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W11 – Upgrade

What is a good way to grab someone attention? Well, when interacting with someone new, typically how you present yourself gives them their first impression. Why is it any different online? I want my site to be as physically appealing as it is emotionally. I would like to include more media into my site: lots of photos, to relate to my recent post; maybe even some videos, and combine my site with a vlog. I will focus on these outputs because I believe they are the most personal. They allow my audience to stay connected to me and my experiences.

Blog Peer Review #3 – Audiences and Channels


Design, Content, and Marketability


Alicia Dang’s Blog

Alicia Dang is a second year Communications and Interactive Arts & Technology student at Simon Fraser University. She’s grown up in Vancouver Canada where she’s developed interests in fashion, beauty, travel, design, and culture. Her personal fashion style and inspirations for this blog can be found on her Tumblr account, linked directly to her “inspiration” page.


According to Alicia in her weekly process posts, she wanted to design a blog that was “clean, elegant, and easy to navigate.” I think she’s accomplished that very successfully. I really enjoyed navigating through her user-friendly, well organized and professionally designed pages. She has written about spending some time choosing the right photographs and font for her aesthetic style, which I think was well worth the effort. Her blog images are crisp, clear, and aesthetically pleasing, as is her choice of font.


Alicia has demonstrated a lot of creative and authentic self-expression in her choice of blog content. Under the “Looks” tab in her pages, Alicia’s monthly fashion posts include events and restaurants she’s attended locally and the outfits she chose to wear to them. They also showcase her trip to the “fashion city” of Paris France last summer, highlighting worldly fashion differences and the “Parisian craze” that people are aspiring to globally. Alicia’s articles on her trip to Paris include some history on the places she visited. She mentioned in week 4 that she’d like to include some history of fashion on her blog. Therefore, her trips to places like Paris would be a great place to incorporate this type of content.

Alicia’s process pages including her vision board, weekly process posts on the development of her blog, peer reviews, and her first PUB101 essay are full of honest and helpful information for anyone who may be starting a blog themselves. I was particularly impressed with a photographic remix she designed in week 7 using make-up and body paint to express her obsession with moons and stars.

Adding Interactive Components

One suggestion I have for engaging and expanding Alicia’s audiences would be to include more interactive components in her blog reviews and essays. I think readers of all ages could gain some incite into the development of their own blogs through her own personal process and the process of her peers. Including images and links to other websites and articles might improve the length of time readers spend on her blog, encourage traffic to other new websites, and increase the shares she receives on social media. I really recommend using the “Jetpack” plugin to optimize traffic and social media sharing, and make use of SEO tools.


I love Alicia’s minimalistic and professional approach to monetization. Each of her “Looks” is followed by hyperlinks endorsing events, local businesses, and brand names. This is a really smart way to encourage businesses and brands she already loves, to support her website, encourage more traffic, and hopefully make her some money. I hope Alicia can stay true to herself and her public by continuing to portray her authentic self through this means of marketing.

Please take some time to visit Alicia Dang’s beautifully inspiring website and share with others. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of this SFU student’s talents in the near future!

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Lynn Canyon Park.

Lynn Canyon Park, first opened in 1912 is a popular destination among tourists and local residents. The 617 acres, located in North Vancouver, contain trees approximately 80 to 100 years old. The most popular attraction is the suspension bridge sitting 50 meters above the canyon.

We went to check it out, here’s what happened:


Reflections amongst the clouds and rain

It has been a rainy week here in Vancouver. Which is completely normal for us. And honestly, I don’t mind rain. Rain is just water. A little water never hurt anyone. Living here, you basically have to get used to it.

I am starting to get to the point where I’m struggling to think of new things to write about. After looking back at my posts, I realized I haven’t done as much reflecting as perhaps I would have liked to do. So hence this blog post. I have been feeling very meh lately. And I don’t think I can entirely blame it on the rainy weather. It’s crazy to think that this is the 2nd to last week of classes. That means that there is only 3 weeks until I am done being a University student forever. I don’t know exactly how to feel about that. On the one hand, I can’t even describe how much I am looking forward to not having constant homework 24/7. The great thing about work is that once you’re done, you’re done (for the most part anyways – it depends on the job). But on the other hand, it’s now time for me to join the real world and that is a scary thought. I’ve never not been a student and I can no longer say that I am anymore… I’m just, what? An adult?

I don’t have an exact career path in mind and this also kind of scares me. Right now, I am leaning towards wanting to do corporate communications. Or something like that anyways. But it is SO hard to get into that area. The competition is insane and companies will always choose someone who has experience over someone who doesn’t. I am fully preparing to be trying for a really long time before I get a job opportunity. I’m also trying to be open to possible different careers if something comes along that isn’t what I first think of. After all, anything is experience and at this point, I don’t really know what I like or don’t like.

I suppose this post is more me revealing my insecurities regarding the future. I am trying to remind myself that the way I am feeling is completely normal. I do currently have a job (retail) which I don’t totally hate so I suppose that’s good… I’m planning on keeping that and investing my newly-freed time into job hunting when school is done. The future is so unpredictable and it’s useless to try to plan it out too much anyways. For now, I’ll just try to remain optimistic and open-minded and see what comes along.

