into the television scene without much of a heads up, but has been gaining plenty of online attention as of late.

Produced by Nelvana and Corus Entertainment—two Canadian production companies specializing in children’s programming, specifically animation—has created a series that could potentially become a hit in the world of online cartoon fandoms. The series surrounds a group of four teenagers, Arkayna, Piper, Emerald, and Zarya, who are brought together through a acquisition quest for the “Dragon disk”, an ancient artifact that is held in the royal ranks of Drake City. This artifact has caught the eye of evil perpetrators who would like to use it’s power to revive a previous overlord. The four girls are unexpectedly granted powers from the disk and are bestowed the unsolicited role of protecting their home from evil entities.


The first episode titled Sisters in Arms provides a solid foundation for the series. The first minute into the episode takes a dive into Drake City and many of its elements. The setting seems to be a combination of futuristic and fantasy, mixing hover vehicles with urban city life that is occupied by pixies, dwarves, and other inhumans alongside regular people. It makes for a very refreshing world with the early promise of extensive expansion.

A detail in showcasing Drake City that is very appealing is that the setting does not shy away from social divides. Piper and Zarya are part of a class called the Underdwellers—a population in the city that is plagued my misfortune and poverty, to the point where Piper and Zarya have to risk imprisonment just to steal food for some of the other inner city kids in their community. Of course in being a child-targeted series, this point was not strongly emphasized and the visualization of poverty wasn’t striking in the slightest, but including portrayals of social divides in any series targeted at young people displays a very realistic rendition of almost every region.


The four main protagonists share a very unique dynamic. Rather than none of the characters or all of them knowing each other prior to their unexpected earning of the “Mysticons” title, they can be separated into two different groups. Piper and Zarya being Underdwellers and Arcadia and Emerald being part of the royal family in some capacity. This is likely to become a point of conflict throughout the season as each pair comes from a completely different background. Seeing the social divide play out in the Mysticons’ team dynamic would be very entertaining, realistic, and something that would definitely add depth to their relationship with one another.


The character designs of the series also stands out. There is plenty of creativity in how the characters look in civilian attire versus their post-transformation suits. Their weapons of choice are also unique to each of the four protagonists. And the details of their hair and clothing does a solid job of encapsulating each of the girls’ personalities (e.g. Piper’s eccentric and lively personality paired with her three pigtails and golden hoops as weapons making up her hero look).


Mysticons’ animation is also quite different from the modern-day norm. The series uses 2D computer animation, with an attempt to make it appear somewhat hand drawn. I’ve brought up the budgeting issues that Canadian content is often plagued by (read this post for more information), so fir a Canadian-produced cartoon, I applaud its animation; however, in comparison to American-produced content that is currently airing, I believe that hand drawn animation would be much better suited. Although many avid animation fans would argue that hand drawn beats Flash, ToonBoom, and other computer-created 2D formats every single time, I strongly disagree with this statement. Series like Star Vs. the Forces of Evil and Gravity Falls utilize modern animation techniques really well (in combination with traditional animation at times). Mysticons, however, loses out on this type of animation given it’s heavy action scenes and plot-driven story—which are typically paired with traditional animation (e.g. The Legend of Korra, Voltron, Steven Universe etc.). The movements are similar, yet much more fluid, to the Canadian series Detentionaire. So although the series can benefit from higher-quality animation, at least it is a step up from other Canadian works.


Overall, Sister in Arms presents a solid start to the series, laying out the premise and introducing the main characters quite well. Plenty happened during this episode making it feel surprisingly long for a 20-minute episode. My main concern with the series moving forward is that it might be jumping into the plot a little bit too quickly. The pacing might become a little bit too quick to fully enjoy, or even grasp the story. As for the dialogue, the jokes can be a hit or miss, but overall it’s clear to see that the creative team behind the show has put a lot of heart into it.

Finally, the theme song is very upbeat and catchy. It gives off a similar tone as that of Totally Spies, except it is an original song created specifically for the series. Additionally, another track played near the end of the episode which was also quite good. Together the provide plenty of promise for the remainder of the series’ soundtrack.


Although it’s too early to tell whether or not this series will be a hit, it is definitely one of the higher-quality cartoons to come out of Canada. Additionally, if the series is successful, and seeing that Playmates Toys is a producer of the series, the characters and premise of the series have amazing potential for merchandise creation.


A/N: It’s passed midnight right now, but I just wanted to release this post into cyberspace as soon as I finished typing it out. I will definitely revisit it tomorrow to fix some of the poor language choices and descriptions. Let me know what you think of the series!