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Process Post: My Audience

I don’t believe that the fascinating world of dating in Vancouver is of limited interest to only women, but I do feel like my blog’s audience, as well as my target audience, are females. I’m writing about love and feelings and how my brain works. I identify with women and I believe they will identify with me more than men if they were to read my blog. I’m also designing my blog around more stereotypical “female” elements; the pink background, font and countdown photo which is of a sunset I took when I was in Vietnam! I want my blog to have a fun, straightforward, feminine feel. I really love minimalist layouts but I don’t feel they fit the theme of what I’m going for in my writing. Essentially I’m writing for smart, funny women who are a little bit lost in life. So people like me! Just kidding. Sort of.

The imagined audience has affected the way that I present my blog theme wise. If it was more of a personal blog I’d make it cleaner, maybe more of a minimal theme, and with more personal photos. Im toying with the idea of posting more photos but for not I’m keeping it girlier and still trying to hold up the dating theme instead of it slipping into more of a personal blog. Otherwise, my posts are essentially fragments of my personality and I’m pretty pleased with how they’ve come out so far. It’s just the design of the blog that I’m formatting for the audience.


Bonjour! Summer of 2016 treated me to an eye-opening trip to France…

Every time I get a chance to go on vacation, I feel the need to up my fashion game. As Paris is one of the “big 4” cities that holds biannual fashion week events (along with Milan, New York, and London),  I expected high fashion standards going there. It is truly fascinating to notice the differences in style across the globe. The “Parisian craze” is popular abroad as French girl outfits were, and still are, what people aspire to dress like – emphasizing natural beauty through minimal patterned clothing, avoiding scuffed/cheap shoes, a neutral colour palette, and accentuating the fit of the clothing.

Don’t wear the clothes, let the clothes wear you.

This outfit is probably not something I would feel as comfortable wearing at home in Vancouver, but being in a fashion city boosted my confidence in stepping out of my comfort zone.

Bomber: Mango // Shoes: Vans // Dress: Missguided

Chinese Storm in Fashion I

This weekend is Chinese New Year. Interestingly, most Canadians knew better about the exact date than I do. Thanks to the great population of immigration, designers are crazy about Chinese elements. SO, I collect some New Year special items here.

As we knew, Chinese has 12 animals to represent each year. This year is a year for CHICKEN.

The first one here is a sweater from GUCCI.

After Alessandro Michele took over, gucci becomes my favorite brand. Personally, this sweater beat all the others that I’ll show later.


The following two are fro, Dolce&Gabbana. Well, is the rainbow a metaphor? Otherwise why would a rooster has so many color on it.



This brand here is MCM. Maybe many of you are not familiar with this brand because it been founded in Munich, German then bought out by Sungjoo Group which is a Korean company. Therefore it is more well-known in Asia. However, I guarantee you would recognize this at the first sight you saw next time. Because theirs feature is  monogram.

Picture Resource: gogoboi

The Wonder of the Waves- 2

Play in the waves.
Let the salt water wash over you
And cascade down your weary body.

Run! Jump! Fly!
Be free in this moment!

Let yourself live as you have never done!

Send your spirit forth into the world
And shout- scream-

“I am here! This is who I am!
I am free of all that has bound me!”

Your spirit will rise as you dive into the
Watery paradise of your dreams.

Peer Review 1


First glance, the blog is simple and seems to be going for a minimalistic theme which I enjoy because of how easy it is to follow and scan for things that interest you rather than a massive dump of information where people may miss information. I also enjoy the placement of the social media links right under the title which makes it very easy to follow Tyna’s social media accounts. One adjustment I’d make is to align the blog posts and the title of the blog to make it flow better and is easier to follow. After some more work on the design of her theme, I think it’ll be visually pleasing and enjoyable to people that like blogs styled in that way because I definitely would.


Blog theme:

After seeing her ideas for the vision board, I can see that it covers a wide variety of themes being food, video games and of course, cats. I think it’s an interesting mix and would appeal to a larger audience than if she just went with one theme especially since cats are all the rage right now. The posts that she will be making have clear categories for people to easily access if people are only interested in certain categories or to find specific posts. Homemade food is also becoming a larger social phenomenon where people create gif recipes or take aesthetically pleasing pictures of their food and is popular to a large range of ages rather than just targeting young adults.