Process post #10: Transmedia Integration

In tutorial, we split into groups of 2 or 3 and looked at how we would integrate media according to a news story. I was given the topic of BC SPCA which is an adoption center for animals. We were asked to ask how we would use social media to promote a story from the SPCA. The story we were given to analyze was in relation to the First Nation of Cariboo Country and the overpopulation of pets. We decided that since both BC SPCA and the Cariboo Country have Twitter, we will use Twitter as our main medium to share the news story. 

SPCA Social media integration Platforms: Twitter

Tweet: “First Nation of Cariboo Country and @BC_SPCA collaborate to prevent pet overpopulation #savestrayanimals” Link to article.Tweet @PriceIsRight (Because the hosts support the cause)

We will also Tweet @PriceIsRight because the host of the show is known to support the cause of neutering animals and pets.

This in-class assignment encouraged me to consider my own personal blog and I think I may incorporate my Twitter feed into my website. Originally, did so when I first designed my blog however removed the feed since I did not like the appearance in my footer. I also included a widget for my LinkedIn profile. I am now considering including my tweets into my website again. I also think a widget that plays my favourite song will be interesting as well! I am off to work in finding how to do so! 


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Reading Update!

From January 1st, 2017, I have been tracking how many pages I read that have nothing to do with school: narratives written by authors I love, anthropological outlooks, poetry, children’s’ books. . . If I’ve been interested in it for a while and haven’t read it yet, it’s on the list. Around the end of February, I told you about my adventures through Narnia. Since then, I have zipped through two more books from “The Chronicles of Narnia”: The Silver Chair...

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Process Post: Press Release

Spin this press release “First Nations, Mobile Vet and BC SPCA come together to combat pet overpopulation” into a snazzier press release. Choose a platform; explain why you chose this platform, and how you would articulate and design the press release.  I chose Facebook as the platform to spin this press release on. Facebook allows users to react to the post, comment, and share. The post can include text, links to resources and pages, as well as a clear photo...

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SPCA Press Release – Social Media Marketing Strategy


For this process post, I’ll be discussing a SPCA press release regarding issues surrounding the availability of affordable vet technicians and neutering services, specifically focusing on the Cariboo region of BC. Particularly, it addresses the issue of pet overpopulation. I will then be creating a brief social media marketing strategy in order to clearly articulate this issue, and position ourselves (SPCA) as the solution.

The article is linked here:

The marketing strategy that SPCA could incorporate involves three main platforms; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms will work together (cross-promotion) with an end goal of driving traffic to the SPCA website.

The goal of this campaign is to achieve more website traffic, and ultimately more registrations for pet neutering through SPCA. The platforms  themselves will promote this through a variety of ways. First, dynamic graphics will be made in order to simply communicate information regarding pet overpopulation. Supplementary articles will also be shared to provide more in-depth information regarding the issue. In regards to tone, these social media accounts will position the organization as a solution for pet overpopulation. Specifically, these posts will offer up a call to action, further directing the audience to the SPCA website to get their pets registered.

Finally, the social media platforms that will be used have a strong visual element, so the SPCA will use images of their animals in order to draw people in so that they can learn more about the issue of pet overpopulation, and turn to the SPCA for the solution.

Process Post #11: Transmedia Integration

This week we talked about how people read online. It was really interesting to learn the different ways that people look at online content – for example, just reading the first few words of links/posts, reading in an F pattern, looking at specific sides of sites, etc. We also talked about how people find content, media integration, and channels.

Looking at my Google Analytics for the past month, it seems most people found my blog through direct. However, there were a surprising amount of sessions that were found through organic search. It’s unfortunate that Google Analytics doesn’t tell me the specific search terms that were used. Trying to find my own blog on Google proves to be hard so I would really like to know… Anywho, there were 5 sessions that were found through referral: three through Posiel and two through something called, which re-routes to this site. I have a feeling this is some sort of weird bot thing. In terms of trying to cater more towards organic search to help people find my blog, I can try to use specific words more often so they then become associated with my blog and it will feature higher in search results. I do feel like I do this though, at least with my key words like ‘nature.’

I do not currently incorporate any social media channels on my blog. That is for a couple of reasons. First, I don’t actually use social media all that much. I only have Facebook and don’t really have a desire to join any other platforms. And secondly, I purposefully keep my blog anonymous. Integrating social media would sort of defeat that purpose, as it would reveal my identity. According to Google Analytics, there was one session on my blog found through Facebook. However, I do not link my Facebook to my blog and the bounce rate is 100% so I know it’s just a bot thing.

As I mentioned above, I think I will focus on facilitating organic searches. So this will require a better focus on my content and thinking specifically of how to incorporate specific words/ideas more often.

Process Post: Transmedia

Week 11

The key point of transmedia storytelling is to reach mass audiences using multiple media platforms.

