Monthly Archives: September 2016

CSS & Posts

So I am not a fan of CSS on websites.

I am finding it super difficult to understand the nuances of the coding. The Themes being locked unless you pay large amounts of money doesn’t help either. I get it. They wan to make money off their work like I do. Its just irritating to want to make changes I am not able to make. CSS doesn’t feel intuitive. I can’t add a menu mid page like everyone is suggesting cause the theme I have chosen only allows for two menus. I am going to have to just say “can’t be done” for a couple of the things I want to do. I HAVE however added a twitter feed and cleaned up my menus so things flow a bit better. I am really happy with my podcast page too. I added in a frame so that it shows the network I am part of rather than just my three podcasts with a link to their page.  This way I can still give them traffic and I don’t lose anything on my page. I am proud to be part of the network. I have also changed all the colours of the fonts so they match the logo colour so it all fits a bit more. The fonts are another question. I may have found a couple that will fit, not they are not showing up we’ll see how it goes. The default fonts are not horrible and read easy on all three mediums I need to worry about so I am not too concerned.

Speaking of, my Blogs have been getting easier to write and keep up to date. I have even written some topic headers for up coming blogs and will be doing some writing this Saturday to have a couple to drop in case I fall behind.