Blog posts:

Her first post besides the vision board post was a highlight clip of a play made in one of her League of Legends games which is cool because whereas most people would grab clips from professional players, the clip instead is pulled from one of her own game and her own experiences. To make it more clear for non-gamers or just to give more information, maybe write a blog post about the games you will be blogging about, your status in them ie ranking, time played, and general background information to give context to the posts. The idea of making posts of clips from her games is unique and allows people a small window into what it’s like being into her life.

A Brief Mystical Update

Within 2 weeks, I have now participated in two separate dungeons and dragons sessions. As a full time student at school this time of game play has been quite heavy and a tad disruptive to my academic life. However what feeds my desire to play is the 8 hours of enjoyment and intrigue that each session brings into my stressed life. I do not think it is the particular days that I play that disrupt my academic life but the amount of preparation it takes in order to be ready to play for that particular day. As a full time student I am currently taking 4 courses plus a club that is very professional and very much treated as another class. So that leaves me with 4.5 classes and time to prepare for these game sessions and also set time aside for friends and my S/O. At the moment, I am feeling very overwhelmed with everything but the games do provide a moment of bliss and relief in a very much stressed atmosphere I have confined myself to.

Photo of the Week: The Rooftop Adventure

The photo of the week is a picture I have taken on a rooftop in Vancouver in the summer of 2016. A friend of mine by the name of Jasmine found a neat building and secretly climbed to the top. She contacted me exclaiming that I must see the breath taking view. I protested at first, as it was an apartment building and it would be considered trespassing if we entered. I am a stickler to the rules so I wasn’t too happy about breaking them. Jasmine finally convinced me to go as we planned to celebrate the end of the summer semester with an adventure day. First we met up at the King George sky train station and began the route.  We made our way down town and eventually reached the building. Entry into the vicinity required an electronic key card. We hung around the building, standing close but not too close. As we waited we planned our fake story to not appear suspicious. Soon enough a young blonde woman approached the building, we sprang our plan into action.

“So when is your mom coming back home Marah?” asked Jasmine speaking at an octave higher than usual.

“Oh not till 5pm. Lets wait for her inside.” I fibbed.

The woman scanned her card and we followed close behind her. She was kind enough to give us a smile and let us in without a word. We followed her to the elevator and waited with an elderly couple. After a minute of awkward silence the elevator arrived and we hurriedly boarded. In order to access the elevator the woman tapped her key card on the scanner before clicking the number of her floor. The young woman got off around the 20th floor but luckily the elderly couple remained.

“What floor are you getting off at?” asked the old man with a slight smile.

“oh she forgot her key card and her mom is not home, so we’re just going to take the stairway to her place” Jasmine flashed a toothed grin.

The old woman eye’d us suspiciously and I averted my eyes in response. I was so nervous I was sure they could feel me sweating in the elevator. The elderly couple must have been wealthy because they got off on the highest floor. I silently thanked the couple for saving us from climbing 40 flights of stairs. We let the couple exit first and waited till they had disappeared before bolting to the staircase. We went up 4 flights of stairs before reaching the door to the rooftop.

“Watch this” said Jasmine as she reached into her pocket pulling out a credit card. She leaned against the door and slid the card in the crack between the door and the wall. She wriggled the card until it swipped, jamming itself in between the lock. She pushed the door with her shoulder and a cold gust of wind blew through.

“We’re in” Jasmine cheered.

I stepped outside as she wedged a piece of concrete in between the door to not get locked outside. There were two floors to the roof top, in order to get to the highest one we have to climb a tall ladder. As I climbed the rusty ladder going higher and higher, anxiousness burned inside of me. I had never illegally entered a building nor had I gone up so high before.  As we reached our final destination, I was thankful that I had made the decision to explore. The view was phenomenal. It would have been difficult to leave without snapping a photo of the dazzling city. As we took pictures Jasmine began to hear footsteps. Being solely focused on the fascinating metropolis, I paid no attention to the danger. Jasmine suddenly yanked my shirt from the back making me topple into the concrete before shoving my head down.

“What? Why did you do that?” I snapped.

“Security” she whispered nodding her head towards the lower level.

I peeked over the ledge and peered down catching a glimpse of a middle aged balding man slowly making a round across the rooftop. I gasped and quickly ducked down.

“We’re so going to get caught. Security must have been watching the cameras. This is criminal activity. We’re going to get arrested. Good bye college life. Good bye job opportunities. Good bye future.” I panicked.