The most relevant channels that relate to my blog topic would be news articles featuring Vancouver art festivals and events. In order to incorporate these sources, I think that it would make the most sense to set up a separate section in my blog named “Art News” or update my current “What To Do in Vancity” section. I could share different media sources that I think my audience would be interested in. My blog could be an almost like a social media news outlet, I can feature different local newspapers articles and tourism sites such as:

Georgia Straigh
Tourism Vancouver
Vancouver Sun

The collaborative space where my audience can participate and engage with the content and with each other, so creating a unique space where they can leave comments, suggestions, and ratings of events/exhibitions would be perfect!

Week 11: Group Work- Keystone XL

Social media platform(s) we are using. Facebook Youtube Reasons why we use the above social media platforms (Facebook) Facebook is still a prominent social media platform for most of the Internet users. Spreading the words there can reach a lot of masses. Spreading the words on Facebook with the perspective of a victim could possibly …

Process Post #10 – BC SPCA

During tutorial, we had to split up into groups as we were given different press releases of different events. We had to come up with ways of how we would spread the story on social media by using different social media platforms. My group and I were given a press release of an event by BC’s SPCA and Twitter was our choice of social media platform.

As SPCA deals with animals, we as a group came up with a tweet and a hashtag specifically for this situation. We also decided to mention and tweet this tweet to the hosts of the Price Is Right as they support the cause of neutering animals and pets.

Below was the tweet we came up with together,

“First Nation of Cariboo Country and @BC_SPCA collaborate to prevent pet overpopulation #savestrayanimals” *link to the press release article* *mention @PriceIsRight*

PUB 101 – Process Post #10

For this week’s process post, we decided to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to spread the word on the news regarding SPCA to combat the issue of pet overpopulation. For each social media platform, we want to spread the word by posting photos of cute animals to attract the viewer’s attention into reading more on the information on spaying/ neuturing. We will include links that direct the audience to SPCA, or to articles that can help others.

By thinking of the voice of the company, I believe they have the objective to spread the news, because it is an awareness that will help animals and limit the issue of overpopulation, being able to spread news would help them tremendously.

Check out this article: First Nations, Mobile Vet and BC SPCA come together to combat pet overpopulation. 


Process Post: Group Activity

We were assigned to choose a social media platform to raise awareness on over population in the BC SPCA. Me, Marah and Euna thought that Facebook would be the best platform to share the press release. We were thinking of coming up with an informative and emotional piece to raise awareness on this specific subject. We thought that Facebook would allow us to share a more informative content since there is not any restrictions regarding the photos and the texts. Almost %44 of people in North America uses Facebook as a primary source of information, including me. Also, there is a trending option on Facebook, so we can make it share as much as we can and we can become one of the Facebook trends which would allow us to reach a bigger audience. We would shorten the article and just include the information that is essential to the subject. We would also use a images that are attractive and interesting. We can include links to the videos regarding the issue. In our case, we think that it is highly essential to bring out the emotional perspective of the issue so that pet lovers would be interested in the issue and share it with their fellow friends.

Overall, we think that Facebook would be the best platform in terms of reaching a greater audience and sharing more engaging content.

Here is the link to our subject:

Process Post: Tutorial Assignment

In tutorial today, our group was assigned a press release by the VPD and asked to choose a social media platform that would be most appropriate for the release. Based on the nature of the release (text-driven, no images included), we felt that the most appropriate platform is Twitter, where the VPD could include an eye-catching caption and then share a link to the official release on their own website. We chose Twitter because the VPD does not typically make use of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which typically require an image or two to capture the readers attention. With Twitter, the VPD can summarize the release in a quick, eye-catching caption that highlights the positives of the story, including the community-minded response of the officer and positive relationships between US and Canadian law enforcement.

PUB101 Process Post #11

The purpose of this week’s process post was to write some social media messages to link out to this story from the perspective of the BC SPCA. Along with my group members, we came up with the following sharing options.


We’ve teamed up with the Cariboo Country Mobile Veterinary Services and the Ulkatcho First Nation community through our grant program to put a stop to pet overpopulation. Our goal is to spay and neuter a large amount of stray cats and dogs in the Cariboo region, and have already sterilized 70 animals. #SaveStrayAnimals Read More


@BC_SPCA: We’re collaborating with the #CCMVS and the Ulkatcho First Nation community to put a stop to pet overpopulation! #SaveStrayAnimals (twitter link)

@BC_SPCA: .@PriceIsRight Passionate about #BobBarker ‘s signature signoff? Read how our grant program is helping spay/neuter 70 strays and counting (twitter link)


It’s my birthday month!!

I feel like every time March rolls around, there’s just so much to do. From midterms to end of semester events plus having my birthday during this month, March just has a super packed schedule.


I finally got some time near the end of the month to go out and shoot for my blog. Having family time is really important to me, so my mom, sister, and I went out for brunch at Market by Jean-Georges.

As we enter into Spring, I’m using the little time we have to wear my leather booties as much as possible before the transition into lighter sandal-type shoes. Mock neck shirts are one of my favourites as it makes an outfit more put together with the higher neckline. If I’m unsure of what to wear, mock necks are my go-to. To keep it neutral (what’s new?), I wore all black to make the light grey coat stand out.



Top: BP. Black mock-neck long sleeve // Bottoms: Oak and Fort Pant 1014 // Boots: Jonak // Coat: Zara // Bag: Saint Laurent Baby Sac de Jour