“Shut up” Jasmine grunted.

We silently waited until the sound of the footsteps disappeared. We snapped another quick photo and made our way down. The concrete slab that was used to keep the door open remained untouched. This perplexed me, I wondered where the security guard had gone. We hurriedly exited the building before the lurking security guard returned.

Through this exhilarating adventure I was able to capture this photo. I believe this photograph represents Vancouver well. A clear blue sky specked with fluffy white clouds in contrast to the urban infrastructure.

Peer Review: Developing an Online Self

This week’s assignment has required for us to review some of our peer’s sites and share our thoughts about how they have developed their their site as well as their articulated online self.
I was assigned to review Noelle’s blog site and i must say I’m very inspired by the way she has set up her blog!
The site was simple but aesthetically pleasing and it was very easy to navigate. I did not have any trouble finding posts that was relevant to the course. I loved that she makes regular post for her tracking as part of her process posts. I definitely adds more character and shows how she’s building more self-awareness towards her sleeping schedule and how it relates to how she functions throughout the day. Her process posts were nice and personalized which shows the kind of personality she wants her online self to have more clearly. I think that adding in gifs to emphasize her points was an added bonus as it adds more humour to her posts. Her overall set up for her site definitely gave me some ideas on what I can improve on in my own site.
In terms of the engagement towards the readings, I think that her site can be a good example of her display of personal values as she records her tracking and shares her views towards the course content through her process posts. Her process posts and the content she chooses to post on her site can also be a good example of how the way she inhibits or disinhibits her online self. Although her posts are humorous and creates a lot of character towards her content, her demeanour and the type of persona she creates in her blog will essentially be in accordance to how she wants to develop the personality that she will let her works embody in the online world.
She can therefore choose what parts of her personality she will allow to shine through her content and which ones she will choose to exclude from her blog. As she goes along with tracking her sleep patterns, her self-boundary online may change if the results of her habits overtime becomes something she wants to share in the public online community.
I do think that the personality she has shown through her blog is refreshing and has inspired me to make further considerations as to how I want my blog to develop from here on out. I look forward to seeing more of what she will be producing in her blog!
To check out Noelle’s blog, click the attached picture above.

My Vision Board

My vision board required no venn diagrams or rough draft to create. However, I did think about how I would create it and how to make it unique to my blog. I clicked open Adobe Photoshop CS6 and jumped into the design process. I was able to narrow down the focus because I wanted it centered around journalism and I peppered my interests throughout the board. I made sure to make the aspects of journalism stand out the most, hence the newspaper clippings. I will explain some of the key points on my vision board. News, freedom, truth, and changes are words encompassed with multiple significant meanings. I am interested in the concept of technology and nature. Two contrasting parts of our world that are at a constant struggle with each other. With the flower as a symbol for nature I placed the delicate, colourful images within the cold, hard places of technology. Lastly I will discuss the image that immediately occupies the viewers gaze, the Cheshire cat who rests upon the truth. The wonderland creature is a web of metaphors. Famous for its mischievous grin, the cat represents madness, philosophy, and truth. He says things to Alice that make her think. He is aware of his madness and accepts it.

[The password for the process posts for Publishing 101 is appletree123]

Tracking: Mood Graph

I've been trying to get used to keeping track of my moods and although I haven't been doing well with keeping records daily, I've discovered that I only seem to record my mood whenever I'm unhappy or happy. Not much of my thought when I'm neutral is being recorded which can be problematic because as I look into my graphical data, it feels as if I'm almost bipolar, having drastic changes from happy and unhappy times.
I will definitely keep working on frequently tracking my mood to have a better depiction of how I can handle different types of events in my life.

Vision Board

For my vision board, I've decided to compile my interests on different visual boards using Pinterest. Although I wanted to do a blog about travel and fashion, I don't think I would be able to produce enough of content on my own without having to spend a lot of money and time to put together my ideas into my desired presentations. I, instead, looked into my great interest in food and my life in the fangirl culture since I spend a lot of my free time being in that focus and it is much more reassuring that I'll be able to produce some content about these topics through photos and other artistic edits.

Talking to Strangers

My persona online and my persona in the real world are not very far from each other. I usually find it easier to approach people and start conversation with them online but I also don't mind starting conversation with people in real life. I believe that am more bold in terms of truly speaking my mind online than I am in real life.
For this assignment, I started a conversation with another girl at the Skytrain station on my commute home and we shortly talked about how long the Expo Line was taking and how much more people are coming to line up to load the line. Before I could introduce myself, she had automatically gone back to plug her earphones back on and turned her attention other phone, making it impossible for me to continue the conversation unless I interrupted her.
Usually, I find that it's not much of a challenge for me to approach someone to talk to but it's rather hard for me to keep a conversation going as it sometimes becomes too awkward too quickly for the both of us, especially when we don't find that much of an interest from one another. It proves for conversation to be more difficult. I think that there has to be an equal amount of investment and interest that has to be present in order to move forward and get to know a person.
I've never related to Hamblin's words more than ever after the very short interaction I had with the girl in the Skytrain station because if that girl knew me or at least know me better, we would've continued to have a conversation and it wouldn't have been so difficult to move on to another topic with ease. Since she didn't know me, her behaviour was very natural. She was probably not that interested in continuing a path towards something that could turn into a very awkward conversation because she didn't know me so she proceed to go about her own business and focus on her phone instead.
Although I can definitely relate as to how she reacted, I still think that a stranger is only a stranger if you choose to acknowledge them as such or if you simply haven't given a chance at stepping forward and getting to know that person.


Kicking off the first post with my friend Boyuba!

Hello everyone!
This week my shoot was done with the lovely Boyu in Steveston.
We chose this spot since it was convenient for both of us, and because it was our first shoot we wanted to test if my photography style would suit Boyu’s. Boyu’s style varies incredibly from mine, since I am someone who likes utilizing colour in their photo. Boyu prefers to keep her Instagram feed very minimalistic and all white with very low saturated tones. So, I wanted to try doing that, however I ended up creating a green / purple tint in the windows which I think adds to the photo.


Dice To Call My Own

So About a week ago, I got my very own first pair of dice! Now for those of you who are not affiliated with the nature of the dice, I shall elaborate a little. So my set comes with 5 dice, each dice has its own name and its own purpose for the game. For the purposes I need them for, I have a D4, D6, D8, D12, and a D20. Now, when I first heard of such names I was ultimately confused but as I began to ask questions I had an epiphany. So the “D” in front of the number means dice… bet none of ya’ll ever thought of that (HA) and the number is the amount of sides it has. Therefore ladies and gents the “D6” is what we commonly know as the regular dice we play most games with such as monopoly. Anyways, being introduced to this realm of Dungeons and Dragons has shed light on fancy names for dice. I have grown quite intrigued with dice and I now wish to increase my collection and become a massive collector addict. Its not everyday someone wishes to be an addict but when your dice are an emerald green with gold numbers, you’ll totally understand where I am getting at. Another thing I must note about dice is you better hope and pray to God your dice like you. I didn’t know what this meant until I rolled mine for the first time and they gave me a 1. I began to grow weary on the idea that my dice although beautiful would not give me the best results to kick ass in the campaign I was starting in. However, I learned not to fret for if you handle your dice more frequently they do grow on you. I had my first session already and all I can say is that they did me well.

Week 2- Personal Cyberinfrastructure

This week I created my blog, adding a new photo and adding preliminary categories and menus. I initially had 55GB of photos to go through, which I narrowed down to 8GB as resources for my blog. I ended up choosing the picture of a boat to be my home screen (you can see it at the top of the post) because I love the black and white. It has a sophisticated feel and it feels very professional. I may end up changing it down the line but for now I am happy with it.

With my vision board (which will be posted soon) you can see the relation between photography and travel pretty easily. Once I start posting more, there will be more text and more influence from my fandoms, especially in the cases where I want to practice photo editing.


My name is Sam Emerson and I am a student at SFU in British Columbia, Canada. This blog was created to be a place for me to experiment with my writing and photography as well as photo editing. All photos and writings are by me unless otherwise stated. The process posts section is for posts related to PUB 101, a course at SFU that seeks to help students establish an online presence. Hopefully you enjoy my content! If you have anything to say about what you see, feel free to comment!

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Craving 5SOS

It's been a while since ROWYSO Vancouver and I seriously was nothing more than to come to another concert! Unfortunately SLFL never came to Vancouver so I'm pretty much living off the internet for the experiences everyone else had... Here's to my little moment of reminiscing *sigh*